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CactusVPN unblocks sites from Poland

CactusVPN unblocks sites from Poland

I am recently back from London. And one thing I’ve found is that Polish is the second spoken language there. God, Polish people are a lot abroad Poland. And not only in UK. And what they miss the most while traveling or working in other countries? Right! They miss hearing people which speak in Polish and shows in their mother tongue. Unfortunately, local copyright owners started to follow the policy of their US and UK colleagues and blocked content for the possessors of IPs from outside Poland. Therefore native Poles who are temporary or on a permanent basis abroad don’t have access to a lot of content.
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CactusVPN unblocks Fox, TVPlayer and Viki.com with Smart DNS

Fox Viki TVPlayer

CactusVPN was a pioneer in implementing the Smart DNS technology. We have unblocked site by site and now our list of unblocked websites is one of the largest. If you have already used this technology you know that it is the best solution for media streaming as it does not influence your provider’s speed, so the content is just unblocked and it goes directly to your computer. If you had not the chance to test it you can do it right now with our free Smart DNS trial.
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SoftEther VPN protocol on all servers

SoftEther VPN Protocol

CactusVPN has added support of SoftEther VPN technology on all our VPN servers. With the introduction of SoftEther, the technologists at CactusVPN continue to push the limits to provide its clients the widest and most comprehensive options in secure VPN communications. Continue reading

SoftEther – a new VPN protocol available at CactusVPN

SoftEther VPN Protocol

All of you are familiar with the 4 VPN protocols – PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP. Most of VPN providers usually offers only two of them and only at the best VPN providers you can find all four of them. Of course, CactusVPN had them all from the very beginning and permanently tuned them to give you the best VPN experience.

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How you can bypass Transparent DNS proxy

Smart DNS

I think you noticed lately more and more control and unwanted care from Internet Service Providers. Some of them started to use Transparent DNS proxy technology. It gives some advantages to ISP and make easier for them to change some particular settings for all their clients. But among that the technology has one major “side effect” that is a big problem for a lot of people. And the problem is that Transparent DNS proxy makes the Smart DNS technology useless. This happens because the provider intercepts all DNS lookup requests and forces you to use their DNS addresses even if you’ve set a different pair of DNS values.
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