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VPN Blog

In our VPN blog security experts offer you their knowledge about VPN, online privacy, security, Smart DNS and bypassing restrictions. You will also find the latest news and promotions that we run here at CactusVPN.

SSTP and a new US VPN server

New US Server in Miami

CactusVPN is getting bigger. We enlarge our servers network with one more server in Miami, US. This way our customers will have a VPN server on West coast too, so everyone can choose which one fits best for him.
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Better user experience for our VPN service website visitors

We hope you’ve noticed all good news from the last period. We’ve done a lot of back-end and marketing work that I hope helped you. But we don’t forget to improve our website and client area also. Nowadays a lot of people use mobile devices to browse websites. A lot of websites are not designed to be browsed on small resolution and that causes a lot of problems on user experience level.
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Everything you need to know about the OpenVPN protocol

OpenVPN protocol

OpenVPN protocol was released a whopping 14 years ago all the way back on the 13th of May 2001. It was created by one James Yonan and was published under the GPL or GNU General Public Licence meaning anybody can use, study or modify the contents (hence ‘Open’VPN). OpenVPN uses a custom crafted security protocol that uses SSL/TLS for key exchanges.
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CactusVPN software update

VPN Software

We work hard to maintain our services on a high level and continuously make changes – so it became more secure, more stable and faster. Some updates need changes on client side too. Some of you had problems with connection when downloading torrents from our P2P/BitTorrent server using OpenVPN protocol. With this update the problem will disappear but you have to follow few steps and these changes will take effect.
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CactusVPN launched its servers in US, UK and NL

VPN Services

We are launched! It’s been a long and hard way to make everything good enough for you, but we did it. Now you can safely surf the internet, get anonymity, hide IP or access blocked content with CactusVPN.
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