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Russia VPN

You probably already know how useful a VPN is, but which ones of you should mostly rely on a Russian VPN server?

All of You Who Live in Russia

Whether you just moved there, are taking a vacation, or live there, there are tons of reasons to use a Russian VPN server:

Get Rid of Bandwidth Throttling for Good

Bandwidth throttling is when your ISP decides you spend too much data on specific online services – like streaming platforms, gaming servers, or VoIP apps. To pressure you into lowering the usage, they will throttle your bandwidth to slow down your speed.

How do they know what you’re doing online? Well, since all your data packets go through their servers, they can analyze their size, timing, and destination to get an idea what online services you’re using.

With a VPN for Russia, though, that’s no longer a problem. It will encrypt all your traffic, making it impossible to read. Also, your ISP will only be able to see the data packets you send to the VPN server – so basically what IP address you’re connecting to.

Protect Yourself from DoS/DDoS Attacks

If you don’t know what those are, they’re basically cyber attacks that force your network offline. The idea is to flood it with so many requests and unwanted traffic until it can’t take it anymore. The end result? You’re left with no Internet access – either for just a few minutes or a few hours.

Why would someone do that to you?

Well, a lot of wannabe hackers actually use DDoS attacks in gaming disputes. They force the other player offline to annoy them.

You might think that’s not likely to happen to you, but get this – pretty much anyone can buy DDoS attacks, and it can cost as little as $10 per hour. Also, hackers had no problem targeting Russian banks with DDoS attacks, so doing that to you would be like a walk in the park.

How would a Russian VPN help with this? Pretty simple – it hides your real IP address, meaning hackers can’t use it to target your network anymore.

Enjoy More Privacy Online

When you go online, your ISP can actually keep a close eye on what you do. They can see what websites you connect to, what you search for online, and what you do on unencrypted websites. 

And Russian ISPs have to store all your metadata and the contents of your messages for up to six months. Not to mention the government can access that data.

And not only that, but advertisers like to track your digital footprints too. They actually use your IP address to spam you with annoying ads.

And speaking of your IP address, it can reveal a lot of personal data about you:

  • What city you live in.
  • Who your ISP is.
  • What your ZIP code is.

However, if you use a VPN, it will encrypt all your traffic. And it will hide your IP address too.

Secure All Your Connections

WiFi is convenient since it’s always there when you need it. But it’s also extremely risky. Why? Because the current encryption standard actually has serious vulnerabilities hackers can exploit.

What’s more, cybercriminals can easily set up their own fake WiFi hotspots by buying a simple device for only around $200. If your device accidentally connects to the fake network (which it likely will), the hackers who run it can monitor all your traffic.

But a VPN can keep you safe. It encrypts all your Internet traffic, preventing anyone from spying on it – including hackers.

Speed Up Your VPN Connections

Sometimes, you might experience some slowdowns when using a VPN. It can happen because you’re using a VPN protocol that’s too resource-intensive (like OpenVPN over TCP), or because you’re connecting to a server that’s too far away (like on another continent).

Usually, it’s because the distance between you and the server is too big. After all, it will take longer for data packets to reach the VPN server from your device.

So, if you connect to a VPN server that’s in the same country as you (maybe even the same city), you’ll get much faster and more stable speeds. 

Get Around Firewalls like a Pro

Tired of dealing with firewalls at work or school?

We can’t blame you. Not being able to spend your break checking Twitter or listen to your favorite music on YouTube while you work/study is simply frustrating.

Well, here’s the good news – with a VPN for Russia, you get a new IP address. Since there won’t be any firewall restrictions linked to it, you’ll unblock any website you want on your school/office’s network. 

Even better, the VPN will encrypt your traffic. So, network admins won’t know you’re bypassing the firewall.

Get a Powerful Russian VPN Today!

If you connect to Russian VPN server, you’ll get a Russian IP address. With it, you can bypass any geo-blocks you want.

Besides our Russian VPN server, you can also use our Smart DNS service to get access to websites like:

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Anyone Outside of Russia

Here’s exactly why anyone living outside of Russia should use a Russian VPN server every once in awhile (or, why not, all the time):

Game Online With Your Russian Friends

We all have that crazy Russian friend on the Internet who’s always a blast to play with.

However, not all of us can play with him/her all the time. Sometimes, gaming servers use region blocks to make sure only people who are from Russia can play.

Hardly fair, right? Maybe you actually know the language, and other players would have a great time gaming with you.

Well, if you use a Russian VPN server, you get a Russian IP address. With it, you can play on any Russian gaming server you want.

Unblock Any Russian Content You Want

Forget Netflix and Hulu. If you’re into Russian culture and entertainment, you won’t be able to enjoy some of their best content if you’re not in Russia.

Why? Because the websites geo-block their content to make sure only users with Russian IP addresses can access it. They likely do that to comply with copyright regulations and to avoid huge licensing fees.

Some good examples include, Zvooq,, and Divan TV.

Bypass All Filters on Job Boards

Some freelancing sites won’t let you apply to certain jobs if you’re from the “wrong” region. Basically, they allow clients to set filters that only allow people from a specific country to apply for an interview or send a proposal.

Unfortunately, those filters can get in the way of a potentially profitable relationship between you and a client. They might actually want to work with you if you deliver quality work even if you are from a different country.

But those filters won’t let you get your foot in the door to prove yourself. Unless you use a Russian VPN gateway, that is. Since it offers you a Russian IP address, you can trick the platforms into thinking you’re actually from Russia.

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