South Korea VPN

Looking for a simple way to protect your privacy and unblock content? Give our South Korea VPN service a try, and see what it can do for you.
South Korea VPN

If you use a VPN, you automatically get a better online experience. But which one of you should actually use a South Korean VPN server in particular?

Anyone Who Lives in South Korea

Whether you’re a native, just moved there, or are on vacation, here’s why you should be using a VPN server in the country:

Fight Bandwidth Throttling

South Korea is known to have some of the best (if not the best) Internet speeds in the world.

But that won’t do you any favors if your ISP suddenly starts throttling your bandwidth – basically intentionally lowering your speeds.

Why would they do that?

To postpone having to buy pricier data storage equipment, and pressure you into buying more expensive data plans.

So money, essentially.

And they can do that because they inspect your data packets. The info they see gives them a pretty good idea of which online services you use the most.

However, if you use a Korean VPN service, you can encrypt all your traffic. That way, your ISP can’t spy on it anymore to find reasons to throttle it.

Protect Your Online Data

South Korea takes free WiFi seriously – nearly every public space in the capital has free WiFi, and all major cities have tens of thousands of hotspots.

Sounds cool, right?

Well, here’s the problem – all that WiFi isn’t safe. “Free WiFi” means the network doesn’t use any encryption, so hackers can monitor everything you do on the Internet.

In fact, not even the networks that use encryption are secure since WPA2 has serious flaws.

And hackers love to target South Korea.

They managed to steal data from the country’s Defense Ministry, plus the government says it faces roughly 1.5 million cyber attacks every single day.

So stealing data from you would be like a walk in the park for cybercriminals – unless you use a South Korea VPN server, that is. Since it encrypts all your traffic, it makes it indecipherable to anyone who tries to spy on it.

Get Much Better VPN Speeds

You already get fast speeds in South Korea, true, but if you connect to a VPN server that’s too far away, they will go down.


Because it takes the data packets longer to travel between your device and the server. Other factors come into play too, but the distance has a huge impact.

The good news is that if you’re not looking to unblock any foreign content, you can just use a South Korea VPN server to enjoy top-notch online security AND fast, stable Internet speeds.

If you can use one in the same city as you, even better.

Enjoy More Privacy

You don’t actually get to enjoy a lot of online privacy in South Korea – what with NIS trying to spy on you through mobile apps, and the government snooping on SNI data to see what websites you want to access.

Plus, advertisers like to spam you with customized ads. And they can probably do that because your ISP is likely selling them your browsing history. Don’t forget – they can see what you do on the web.

What is Anonymous Surfing

Oh, and random strangers on the Internet can use your real IP address to find out stuff like what city you live in, who your ISP is, and what your ZIP code is.

Creepy, right?

Luckily, you can hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic with a VPN for Korea.

Get Rid of Firewalls

Whether you’re at work or school, you likely have to deal with firewalls blocking access to your favorite websites – Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Some might say the website bans are understandable, but let’s face it – it’s not fair that you can’t relax with a YouTube video during your lunch break, or listen to your favorite bands while you work/study.

Well, here’s the good part – the firewall works because it assigns traffic rules to your IP address, which you get when you connect to the network.

So, you just need to use a VPN server to get a new South Korean IP address – one that has no firewall restrictions linked to it.

Protect Your Network from DoS/DDoS Attacks

When someone tries to take you offline by flooding your network with traffic and requests, it’s called a DoS or DDoS attack.

The country is no stranger to these kinds of cyber attacks, and it’s actually the main origin point of worldwide DDoS attacks.

In fact, DDoS attacks between gamers are extremely common in South Korea. And they happen just because some people are sore losers.

So if you’re unlucky enough, you might get targeted with one. And they’re pretty cheap too, so pretty much anyone can use them.

To protect yourself, just connect to a South Korea VPN server. You’ll get a new IP address that will hide your network, making it impossible for people to target it.

How to Get a South Korean IP Address

  1. Become a CactusVPN user.
  2. Download and install our apps.
  3. Connect to our speedy South Korea VPN server.

Someone Who Is Abroad

Here are the perks of connecting to a South Korean VPN server:

Bypass Annoying Filters on Job Boards

There are tons of online job boards in South Korea – not to mention there are many people on websites like Freelancer and UpWork looking to work with South Korean freelancers too.

There’s just one problem – if you’re not in South Korea, you might not be able to apply to some gigs.


Because some jobs might have filters that block your access if you’re abroad. Which is a huge shame if you know the language or are a native who moved to a different country.

Well, with a VPN, you get a South Korean IP address, so you can easily bypass those filters.

Get a Superior Gaming Experiences

Love gaming online with your friends on South Korean servers, but lag and high ping times keep getting in the way of your fun?

Playing Games

No problem – just connect to a South Korean VPN server. It will route your traffic way faster to the gaming server than if you were to connect to it from a different country.

And if any South Korean servers aren’t available in your region, you’ll get to unblock them this way too since the service gives you a brand new Korean IP address.

Enjoy Any South Korea Content You Want

South Korea has tons of great entertainment, but you can only enjoy some of it if you’re in the country since content providers use geo-restrictions.

So tough luck if you’re an expat, are working abroad, or are traveling to a different country.

But wait – things don’t have to be that way. Just connect to a South Korea VPN server, get a local IP address, and you can start streaming content on websites like SBS, TV Chosun, and Oksusu.

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