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Benefits of VPN with Google Voice

We live in a very fast paced society. We travel, and whether it’s for business or pleasure, we all want to stay connected with those who we work with, or with those we simply love. Wait a minute, there can be another case: not necessarily the one referring to traveling people, but just to those being outside the US that want to hear and talk to a friend or work partner from North America.

We’ve been trying different VoIP products for years. Some of them a really cheap, but why not to call for free when there is something steady and unreplaceable that you can rely on?

What is Google Voice?

It is a great product from Google named Google Voice and it is one of the best telecommunication services. With Google Voice, those being in the US may place outbound calls to domestic and international destinations from their cell phone applications, from the web based application or by dialing their Google Voice number.

Google Voice provides free PC-to-phone calling within North America and PC to PC voice and video calling worldwide between users of the Google Voice and Video Chat browser plugin. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Worldwide calls are not free

The users, by configuring the service in a web-based application or Gmail, can make free calls anywhere within US and Canada. But at the same time they cannot place free calls from anywhere to destinations mentioned above. That’s because worldwide calls are not free. Calls within the US and Canada are absolutely free from the US and Canada. The exception comes to those outside the US. To call to US and Canada from anywhere else in the world, Google Voice is charging $0.01.

Free Calls using VPN

However, there is a solution to use same privilege as you would be in the free zone. You can benefit from free calls to US and Canada by changing your IP to an US one.

You need help with that, don’t you?

Here is another purpose what VPN services come for. So, if you travel and need to stay connected with your people using Google Voice which is a service that is blocked to non-US users, then you definitely need a VPN service.

This will give you the possibility to change your IP address, so you could access and enjoy Google Voice. So, instead of leaving your iPad, Mac or PC home all the time while you’re away, you can make a double use of it being abroad. Using a VPN service you can make free calls to US and Canada from anywhere in the world you go.

As we said, this is available either to those who travel, or to those who live in different parts of the world and still want to benefit from free calls to US and Canada, just like they would be in that free of charge area.

So, if you don’t use a VPN service yet and you still pay for your calls to US and Canada, then hurry up and try our service for free.

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