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The Need for UK VPN: Tips and Benefits

In the modern world, privacy is no longer a right, but rather a privilege. Depending on the country we live in, the government can engage in anything from video surveillance on the streets to more intrusive methods of scrutiny such as snooping on the citizens’ emails, SMS, phone calls and even online routine. However, acknowledging such facts is not the same as acting against them. Nobody wants to have their entire online activity followed, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom which has, perhaps, the most drastic surveillance system in the Western World. To evade this type of scrutiny, a strong, reliable UK VPN is the way to go.

Reasons for needing a UK VPN

It is a well-known fact that the United Kingdom is one of the most censored countries in the West. Certain online activities can lead to heavy fines and even a ten-year jail sentence in the case of peer to peer downloading. Recently, British Prime Minister Theresa May has acknowledged her desire to fully control the internet, giving “indiscriminate control over the internet” to her government.

UK Surveillance Dangers

Although it might seem a scenario from a dystopian movie, the reality is no less grim. Facebook, Google and even Whatsapp can already be forced to hand over information about their users, including messages and online activity. What’s more the government seeks to control search engines in such ways that would stop users from being redirected to different types of content. Websites with controversial content, such as adult websites, are already in danger due to the restrictions placed by the ministers.

Moreover, a new IP Bill allows the government to hack your electronic equipment, obtain access to your browsing history of the past 12 months and even store or decrypt your personal data.

Your online activity can be easily tracked by your ISP, copyright trolls and even hackers because of your IP address. This makes it easy for the government to scrutinize your online activity.

However, this can be evaded by using a UK VPN. A VPN encrypts your connection, while at the same time masking your IP address and overlaying it with the address of the VPN you are using. In this way whoever is tracking you will be unable to look further into your activity.

Getting rid of geographical barriers

What’s more, having a VPN for UK can help you access other websites that are restricted in Great Britain. Perhaps, the most convenient thing a VPN can do is help you access the full US Netflix catalogue and other videos that are restricted in the area you live in such as Hulu, Amazon GO and others.

In addition, having a UK VPN can help you even if you do not live in Great Britain. Have you ever wanted to access BBC’s iPlayer, but got blocked due to the country you live in? With a British VPN you can now obtain access to this streaming platform and not only.

Protection while downloading online content

In the UK, torrent websites are blocked to all those who attempt to access them. Although highly frowned upon, downloading remains a popular activity, which, as mentioned above, can come with a heavy fine or even a jail sentence. In this scenario a VPN protects you, keeping your downloads anonymous, while at the same time allowing you access to download websites you have previously been banned from.

However, bear in mind that although a VPN can help you in such a scenario, many VPN providers such as CactusVPN do not condone or promote downloading unlicensed and pirated content.

Securing public Wi-Fi hot-spots

Another benefit of a VPN is its ability to secure public Wi-Fi hot-spots. Airport, cafe, restaurant and other public Wi-Fi connections are convenient, but unfortunately susceptible to hacking. By setting up a virtual private network on your device you can stop hackers from accessing your device.

Easy steps in obtaining a British IP

All over the world people are looking into obtaining a British IP. Some of them are expats who live abroad and want to gain access to some of the websites they grew up accustomed to. Some are foreigners who wish to access streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer. What’s more, even UK citizens traveling abroad on holiday might want to access UK websites, but would not be able to due to geo restrictions. By taking advantage of a UK VPN you can easily unlock all British content regardless of the area you live in or the reason you might need to do this.

There are five easy steps to obtaining a British IP:

  1. Subscribe to a UK VPN such as CactusVPN. Make sure the company is not based in the United Kingdom, but rather has their servers there. If a VPN company is based in the UK the government can demand information and logs about you
  2. Download and install the VPN app
  3. Connect to the VPN server you need
  4. Go to the website you want to access such as BBC iPlayer or other streaming platforms
  5. Sit back and enjoy your success!

The benefits of CactusVPN: Why choose us?

Perhaps you might be wondering what the best UK VPN for you is. After all, there is a wide array of products on the market, each bringing their own benefits. Choosing the right VPN need not be a hassle, especially when CactusVPN offers all the services you might need. With VPN servers located in the United Kingdom, our product offers all the above-mentioned benefits, while at the same time protecting your data from the government. As our company is not based in Great Britain, the UK government cannot demand information. Moreover, CactusVPN holds no logs about its users, therefore cannot be forced to share them.

However, our UK servers offer you the possibility to obtain a UK IP and thus unlock geo-restricted websites in the United Kingdom. Moreover, our services offer top notch online protection, a 100% secure internet connection and the best data encryption you can find on the market. In case of technical difficulties, our team stands at your disposal 24/7 to offer customer support.

In addition, if you cannot connect to your VPN servers, we offer 30-days money back.

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