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Want to make some money with CactusVPN?Use our affiliate program and earn 25% from every sale!

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Promote and sell our services and receive 25% from each sale!
  • Do you offer one time or recurring fees?

    You will earn 25% of all income from the client you've recommended to us. If he stays one year and even more you will get affiliate money for all that amount, not just the first month as with other VPN services.

  • How does it work?

    You have to promote our service using your unique affiliate URL. You can find it in your Client area in the Affiliates section. The URL should look like this: , where YYYY is your affiliate number.

  • The referred visitor has to order on the same day?

    You will get money from anyone that orders a premium VPN service through your link. There is no need for your referral to order his service on the same day either. A month could pass and he/she would still be counted as your referral.

  • How can I withdraw the money?

    Once you have at least 100$ available you can request a withdraw from your client area. We only send money to PayPal accounts so please make sure you send us as well your PayPal ID.

  • How can I promote your services?
    • Write a review or a blog post about our servicesThis is a good move that usually gets an instant boost of new signups. User reviews are always interesting and not only will it increase your income but will bring users to your blog. If you need accounts to test our services just register for a free trial or let us know and we will see what we can do.
    • Promote on social networksUse Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your affiliate link. All these platforms are viral friendly and you can win the jackpot if you do it right. Your friends could also help you spread the word. Be creative, make your posts interesting.
    • Comment on forums, review sites or blogsOf course the theme of the post has to be at least somehow related to our services. Here are some of the topics where your comments could make an effect: VPN service, Proxy service, Internet security, Geographically blocked content (like Hulu, BBC, Pandora etc.), Any Torrents/P2P topics, Internet anonymity, Internet censorship.
  • What should I not use to promote your service?

    We do not tolerate spam or other illegal activities to promote our services. Also we ask our affiliates for ethical use of any copyrighted content.

    Become an affiliate