What is my IP address?

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  • Why do you need to hide your IP address?
    • To maintain your online privacy and anonymity.
    • To access geo-restricted websites, apps and games.
    • To bypass censorship imposed by your country.
    • To bypass blocks imposed at your workplace, school or university.
    • To hide your shopping habits from online advertisers.
    • To hide your personal information and other data relevant to your online activities from search engines.
    • To test SEO and analyze marketing strategies.
    • To get cheaper flights and hotel booking.
    Hide your ip address
  • Your IP address exposes information about you and your location

    Your IP address is very generous when it comes to expose private information about you.

    For starters it shows data about the location of your present device:

    • The country you’re from
    • ZIP/Postal code
    • Even your street location

    And it keeps on giving specific details about you to anyone with a computer and who’s curious enough. For example your IP address linked to additional information like geolocation APIs, WebGL and a running Javascript can draw a pretty accurate sketch of who you are and what is your digital profile.

    But if it’s so revealing you might think your IP address is somehow protected. Well, by default it’s not.

    Anyone can find out your IP address. Even the persons you chat with, the admins of the websites you visit and the list is long.

    But the one who knows all there is to know about you is your Internet provider. There’s not a place you can hide from your ISP. Your name, your browsing history, bank account details, and so on, it’s all there in their database.

    Hide your ip address
  • How to hide my IP Address?

    The best way to hide your IP address is to use a VPN service. This is how it works: when you connect to VPN, it changes your IP address and your location to the VPN server's IP address and location. This means that while you are online, nobody can track your activity to your real IP address. More than that, nobody can even see your activity because all your data is encrypted by our VPN servers. It’s totally impossible for your ISP or any other third party to track your online activity. And this is how you enjoy a safe browsing experience without having to worry about your privacy.

  • What type of IP address will I get from CactusVPN?

    You will get a static shared IP address. Shared IP Address means that several different clients or devices in a network are using the same IP Address. Static IP Address means that particular device or person will get the same IP Address every time. This way all your traffic is mixed with the traffic of all other users of our VPN so there is no way to find out what your traffic is.

  • What is an IP Address?

    An IP Address is the unique address assigned to every communication device connection with any network. The purpose of assigning a unique IP Address is to identify different devices on a network. That communication device could be a smartphone, a server hosting hundreds of websites or a server handling hundreds of VPN clients. There are two types of IP addresses, your public and private IP. The private IP is the address assigned to devices on your home network. A public IP is what is broadcast to the internet at large. This is how you are identified.

Hide your ip address