• Anonymous
    Excellent service at a reasonable price, I have tried several VPN's smartDNS and this one I was able to set up without any support.
  • Anonymous
    Much faster speeds than other VPN services at double the price
  • Kerry B
    Very satisfied with company but we are moving and don't need the servises
  • Ruh F
    Great service, was not using it as often as I thought I would be.
  • Anonymous
    everything was great, thank you
  • Anonymous
  • Peter S
    the team at Cactus have helped me way beyond the call of duty,since 2014 when i was forced to get my UK television fix using the internet ,when the uk Astra satellite beam changed to being focused tightly on the UK.they have not only helped me work their VPN and DNS services,but general problems i have encountered with SKY .ITV etc.I would in particular like to thank Victor and Silvano who have spent hours on my computer problems.I cannot imagine you would get this level of service from any other VPN service. Peter.
  • Anonymous
    This is a wonderful Vpn so far and Thanks to Victor who assisted me awesomely i appreciate your effort Thank You!
  • Robin W
    Signed up with Cactus VPN some time ago as my previous SmartDNS provider stopped providing some services I wanted and didn’t offer a full VPN service. Used both services for a while, then chose to switch fully to CactusVPN as their customer service was much better, and their explanations and suggestions worked, which was not the case with the previous company. Special thanks to Victor, who was extremely helpful and patient with my enquiries, and helped me to get everything set up just as I wanted it. Thoroughly recommended.
  • Volkan C
    Affordable, fast VPN that works on all platforms and supports the most secure VPN protocols.
  • Edward R
    I have been using CactusVPN for several years and could not be happier. It is fast, stable. and the support is outstanding. It is also one of the very few VPN providers that offers SoftEther protocol, which is as secure (if not more secure) than OpenVPN and much faster. My base speed is 155 mbps as measured by Ookla. I'm located in Europe, and when connected to any CactusVPN European server I get over 90% of this speed.
  • faruk serdar D
    Best of the better than all apps
  • Anonymous
    So far this is the best for in New Zealand as i have a 1Gbps connection and can obtain very good speeds compared to other VPN providers, keep up the good work guys
  • Bethan T
    Cactus VPN has been invaluable to me. The service is reliable and excellent value, and customer support is prompt and helpful. I would recommend Cactus VPN to anyone.
  • Anonymous
    Good service
  • Hazel R
    I have had a good experience of using my Cactus VPN whilst living in the USA I was able to access British TV programs (except BBC which no one can access)
  • Brian F
    CactusVPN is a great service. I have a second home in Ontario but live in the US. I’ve tried other DNS services w/o much luck. Cactus is easy to use and set up and if you have a question their customer service is first rate. Highly recommended!
  • Anonymous
    I have been referred by one of my friend to use the Cactus VPN services in Middle East as most of the sites are blocked here. I was spending too much in order to make outbound calls thru the services here as services like Whattsapp call,Skype etc are blocked here. I contacted The Cactus customer service team and they offered me a trial version to test how I can enjoy the services here without any block. I should especially highlight one thing here that the Cacts team is offering excellent customer service to its customers whether it is new or existing as you will always get a right response and they always attaches a guide how to configure things simply if you are not an expert. Thanks a lot for the team and I will recommend this to all my friends in Middle East. A big thanks to Mr Victor in assisting me through out all the steps and with all my queries.
  • Shahrizan A
    It's very easy to use. Support was great whenever I needed it. I've recommended cactus to people. Stopped because I don't require a DNS service for the near future. Might sign up again if needed. Thanks.
  • Jon J
    I only needed a VPN for a certain length of time but I would have no hesitation in signing up to CactusVPN if again I need a VPN.
  • Anonymous
    Service was very nice
  • william r
    very nice product not one problem thru out the year.
  • Del B
    Great service, would be a paying customer still but I have free VPN from another source now so no longer a requirement.
  • Josh H
    As far as VPN services go, Cactus was pretty good. However, I needed it for gaming, and unfortunately, I just don't think any VPN is capable of holding a steady enough connection for that. That being said, it would go longer between disconnects than other VPNs I've tried.
  • Anonymous
    Awesome speed, was nearly hitting my max bandwidth using the VPN!
  • Anonymous
    Great service.
  • Ann B
    I have been with Cactus for a couple of years now . The system is very good and constantly keeps abreast of the changing climate of VPN servers . On the rare occasions that anything goes wrong the customer service is excellent , they respond quickly and are extremely efficient at resolving any issues . Highly recommended .
  • Dan O
    I will always use CactusVPN! I tried some other VPN companies and they slowed down my internet speed, I was receiving 200 mbps and when turning on competitor VPNs, went to less than 1 mbps! Tried a DNS blocker and worked, but it was very difficult to install on Firestick. Found CactusVPN SmartDNS, installed and worked like a charm without slowing my internet speed! I also was pleasantly surprised it was in the Amazon playstore, so the install on the Firestick was so easy. Logging in with a pin code can't get any easier also, not having to remember a password beyond the website password.
  • Martin A
    I'm with Cactus about 3 years.. And here is the thing, every year when my renewal comes in, I go and check around if there are better deals, faster connections, better technology.. Just few days ago I tried all the TOP 3 or 4 name VPN services, and came back to Cactus.. it must be joke.. their software is not capable, speeds are less than half of what I get from Cactus. Support? I rarely need support but you get what you need in matter of minutes. I'm confident that I'm using best VPN service out there, I can recommend Cactus and only cactus .. period.
  • Charley R
  • Anonymous
    Great job.
  • Jodi W
    Our son was playing hockey in Russia . His games were not played in the United States. Cactus VPN made it possible to watch the games and follow his team. Thank you
  • Anei L
    I'm still using it.
  • F S
    CactusVPN worked out of the box and I never had problem with their service.
  • Anonymous
    great service! ill be subscribing again soon
  • Andr v
    Fine service provider. Worth every penny.
  • Anonymous
    CactusVPN, is great, easy to use and activate when I need it. Reliable service and easy to set up.
  • Ricardo K
    Great service, but I dont need it anymore.
  • Francesco P
    It was working well
  • Derek B
    the service was good
  • David B
    A HUGE thank you to Victor C. who fixed my issue within 40 minutes! My Smart DNS wasn't working with Bleacher Report Live but now it works like a dream. Exceptional customer service!
  • Anonymous
    LOVE the ease of this service! I will be back :)
  • Anonymous
    Great VPN! Easy to use, but incredibly secure. Would recommend.
  • Anonymous
    Tried it for 24 hours, thought it was great so took it up for 3 months. Does everything I want it to do as a UK expat looking for UK TV services on the European mainland. Support so far has been nothing short of excellent, with a quick response and more info than necessary. I even scrapped my old VPN provider to join Cactus as the support was so much better and the service more reliable.
  • Anonymous
    Really good service, enjoyed the trial. Got my things done and all unfortunately I do not require permanent VPN services.
  • Anonymous
    Cactus VPN works excellent when I am in Sudan. I will use it again when I will need it.
  • Dinesh T
    Good service
  • Androulla F
    worked very well for the intended purpose back in the UK and don't need it anymore
  • Dale A
    This service gave me exactly what I needed with zero issues.
  • Anonymous
    Great VPN and can get around LightSpeed