• Mike S
    Finally found a VPN with a reasonable monthly cost for a student. Privacy is important, but so is my bank account.
  • Freddy L
    Great service, tech support was also great. I do recommend Cactus VPN.
  • Marton N
  • Logan A
    Its a very good service, but netflix blocks CactusVPN. Anyway, it work really good. 5 stars out there :)
  • Nick D
    Great, reliable Smart DNS product and fantastic customer service from the Cactus team every time! Especially Nicolae L, latest ticket resolved super quick and very helpful. Highly recommended!
  • Anonymous
    Great service. I don't have internet atm, but will be back when I do. Keep up the good work.
  • Chris A
    Very good service. If I need it again I will use this.
  • Anonymous
    Service worked very well, fast connection, no apparent slowed internet service for web browsing, didn't use for video streaming. Used service when travelling, no travelling planned for several months so will cancel service, although if I need to use laptop at local public wifi will definitely sign up again.
  • Aldo R
    Best VPN ever for Gaming. TESO was giving me lag in my country and the peeps from Cactus just solved my issues. This is a great product with a great value and a super price. Highly recommend it.
  • Michael W
    Nice service!
  • Shin M
    Good VPN. Thx.
  • Jeremy H
    CactusVPN is a fantastic service - The best VPN I've yet to have the pleasure of using for such a low price. Highly recommended!
  • David H
    great service
  • P M
    It's a great service with good and friendly support. Thank you.
  • fergal c
  • Robert V
    I definitely like the service. It works really well. I wouldn't hesitate on using this service again.
  • mohammed o
    great services
  • Diorella C
    Great app!
  • Christopher P
    Worked great have no need for it however at the moment.
  • samir h
    very good vpn, not many complaints except 1 and that is that it doesn't work with Netflix other then that this is super easy to use and an amazing tool for everyone no matter who you are. many people have told me if you have nothing to hide why do you not want to be spied on, my response was thats like saying you dont need the 1st amendment because you have nothing to say 5/5 vpn will continue using this service
  • John H
    I recently switched to Cactus Smart DNS on a whim, just to see if it provided anything better than what my previous provider had. I could not be more pleased! Previously, my experience with DirecTV NOW was one of frustration- poor picture quality and constant buffering. As of the moment I switched, I have been experiencing perfect HD quality viewing with no buffering at all. In addition, several stand-alone Roku apps are now available to me that were previously blocked by Georecstrictions, even using DNS servers. Fantastic!!
  • Anonymous
    Great service, but i don't need it for now. That's why I'll be canceling the service for now.
  • Jamie M
    Great service. Never had any issues. Will use again.
  • Brian D
    Love the VPN service but don't need the DNS any longer -- will order Liberty package now.
  • Christopher C
    This is my second year using their service and I'm very satisfied. Software updates have been continuous, no issues with dns leaks or dropped connections, and they're always adding more features as time goes. The few times I've had to email tech support were always answered within a day. Thanks for keeping me safe, really appreciate it.
  • dwasd w
    Great service, will come back when i need VPN again
  • Bryan M
    Great easy service! Definitely recommend.
  • John H
    Really simple, fast, and reliable VPN. Gonna go for a cheaper option cause I'm tight on cash, but it was an awesome year thanks to you guys.
  • xie w
    cactusvpn sevice is good than other costly vpns but lately in china its hard and ping high . i have used it before vpn bans and it worked like butter , u click and it work .
  • Nicole R
    Works great
  • vpn i
    Awesome !!!
  • Morpheus W
    I looked at this service because of the need for SSTP. The service is reliable, and fast enough for me. Ping times are decently low, satisfactory for online gaming. The best aspect of this company is the exceptional customer service. They not only allow for a free trial, but they also try very hard to help with any technical issues with the VPN connection. I highly recommend them!
  • Terry D
    Excellent product when using the softether manager, very reliable and fast.
  • Stuart B
    Good service
  • Michael E
    I have no problem with Cactus VPN, but initially needed it to view UK TV on line when in Europe. I have now invested in an Android box with locally tailor made system to view all UK TV on iptv, If I need a VPN again I will use Cactus, as I found the service excellent. I have recommended Cactus to others, not sure of take up though. Regards, Mike Evans.
  • Zach B
    Loved this service for a little over a year now. Does exactly what I need, and the frequent updates to the program really help. I had a small issue with a payment but it got solved in less than 24 hours. Great service.
  • Anonymous
    So far I have been using the service on and off for three years. The pricing is spot on. The service is superfast. So far I have never had a problem. Thanks for a great product.
  • Janez B
    Great service, fast servers and quick activation. Will recommend CactusVPN to my friends.
  • iko i
    I am a paranoid person and I never trust any VPN, I always find something that makes me even more paranoid, I always find some minus in all VPN what I use in the past. CactusVPN is the first VPN what I use so relax with a great feeling of security. Thank you CactusVPN for hiding me and give me so nice feeling of security!
  • jhon d
    All is the best!!!
  • Mikael N
    Thank you. It's all working perfectly and was really easy to setup on Ubuntu too.
  • A B
    Love the test-before-you-buy Trial VPN option, so easy to set up!
    Excellent service and supports many kinds of router. 100/100
  • Emily P
    A* service. Especially their yearly discount promos. Fantastic speedy chat service. Instant replies. Great help. Allround BEST VPN.
  • Nicola T
    I've tried a few different DNS suppliers but they never worked all of the time, Cactus is perfect. Had one issue once and customer support were on it quick and got it sorted. Perfect!
  • Duncan M
    I had to use the technical support for an issue I was experiencing on only one device. They were beyond fantastic, quickly resolving my issue. The best customer service I have experienced in a long time! Can highly recommend!
  • Jakub T
    VPN works fantastic and support replies in matter of minutes. Best choice out there!
  • C P
    I joined when the company that owned the copper land line cables started throttling my DSL provider to force me to switch to their services instead (Fiber). They had also throttled my streaming service. CactusVPN encrypted my internet use and sped my internet back up. I still use CactusVPN to keep my bandwidth fast, and my info safe and secure.
  • Naamio K
    I've been using the service for 1½ years now. Works like a charm, great speed and only once I've had a problem and the support was super-fast to reply and solve my issue. Highly recommend the service!
  • Lucy R
    My query was solved quickly and easily by Cactus' online support, with no hassles involving my contract or anything of the like. This is the second time I have had an issue solved with no drama at all, I am incredibly happy by CactusVPN's product and customer service