• k k
  • mac b
    Best VPN ever. Always stable connection and reliable support
  • R C
    Easy to use vpn with great data transfer speeds.
  • Timur A
    You are perfect company with perfect service!
  • Henk S
    I was very happy with your service. Also your support is realy very good. For now I don't need use vpn anymore. Thanks for support. Regards Henk Stortenbeker
  • Anonymous
    Happy with the service
  • Willem L
    A user friendly, good and reliable service.
  • Alp E
    I just needed VPN service for a month. In future we can still work together :) Regards,
  • Marcin C
    Really good service, and very easy to setup and use. It really made my stay in UK bearable ;)
  • Ian W
    this service has been very good, the only reason for cancelling is that I am going back to UK and no longer need the service.
  • Richard h
    Have to say, The Best support and service i have received from any of the services i pay for! I have been with Cactus for years now ( almost 5 years) they are prompt and well run, the smartdns works fantastically with all my devices (Firetv 3,pc's,tablets,nowtv box black and more) and the vpn works great when i want to remain annon. Keep up the great work !
  • Linda S
    I really was impressed with Cactus for my initial request, they were very prompt and accurate with the information I needed to access. I might consider down the road, but for right now I am satisfied. Thank you again for being there!
  • adrian c
    Worked very well and fast
  • Erin S
    Awesome product and easy to use!!!
  • Rade K
    I thing it was so nice expirience for me with your service!Cactus VPN is the best service!It was good for me to finish what I want but it s a problem becouse I need just 1 months and I dont like to paye always this service,just when I need.I will come beck when I need.Thank you.
  • Stella G
    Great customer service and a DNS that works
  • Enrique A
    Great Service!
  • Peter S
    I have been using the service for several years and have experienced great customer support. I would recommend CactusVPN without any reservations.
  • Anonymous
    Highly recommend, great iOS app too especially after the latest update, secure, no DNS leaks and quick, works well
  • Ron P
    Excellent program, would not be without it.....
  • Patrik A
    Very good. No problems. Will come back.
  • John N
    Thank you for your service
  • Eduardo R
    great service, now upgrade to vpn + smart dns thanks!
  • Eduardo R
    great service
  • Earle C
    Great service and even better customer support. CactusVPN is SUPER!
  • Damian D
    great service. good customer service with quick response too
  • Jan P
    Good for a quick proxy from a chosen continent, if privacy and amount of proxies to choose from are not important.
  • Robert B
    Cactus vpn served me well its just I dont need a vpn anymore
  • Brian O
    Service is always great - even when there is a problem, they fix it promptly.
  • Justin P
    Hassle free, easy to use, constantly updated and transparent pricing which are always great hallmarks of a good well run company, I've used Cactus VPN on and off for years and I love the flexibility it offers me, I've never seen the SMART DNS product anywhere else, so love these guys a lot, also loads of news updates of what's going on in the fast changing world of online and they keep up!
  • sam p
    Amazing service, just no longer needed!
  • Anonymous
    Just wanted to say I find the product easy to use but most of all you have excellent customer support.
  • Mike G
    If I had to give this VPN service an uptime percentage, I think a realistic number would be 99.5%...... the price is definitely right and the client software is clear and easy to understand...... plus they take pay pal!! yay!............ exit locations are in the US and very convenient countries in Europe (;
  • Gaither P
    Cactus VPN worked great for us!
  • Untescu F
    very good
  • Martyn L
    Hi I'm not leaving. I'm impressed enough to have bought an Annual subscription. Regards Martyn
  • Damien M
    Good speeds, decent protection.
  • Tim J
    Great service and works as advertised. Easy to set up and manage
  • Anonymous
    I am very satisfied, never had a problem.
  • Deborah R
    Silvano was one of the most helpful online chat helps I have ever talk to. Stayed with me with every part , I was never left waiting for a reply , he also worked out where I was going wrong , on at least 3 count . I would of given up long ago in fact I nearly did because of the time I was taken trying to do all the setting on my phone. then he helped me with the phone app. Silvano is invaluable . THANK YOU I will of corse be telling the world .
  • Anonymous
    everything went fine
    Je suis très contente de Cactus VPN
  • Mathew S
    Great service and fantastic support, thank you
  • Anonymous
    Don't worry, I am still with you but got another account. Thanks for your service!
  • Anonymous
    I have been pleased with the service and only cancelled because I have a new package with a longer service period. I hope you can stay ahead of the BBC and keep the service running,as that is my main reason for using your service. RR
  • Anonymous
    Great service
  • Mis T
    Great service
  • Carson C
    I had the pleasure of finding this little gem of a VPN. It's great as I am just getting used to using VPNs. Cactus is very simple to use, and solid. I highly recommend this VPN, and the affiliate program is great!
  • John C
    Great service, fast technical support.
  • Benjamin C
    Well done! Could be slightly easier to setup I admit, but I figured it out with a friends help.