• Jennifer S
    Great service. The app worked on all our mobile devices.
  • Michael B
  • Anonymous
    Great Service
  • Anonymous
    Great service
  • Danielle D
    Cactus VPN Smart DNS was awesome and we would definitely recommend it. We only stopped using it because we no longer needed the Smart DNS service.
  • Anonymous
    The service is very good I but I don’t want the recurring sub at the moment. I will be ordering again for September and October Many thanks Sandra Cronin
  • Antonio C R
    CactusVPN was by far the best service provider of its kind among the many we tried. We subscribed quite a few months and just canceled due to our moving back to the US.
  • piyawat s
    This program is the best, there's nothing to complain but I just don't need it anymore
  • Anonymous
    Hi, how are you? Unfortunately I had to cancel the service because my project that I would use ended up being discontinued, however the service of CactusVPN was very good and satisfactory, I would also request a refund of my payment because I am on time for it, Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    Fast and easy Setup, working well
  • Rigo B
    I use SmartDNS to fix my latency and disconnection problems with World of Warcraft (even they couldn't help me!). After trying several services for a few weeks, this one fixes 99% of my problems. I recommend it to my friends, because it's so good. Thank you, CactusVPN!
  • Alvina N
  • Gordon A
    Good service. Problems with streaming Sky Go whilst in Turkey, but generally happy with service. Back in UK now, will reinstate (1 month) next time we go out to Turkey which is likely to be in September
  • Mujtaba M
    I am in a country where the ISP's have zeroed out on VPN's (literally everything, blocked the protocols itself) but Cactus VPN is one that never disappoints. Lightening fast support and excellent methods to connect in on their service. Bit pricy but totally worth it.
  • Robson G
    I signed up for a free trial and had an issue with getting step and I submitted a support ticket and within a few minutes I got a reply to my support ticket and Cactus support helped me. The SmartDNS works perfectly! Highly recommended in Canada :)
  • Christopher C
    It is a great service
  • RC J
    Cactus VPN serves purpose correctly. I recently subscribed to enable connection with a web site that was restricted in the US. Connection was perfect. Contents of the site were not available. Thank you
  • Seif L
    great service
  • doug h
    Cactus is just great service support is excelent
  • Rodriguez M
  • Nicholette H
    Have been pleased with the service and also customer service- quick resolution whenever there's been a problem. Now moved back to the UK from abroad I no longer need to use Cactus VPN.
  • Anonymous
    Great service!
  • Fredrick O
    Works....all the time
  • Eduardo A
    Awesome VPN service and great price. Thank you
  • Jack E
    Incredible service, highly recommended. 5/5 would use again if needed.
  • Anonymous
    Cactus VPN is great! very simple to use, the app killer feature is really helpful. I just don’t need a Vpn that often. I’ve maybe used it for 7 of the 30 days I’ve had it. If I need a VPN again, I’d definitely buy from Cactus VPN again.
  • Joshua Y
  • jeff s
    Great service. I just don't have any need for it at this time. When that changes I will be back! Thank you
  • Frederico C
    My experience in CactusVPN was amazing. I will resubscribe in the future, just because I'm going on vacations in May.
  • Dana Mihaela D
    Very good program but i dont neeed anymore, ty for help
  • Tom M
    Excellent service, several servers to connect to anonymously that allow for almost equally as fast browsing speeds to if you weren't using a VPN.
  • Andrew B
    Very good service exactly what I needed whilst living abroad
  • Harold M
    Excellent service which I was happy to take out for a third year.
  • Louise B
    very good service and very fast
  • Grzegorz G
    Everything fine. Got bigger package
  • Sim�o A
    Good service. I recomend. I had no problems with this VPN. It is really great
  • Adam K
    Very good service.
  • Anonymous
    Great service, great speed
  • Anonymous
    one of the best vpns ever..it bypassed my college firewall which normally other vpns cant
  • David R
    Excellent customer service
  • Craig B
    Reliable service with very good support on the two occasions I needed it. I canceled the service in the end, simply because I did not use it often enough to justify the cost.
  • Brian C
    it's brilliant
  • Donald B
    Easy to manage and operate.
  • Anonymous
    User of Smart DNS for 2-3 years. Status in Client Area always accurate and helpful. Issues affecting my usage have always been resolved in short timescales. Good communications via support ticket system. Would recommend as a supplier of DNS services.
  • alexander b
    Great working VPN.
  • Anonymous
    I have tried many VPNs and I can say that CactusVPN provides an excellent connection, stability and speed. Not to mention the useful features it has as App. Killer, SmartDNS and Proxy. Undoubtedly it is a great VPN that can be ranked in the top.
  • Luke S
  • Dena R
    We use this service every year when traveling. It is THE BEST! highly recommend!
  • Tim W
    Great service. Superb support.
  • Sher J
    I was extremely happy with this service. First time using a VPN service and found it simple to use and everything functioned perfectly. Will use again in the future.