• Georgios C
    Awesome VPN
  • Ian H
    Now I have a second more comprehensive plan with you.
  • Anonymous
    Extremely easy to set up! Friendly and quick interface. Had no issues!
  • Anonymous
    Would be nice with a Norwegian server and a Philippine one :) Maybe expanding in Asia could be the next step?
  • Anonymous
    Good service. Thanks for all
  • Anonymous
    The service is very good.
  • Anonymous
    great experience with Cactus, at the moment I no longer need to use the VPN for business reasons, but I will definitely be back with Cactus in the future !!
  • Anonymous
    Worked very well so I could watch blacked out football games
  • John M
    Works perfectly. Will use again in the future.
  • Anonymous
    Worked great, different servers means you have options and the system can search for the fastest server everytime.
  • Jesper T
  • dominic c
    Great service worked well. I was working in a restricted country and was able to FaceTime my family every day.
  • Ashley F
    Great Service
  • ehab f
    Love cactusvpn
  • Cody J
  • Brendan H
  • Anonymous
    On my trial, Encountered Victor as my helper and He's great, probably will extend my trial...
  • Markus W
    Great service. I don't need it any longer since I go back to my home country.
  • Anonymous
    I will subscribe again next month but I just didn't have enough money to renew at the end of the month but at the beginning of July, around the 6th I will subscribe again
  • Anonymous
  • Andr� D
    it was a very good experience , but right now i dont need any more , but 5 stars cactusvpn
  • Anonymous
    Just not a good time financially thank you maybe in the future
  • Anonymous
    To this point, customer service has been very helpful. They try hard to resolve any issues and stay on the problem until the customer is satisfied.
  • Anonymous
    Nice service.
  • Kara G
    Simple & Reliable! I'll be back when I need the service again. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    It was easy to use and set up. Was great to see my daughter on american tv. But no longer needed. Thanks
  • alan t
    Good VPN and service
    More than happy with service but I do not require the DNS part of the package but did not see an option for VPN only.
  • Cliff E
    I have used Cactus VPN for 6 years now without any problems.Recently I had a downloading problem and contacted Cactus for help. Their technical assistance was brilliant. Rapid replies to my questions. Continued help until the problem was completely resolved. Could not ask for a better back-up service than that which I got from Cactus. ' Very happy customer ' !!
  • Anonymous
    so so sweet Cactus
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for years of excellent service. Your customer service has always been outstanding: You are really amazing. I am cancelling because I can now get all the services I need via my normal Swiss server. Thank you again and I wish you all the very best.
  • Anonymous
    Good soft
  • Anonymous
    Best vpn so far.
  • Anonymous
    The service was great! I needed it to get signed up on my TV. Once that was done I didn't need it anymore but you guys helped from getting started to finishing up! Thank you so much for that. Very Respectfully, Jeff
  • Angel S
    Cactus is Best of Best , i ?
  • Gerard L
    Enjoyed the service but no longer required
  • Stephen C
    Great service, no issues at all, I'll be back for more when I'm travelling again.
  • Marilyn C
    Wonderful site I would recommend you to everyone.
  • ross 1
    I like your service very much and the cost is very reasonable. I want to try another VPN service, though, but I may very likely resubscribe afterward. I rate your service very high and it's tough to beat. Thank you!
  • Stuart R
    I have been using CactusVPN for a few years, on my Windows laptop, as well as Android phone and tablet. When I had a problem recently the response was fabulous, they diagnosed the issue and got me to test a fix in less than a week. They then sent me a pre-release of the next release that now includes this patch. Great service. Thank you
  • Kim F
    Good Great
  • Anonymous
  • Paul T
    Have been with CactusVPN for years now and have always had a reliable service. Only time I've had problems, the support team provided a bug fix just for me within 3 days. Greaf service, great product. Thanks.
  • Maksim M
    I’m really happy with CactusVPN. I tried different DNS providers and this one offers the best coverage of different tv channels. Also I love their service - Victor responded extremely fast and solved every issue within a few minutes. I highly recommend CactusVPN.
  • Anonymous
    All liked it! I tested your service.
  • eddie p
    Unfortunately I will not need to renew my service at the emd of November, as I am retuning home to the UK; thank you for teh service, it was just what I needed and I will reccomend the company to my friends.
  • Peter S
  • Richard v
    Super eenvoudig. Betrouwbaar en gebruiksvriendelijk. Top service