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In our VPN blog security experts offer you their knowledge about VPN, online privacy, security, Smart DNS and bypassing restrictions. You will also find the latest news and promotions that we run here at CactusVPN.

VPN Giveaway

VPN Giveaway

As always we have our monthly VPN giveaway for you guys. If you do decide to enter then you will be in with the chance of winning three free months of our premium “VPN + Smart DNS” package. The giveaway will run until the 19th of September and there will be ten lucky winners chosen so you most certainly have a good chance of winning.
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IP address changes on Amsterdam2, Netherlands VPN server


We have upgraded our Amsterdam2, Netherlands VPN server and we had to change it’s IP address. If you use or plan to use this server here is what you should do:
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New data retention law in Sweden?

Data Retention, one of the biggest ISPs from Sweden recently published an article regarding a leaked law proposal containing details about a new data retention law that could be put in place, despite the fact that the European Union declared this practice as illegal. Continue reading

CactusVPN iOS VPN App Updated

iOS VPN App Updated

For all those that kept a close watch on CactusVPN, the good news keeps coming! After the IKEv2 VPN support protocol introduction news, we made some very important changes to our VPN iOS app. You can now connect directly through the app! Continue reading

IKEv2 VPN Protocol added on all CactusVPN servers

IKEv2 VPN Protocol

If you already are a customer of CactusVPN, or you are just thinking of starting using our services, it’s important to know that we have introduced one of the best and most modern VPN protocols: the IKEv2 VPN Protocol.

CactusVPN wants to make sure that your internet experience isn’t hindered by any inconvenience of any kind and this is why we have just added support for this type of VPN protocol: IKEv2. Continue reading

EternalBlue used for hacking hotels’ WIFI networks in Europe

Hacking Hotels' Wi-Fi

If you’re someone who fears the worst, you ought to know the worst has already happened: hotel WiFi can no longer be considered a safe option for travellers. This was a lesson learned the hard way, as real people have tasted the bitter medicine of one of the most prolific group of hackers in the world.
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Should I use a VPN for Android?

VPN for Android

VPN solutions have popped up like mushrooms after rain, especially given the increasing level of internet surveillance and use of geo-restriction. Whether you’ve been already using VPN for your personal computer or not, it’s only natural that you’d want the device closest and dearest to you (you guessed it right, your phone!) to be equally protected and safe. There are many solutions for this out there, with many claiming to be the “best VPN for Android”. But before making any hasty decisions, let’s take a closer look at the processes behind the technological curtain. Continue reading

VPN apps removed from the App Store in China


The Internet freedom took yet another blow as VPN apps have been deleted from China’s App Store. These have been vastly used in the past years by internet users, in their attempt to overcome the strict censorship system.

According to Apple officials, the VPN apps contain content that is illegal in this country, violating therefore Apple’s policies and which finally led to their removal from the Chinese version of the App Store. Continue reading

Putin signs ban of VPNs in Russia

Russia Ban VPNs

President Vladimir Putin signed the law that prohibits the use of VPN services to access blocked websites in Russia. This comes only one day after Apple announced that VPN apps have been removed from the China App Store. Continue reading

CactusVPN Android App Improvements

CactusVPN Android App

Because we always struggle to deliver the best possible services to our customers, we are proud to announce that our Android VPN App has been constantly updated within the past couple of months and it is now in its most advanced state yet. Continue reading

Internet Kill Switch added to our Windows and macOS Apps

CactusVPN App

At CactusVPN we’re passionate about building new features and functionalities to delight our users and improve their online experiences. Now, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve added yet another feature – the “Internet Kill Switch” functionality. So whether you are using our Windows app or the macOS app, you get to benefit from this small but extremely useful improvement. Continue reading

Is an iPhone VPN necessary, despite the iPhone encryption?

VPN for iPhone

Apple has made it abundantly clear since the introduction of iOS 8 in 2014, that all their devices are encrypted and therefore protected against hackers and thieves. But is that all you need in order to have your online privacy and sensitive data protected or do you also need a VPN for iPhone? Let’s find the answer together by exploring all aspects below.
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Russian Duma voted the Ban of VPNs

Russia Ban VPNs

The Parliament voted a bill in Russia on Friday, which would outlaw any web tools that allow Internet users to bypass officially banned websites and access restricted content. This is the latest step Russia has taken in the effort of tightening online services control and has been justified as a necessary measure against extremist content that’s been spreading in online communities.
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New Data Mining Law approved in Netherlands

Government spying

A new data mining law has recently been voted for in the Dutch Senate. The senators approved the Interior Minister’s data mining law and have hereby granted the Dutch Intelligence services the authority to intercept data at a much more in-depth level. The changes will take effect on January 1st 2018. There are some big changes this new data mining law brings about, the most important of which being the fact that the intelligence service AIVD and its military counterpart MIVD will have the power to intercept much more online communications than they did until now.
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Smart DNS added to our iOS app

iOS Smart DNS App

That’s right! More good news for our iOS app users! We know that in the fast-paced online world, you come across many challenges. But worry not, as we are always crafting and improving our products to fit every user’s needs. Apart from safety online, we believe in free access to all content for everyone. Continue reading

CactusVPN unblocks Swedish websites

CactusVPN unblocks Swedish websites

Good news for those who wish to access websites blocked outside Sweden! We are very excited to announce that we have started unblocking geo-restricted websites from Sweden with our Smart DNS technology. Continue reading

OpenVPN updated for the CactusVPN Windows and macOS apps

CactusVPN Software 5

Good news for all CactusVPN apps users! We are happy to introduce you to the newest version of our VPN apps for Windows and macOS.

This is one of the many things we have been working on in order to build the best ever experiences and offer the highest level of security for our users. The new improvement focuses on the update of the OpenVPN protocol to its latest 2.4.2 version. It’s worth mentioning that OpenVPN is the most secure VPN protocol and now you can benefit from it’s latest version using our Windows VPN app and macOS VPN app. Continue reading

Summer Lovin’ Promotion, Up to 54% OFF

VPN Promotion

Update! June 26, 2017. This promotion has ended.Summer’s getting hotter and most of us are already thinking about a well-deserved vacation. So in case you’re not planning on travelling to a deserted island, you will probably pack your laptop, tablet and smart phone along with your sunscreen.

We’re adding a bit of excitement to your summer with this amazing promotion. Continue reading

The Australian Government Demands Access to Encrypted Messages

Australian Goverment

Following the UK model, Australia, wants to give governmental intelligence and security agencies the power to compel large internet and telecommunications companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple to assist them in accessing encrypted data in counter-terrorism efforts. Continue reading

Russian Duma introduced a bill to Ban VPNs

Russia Ban VPNs

The Russian government continues the war against free access to online information and the tools that enable uncensored internet access. Today, June 8, The Duma introduced a bill that would manage to declare any type of technology that allows users to bypass website blocks as illegal. Continue reading

Snowden warns about mass surveillance in Japan

Edward Snowden

The infamous whistleblower Edward Snowden who made public a series of NSA classified surveillance programs in 2013 warns that the Japanese citizens could soon face an outbreak of “mass surveillance” on the internet. The Japanese government is currently making efforts to adopt a bill in order to extend police powers to take counterterrorism measures. Continue reading

The British Prime Minister Theresa May blames the internet for the terrorist attacks

Theresa May

In the light of the recent terror attacks, The Prime Minister Theresa May is planning to regulate the internet and online encryption. She also blames the major companies for “giving the terrorists safe space to bread”. This statement came right after the London Bridge terror attack on Saturday where seven people have been killed and dozens injured. Continue reading

British Prime Minister Theresa May Wants to Control the Internet

Theresa May

UK Prime Minister Theresa May wants full control over the internet and gives new powers to her government to seize ‘indiscriminate control of the internet’.

The leader of the British Conservative Party initiated a manifesto demanding new controls over the internet by presumably changing its architecture, setting the tone for the total elimination of online free speech. Continue reading

FCC votes to move forward with net neutrality rollback in the US


On Thursday, May 18th, during an open commission meeting, the US Federal Communications Commission voted 2-1 on moving forward with undoing rules enacted under the Obama administration on internet neutrality.

The controversial aftereffect of the initial vote for internet neutrality will now go through an official public debate before a final vote. Continue reading

Putin Signed a Decree Against Anonymity on the Internet

Russia Ban VPNs

Russia’s war against the internet and online media continues as the Russian President Vladimir Putin signed today a decree against anonymity on the Internet. This adds to the increasing repressive measures that the Russian authorities have brought in to censor and control the Internet and all media-like content. Continue reading

New Updates for Windows and macOS Apps

CactusVPN Software 5

We always find new ways to create the best services for our users here at CactusVPN. To make this possible, we’ve added a number of new features to our Windows and macOS VPN apps that greatly enhance functionality and overall user experience. Many of these improvements expand on the existing capabilities of the apps, allowing users to customize their processes. Continue reading

British government increases surveillance over communications

Government spying

The UK is one step away from becoming one of the world’s leading internet and telecom surveillance states. By allowing its officials and intelligence agencies to spy on its own citizens, the UK institutes a new and unprecedented record for a democratic country. Continue reading

Russia Threatens to Ban VPNs

Russia Ban VPNs

When it comes to internet restrictions and regulations over the last 2 years, no other country has been more ‘proactive’ than Russia.

Russia is apparently launching a new war against the use of VPNs, increasing censorship yet again through the Federal Service for Supervision aka the Roskomnadzor. The initiative taken by the Russian Security Council threatens to block anonymous proxies that allow users to access forbidden websites.
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New VPN Server in Australia


We always strive to offer our customers the best and most secure tech solutions and today, we are pleased to announce that we have a brand new addition to our portfolio. You now have the opportunity to enjoy a brand new state-of-the-art VPN server based in Sydney, Australia.
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Brand New 1 Gbps VPN server in Seoul

South Korea

We are thrilled to announce that our services are now available all across East Asia and are especially dedicated to our clients from China. Whether you live within the East Asian borders or planning any travels in the area, you will now get to experience a secure Internet connection with no restrictions using our new VPN server in Seoul.
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CactusVPN Windows and macOS apps have been updated

CactusVPN Software 5

We are always working on our desktop CactusVPN apps and today we have a new update out for the Windows and macOS variants.

Changes to both the Windows and macOS include a completely redesigned user interface to make it easier to navigate, general code improvements to both versions, our macOS app now can remember the last used VPN server and improved Notifications and Updates features.
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Easter VPN Promotion, up to 54% off!

Easter VPN Promotion

Update! April 21, 2017. This promotion has ended.In preperation for Easter we will be discounting up to 54% off all of the packages that we offer. This deal will be valid until the 20th of April.

This means you can get access to both our VPN and Smart DNS services cheap, a good start to Easter I am sure you will agree.
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German VPN Server added to our Liberty VPN Package

Germany VPN

We are very happy to announce that we have added our German VPN server to our Liberty VPN package. This means that we allow now downloading torrents on our VPN server from Germany. Of course alongside you can still continue to use the four servers from Netherlands and two Romanian servers that were available beforehand. All of these VPN servers offer a gigabit connection meaning that you get the fastest possible connection, no matter where you are.
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US Congress has killed Digital Privacy Regulations

US senate

Last week the writing was on the wall and now finally The House has killed the Digital Privacy regulations that were enacted last October. This now means that ISPs are legally allowed to sell and share customers private browsing data with anyone they please. Users do not get a say in this and your browsing history WILL be sold to the highest bidder.
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US Senate votes to remove recent FCC web browsing privacy laws

US senate

US Republicans have voted to kill the FCC internet privacy laws that were only enacted last October and made it so that ISPs had to obtain permission to sell on user’s private browsing histories.
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Start St. Patrick’s Day Party with our great VPN discount

VPN Promotion

Update! March 20, 2017. This promotion has ended.Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you, friends! May your troubles be less, your blessings be more and a discount from us that you’ll love it for sure!

From 13th to 19th of March our VPN, Smart DNS or both services combined into one single package are up to 54% cheaper. And that’s not the only great news. Because our offer comes with some new servers in Canada (Montreal), Germany (Nuremberg) and France (Paris). And you can get access to all of them with the VPN + Smart DNS package and no extra charge. Did we heard a Hooray? Because you get all the fun that you want and all the online privacy you need, for less than half the price we usually charge.

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Get to know our CEO Sergiu Candja in an exclusive interview


When you think about a VPN provider, the first words that pop to mind, probably most of the times, are security protocols, servers, encryption technologies, speed performances and so on. But behind all these mandatory features are often passionate people that are giving, every day, their best to deliver top services. We, from CactusVPN, are among them.
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CactusVPN Software for Windows just got better

CactusVPN Software for Windows

The road to perfect online privacy and safety is filled with constant technical improvements and that is exactly what are we doing. We are constantly working to make sure you benefit the best VPN and Smart DNS services available on the market. All this being said, we are happy to let you know that we just made some important updates to our VPN Software for Windows.
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New VPN servers in France, Germany and Canada

New VPN servers in France, Germany and Canada

Dear present and future clients. It’s time, to make yet another celebratory announcement regarding our technical improvements. We just completed our gallery of VPN servers with some great new ones, so you can enjoy an unrestricted and safe browsing at the highest performances.

The new servers are in Montreal, Canada; Nuremberg, Germany and Paris, France. They are available for you within the VPN + Smart DNS package, for the same price as before.
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Most Free Android VPN apps proven to be malicious

Hide IP on Android

Dear friends. There’s a serious and troubling topic we want to approach in this article. It seems that, until recently, a lot of VPN users were tricked in to use malicious Android VPN apps. This matter is even more concerning as it puts a bad reputation to VPN services in general, even though many of them deliver quality services. The good news is that CactusVPN, will stand by you, like always, with reliable services that you can definitely trust. And that’s why we think it’s important to tell you more about this scandal and to clear things out in the name of our well deserved good reputation.
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On Valentine’s Day our prices are falling for you

Valentine's Day Promotion

Update! February 16, 2017. This promotion has ended.Roses are red, violets are blue, our special discount is waiting for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Love is in the air for all of us so we wanted to make these moments even happier with up to 54% discount to all our packages. That’s right! Because love needs freedom and privacy more than anything, we thought it would be a loving idea to give you a special offer to our online privacy and free browsing services.

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CactusVPN upgrades to the latest SoftEther version

SoftEther VPN Protocol

Ladies and gentlemen! We are proud to announce an important security upgrade to CactusVPN services! Our VPN servers and VPN protocols run, starting right now, on the latest version of SoftEther. This new upgrade is the result of our constant efforts to ensure, at all times, the best protection there is for your online traffic.
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China bans local VPN providers


You might have heard these days that China bans VPN providers. Well, only the ones that are not approved by the government, so practically it’s true. China just made another move against online privacy and free browsing by starting a 14 month national campaign against unauthorized internet connections, including VPN providers, only Chinese for now. This is yet another attempt to strengthen the Great Firewall of China which is designed to ensure control and censorship over the Chinese Internet.
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New privacy rules for Europe

European Commission Privacy

New European privacy rules are hitting the headlines these days. Apparently, when it comes to online privacy, EU means business. And we say that in a good way. Recently, European Commission published E-privacy Directive, a report that intents to defend users’ right to privacy and to limit profiling and surveillance activities from companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Microsoft.
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We Added Smart DNS to Our Android VPN App

Android Smart DNS App

Do you want an easier access to Smart DNS? Well, great news everybody! Our Android VPN app has an important new upgrade. From now on you can use it to access Smart DNS from your Android phone also. And guess what?! You don’t have to connect manually anymore. With this app new feature all you have to do is sign in and enable Smart DNS. Do you want to see how smooth it works? Just give it a try! Run the app, choose the Smart DNS tab, enable Smart DNS and that’s it! You are good to go!
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Retaining Traffic Data Declared Illegal in EU

European Court of Justice

Great news for all the Internet users within European Union borders! The European Court of Justice recently made a very clear and important statement regarding online privacy rights. Since 21 December, 2016, it’s illegal for member states to make bulk retention of emails or other electronic data. Making data retention illegal became even more necessary and significant as more and more countries in Europe and around the globe already initiated bills that seriously threatened citizens’ right to online privacy.
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European Court of Justice declared Investigatory Powers Act illegal

Government spying

Finally some good news regarding the right to online privacy in Europe! The European Court of Justice declares Investigatory Powers Act illegal. The law, later changed with the IP Bill, was stated as being in contradiction with European human rights. In simple terms the discussed law bill allows UK’s authorities to intercept private data of all UK citizens or passing by tourists, with the proclaimed purpose of fighting terrorist attacks or any other criminal activities.
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Belarus bans Tor and the right to privacy

Belarus bans Tor

Regarding Internet freedom and the right to online privacy, Belarus has bad news for us. Tor, a network that provides anonymous access to the Internet has been banned. As it appears there’s a tendency of ending the right to online privacy around the Globe. Countries like UK, Germany and United Stated already issued a law against privacy that give authorities extended rights to surveil online activity of its citizens.
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Google Wi-Fi Assistant and Google VPN

Google VPN

Google Wi-Fi Assistant and Google VPN represent a hot topic these days. The news is that Google is spoiling Nexus and Pixel smartphone owners with an important dedicated new and free feature. A Wi-Fi assistant with a built in Google VPN that automatically connects you to safe and reliable Wi-Fi networks. For now, the feature is only available in a few countries, but it got our attention enough to tell you all the details about it.
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Happy Christmas and a jolly VPN discount!

Christmas VPN Discount

Update! January 2, 2017. This promotion has ended.Ho, Ho, Ho, to everybody! We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the joy in the world may find the way to your home!

But wait! What do we have here?! Well, it’s a present we thought you might like! We want you to feel cozy and relaxed so we got you a little “I want my online privacy protected” present.
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