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Security experts offer you their knowledge about VPN, online anonymity, privacy, security, Smart DNS and unblocking websites. You will also find the latest news and promotions that we run here at CactusVPN.

We Just Added IKEv2 Support for Android Devices

IKEv2 VPN Protocol

We’re happy to say that, as of today, you can start using the IKEv2 VPN protocol on your Android devices with CactusVPN. The setup process is pretty simple, but we put together a helpful tutorial to show you all the steps you need to take. Continue reading

We Just Added Support for VPN Over ICMP & DNS


We’re happy to announce that, as of today, CactusVPN will be offering support for VPN over ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol, a supporting protocol that sends error messages if a service or a host/router can’t be reached/isn’t available) and DNS (Domain Name System, which is responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses, and vice versa). Continue reading

We Just Fixed a Vulnerability Affecting Our Windows Client

CactusVPN Windows App

We recently patched an issue with our CactusVPN Windows client’s installer package. To our knowledge, our users haven’t been directly affected by this vulnerability. Also, if you have the Windows client already installed, you don’t need to worry as you are not at risk. Continue reading

OpenVPN SSL certificate updated

OpenVPN protocol

We would like to inform you that we have updated the OpenVPN SSL certificate. This is a routine procedure in order to maintain the high security standards here at CactusVPN.
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A new Version of CactusVPN macOS app Is Here

CactusVPN macOS app

The CactusVPN macOS app has now been updated to version 6. This means that our customers will be able to enjoy higher levels of convenience and performance across the board, with the same high levels of privacy and security. The following changes have been made: Continue reading

You Can Now Unblock French Websites with CactusVPN

Unblock French Websites

We’re happy to announce that users of CactusVPN will now have the ability to unblock French websites using Smart DNS and stream new content. Our service is expanding, and we’re happy to provide you with access to a huge amount of French streaming sites, covering a wide range of genres. Continue reading

Our Service Is Expanding, with VPN Servers in Five New Locations

New VPN Servers in Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and Singapore

CactusVPN is proud to announce that we have set up five new VPN servers in Europe and Asia. Subscribers will be able to take their pick of a huge selection of streaming content previously blocked due to geo-restrictions, while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security. Continue reading

New sign-in method on all Android devices for Smart DNS

New sign in process for Android app

We know you can’t get enough of the good news from CactusVPN, so we love bringing you more and more great news! Following the improvements we made to the Android TV and Amazon Fire TV login process, we decided it was time to extend that to all Android devices. Continue reading

New Cryptocurrencies accepted as payment method

New Cryptocurrencies

Our efforts to make things easier and safer for you on the mean world wide web translated lately in a series of new additions to the list of accepted payment methods.

We always struggle to find ways of making your experience with us better and since we already know that you care about your online privacy and safety, we decided it was time to add some new payment methods which expand the ways you can purchase our services.
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Easier sign in process for Android TV and Amazon Fire TV

New sign in process for Android app

The good news keep on rolling with CactusVPN! After the launch of our Android TV and Amazon Fire TV Smart DNS apps, we discovered an improvement that needed to be done on the sign in feature of both apps. Continue reading

CactusVPN launches Amazon Fire TV VPN App

CactusVPN Amazon Fire TV App

They say good news travel fast, so make sure to let everybody know that CactusVPN made a great addition to the big list of ways it makes your life easier online! A brand new Amazon Fire TV VPN app is now available!

Because we know it’s important for you to have access to your favorite streaming platforms and online services from any device, we decided to help you bypass geo-restrictions while also staying safe, directly from your Fire TV device! Continue reading

CactusVPN launches Android TV VPN App

CactusVPN Android TV App

Awesome news for CactusVPN users! You can now install the CactusVPN VPN app directly on your Android TV!

We know how important it is for you to be able to easily access your VPN and Smart DNS on any device. And that is exactly why we decided to give you the option to access the internet through CactusVPN effortlessly from your Smart TV.
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IP address changes on Amsterdam2, Netherlands VPN server


We have upgraded our Amsterdam2, Netherlands VPN server and we had to change it’s IP address. If you use or plan to use this server here is what you should do:
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CactusVPN iOS VPN App Updated

iOS VPN App Updated

For all those that kept a close watch on CactusVPN, the good news keeps coming! After the IKEv2 VPN support protocol introduction news, we made some very important changes to our VPN iOS app. You can now connect directly through the app! Continue reading

IKEv2 VPN Protocol added on all CactusVPN servers

IKEv2 VPN Protocol

If you already are a customer of CactusVPN, or you are just thinking of starting using our services, it’s important to know that we have introduced one of the best and most modern VPN protocols: the IKEv2 VPN Protocol.

CactusVPN wants to make sure that your internet experience isn’t hindered by any inconvenience of any kind and this is why we have just added support for this type of VPN protocol: IKEv2. Continue reading

CactusVPN Android App Improvements

CactusVPN Android App

Because we always struggle to deliver the best possible services to our customers, we are proud to announce that our Android VPN App has been constantly updated within the past couple of months and it is now in its most advanced state yet. Continue reading

Internet Kill Switch added to our Windows and macOS Apps

CactusVPN App

At CactusVPN we’re passionate about building new features and functionalities to delight our users and improve their online experiences. Now, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve added yet another feature – the “Internet Kill Switch” functionality. So whether you are using our Windows app or the macOS app, you get to benefit from this small but extremely useful improvement. Continue reading

Smart DNS added to our iOS app

iOS Smart DNS App

That’s right! More good news for our iOS app users! We know that in the fast-paced online world, you come across many challenges. But worry not, as we are always crafting and improving our products to fit every user’s needs. Apart from safety online, we believe in free access to all content for everyone. Continue reading

CactusVPN unblocks Swedish websites

CactusVPN unblocks Swedish websites

Good news for those who wish to access websites blocked outside Sweden! We are very excited to announce that we have started unblocking geo-restricted websites from Sweden with our Smart DNS technology. Continue reading

OpenVPN updated for the CactusVPN Windows and macOS apps

CactusVPN Software 5

Good news for all CactusVPN apps users! We are happy to introduce you to the newest version of our VPN apps for Windows and macOS.

This is one of the many things we have been working on in order to build the best ever experiences and offer the highest level of security for our users. The new improvement focuses on the update of the OpenVPN protocol to its latest 2.4.2 version. It’s worth mentioning that OpenVPN is the most secure VPN protocol and now you can benefit from it’s latest version using our Windows VPN app and macOS VPN app. Continue reading

New Updates for Windows and macOS Apps

CactusVPN Software 5

We always find new ways to create the best services for our users here at CactusVPN. To make this possible, we’ve added a number of new features to our Windows and macOS VPN apps that greatly enhance functionality and overall user experience. Many of these improvements expand on the existing capabilities of the apps, allowing users to customize their processes. Continue reading

New VPN Server in Australia


We always strive to offer our customers the best and most secure tech solutions and today, we are pleased to announce that we have a brand new addition to our portfolio. You now have the opportunity to enjoy a brand new state-of-the-art VPN server based in Sydney, Australia.
Continue reading

Brand New 1 Gbps VPN server in Seoul

South Korea

We are thrilled to announce that our services are now available all across East Asia and are especially dedicated to our clients from China. Whether you live within the East Asian borders or planning any travels in the area, you will now get to experience a secure Internet connection with no restrictions using our new VPN server in Seoul.
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CactusVPN Windows and macOS apps have been updated

CactusVPN Software 5

We are always working on our desktop CactusVPN apps and today we have a new update out for the Windows and macOS variants.

Changes to both the Windows and macOS include a completely redesigned user interface to make it easier to navigate, general code improvements to both versions, our macOS app now can remember the last used VPN server and improved Notifications and Updates features.
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German VPN Server added to our Liberty VPN Package

Germany VPN

We are very happy to announce that we have added our German VPN server to our Liberty VPN package. This means that we allow now downloading torrents on our VPN server from Germany. Of course alongside you can still continue to use the four servers from Netherlands and two Romanian servers that were available beforehand. All of these VPN servers offer a gigabit connection meaning that you get the fastest possible connection, no matter where you are.
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Get to know our CEO Sergiu Candja in an exclusive interview


When you think about a VPN provider, the first words that pop to mind, probably most of the times, are security protocols, servers, encryption technologies, speed performances and so on. But behind all these mandatory features are often passionate people that are giving, every day, their best to deliver top services. We, from CactusVPN, are among them.
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CactusVPN Software for Windows just got better

CactusVPN Software for Windows

The road to perfect online privacy and safety is filled with constant technical improvements and that is exactly what are we doing. We are constantly working to make sure you benefit the best VPN and Smart DNS services available on the market. All this being said, we are happy to let you know that we just made some important updates to our VPN Software for Windows.
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New VPN servers in France, Germany and Canada

New VPN servers in France, Germany and Canada

Dear present and future clients. It’s time, to make yet another celebratory announcement regarding our technical improvements. We just completed our gallery of VPN servers with some great new ones, so you can enjoy an unrestricted and safe browsing at the highest performances.

The new servers are in Montreal, Canada; Nuremberg, Germany and Paris, France. They are available for you within the VPN + Smart DNS package, for the same price as before.
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CactusVPN upgrades to the latest SoftEther version

SoftEther VPN Protocol

Ladies and gentlemen! We are proud to announce an important security upgrade to CactusVPN services! Our VPN servers and VPN protocols run, starting right now, on the latest version of SoftEther. This new upgrade is the result of our constant efforts to ensure, at all times, the best protection there is for your online traffic.
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We Added Smart DNS to Our Android VPN App

Android Smart DNS App

Do you want an easier access to Smart DNS? Well, great news everybody! Our Android VPN app has an important new upgrade. From now on you can use it to access Smart DNS from your Android phone also. And guess what?! You don’t have to connect manually anymore. With this app new feature all you have to do is sign in and enable Smart DNS. Do you want to see how smooth it works? Just give it a try! Run the app, choose the Smart DNS tab, enable Smart DNS and that’s it! You are good to go!
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CactusVPN accepts Bitcoin

CactusVPN Accepts Bitcoin

CactusVPN team happily announces that we have added Bitcoin as a payment method and now anyone can make payments using Bitcoin. Although we have been getting requests from users to add Bitcoin as a payment method for months yet we decided to add it now as Bitcoin is more stable than ever. Besides Bitcoin, we also supports many other major payments methods including PayPal, all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), as well as some other payment methods like Alipay, Webmoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi and Baleto Bancario.
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The Netflix War Is (Not Really) Over

Unblock Netflix

Update (23rd of July, 2018):

2 years ago, Netflix started seriously cracking down on VPN providers. We here at CactusVPN encountered our fair share of issues with Netflix’s blocks, but we are happy to say that – currently – our Smart DNS service is able to unblock Netflix for you. Continue reading

Update of CactusVPN Software for Mac OS

CactusVPN Software for Mac

Whilst recently our Windows CactusVPN software got an update we have been working on getting Mac users up to date with the extensive feature set the new update provided for Windows users.
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CactusVPN will be now a log free VPN Service!

CactusVPN website redesign promo

Understandably so people may worry at the mention of a VPN provider keeping logs, no matter how inconsequential they may be. Even if we only kept connection logs and just for three days, we have listened and decided to be completely free of logs. No connection logs and most certainly no traffic logging. A completely log free VPN for every single one of you.
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Update of CactusVPN software for Windows

Cactusvpn Software

The CactusVPN software has been around for a while now and we have been adding as many features to it as possible to make it attractive to both new and experienced users of VPN and Smart DNS. We have recently been working hard implementing a set of features we feel will really help push our program forward.
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Android VPN app from CactusVPN is now available!

Android VPN app

We did recently release an iOS VPN app for our service and since that we have been working feverishly to get the Android VPN app done and finally we are happy to announce it is finished and is now available in Google Play Store.
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New websites unblocked with Smart DNS – October 2015

Websites unblocked

Once again we have some brand new websites unblocked to our Smart DNS service for our existing users. This month we have websites from the UK, Germany and Poland which between the three of them offer a very wide range of entertainment.
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Three new websites added to our Smart DNS service


I enjoy writing these posts, it’s always good to hear about our Smart DNS service adding more websites for us all too enjoy. This time round we have three new websites added, two from the USA and one from Poland.
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Google fixes WebRTC security leak in Chrome

WebRTC security leak

Google has finally managed to fix WebRTC security leak brought to their attention back earlier this year. The vulnerability essentially made the use of a VPN with Chrome useless as it could reveal a user’s real IP address. Google has managed to release an extension though than thankfully deal with the security hole and plug it.
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New websites unblocked by our Smart DNS service – July 2015

Unblocked Websites

We have been working hard to unblock websites for our Smart DNS service so that our customers have more choice. Today we have quite the substantial list of websites for you guys to get your teeth into so let’s get into it, shall we?
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VPN Learning Center

VPN Learning Center

For a while, at VPNs inception, it was very much something for businesses and something a professional would have to set up. Nowadays VPNs are accessible to pretty much everyone and it most certainly has been a blessing. The security you get from a good VPN set up is vital nowadays.
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New unblocked websites with Smart DNS

As always we are working on adding unblocked websites to our Smart DNS service for our customers so they can enjoy whatever media they want with minimal fuss. Today we can announce happily that we have 6 new websites added to our service unblocked on various devices.
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LA server and all UK servers upgraded to 1Gbps

New US and UK VPN servers

We ecstatic to announce that as part of our programme to future proof our VPN servers we have upgraded Los Angeles, US server and all of our UK servers to 1Gbps fast VPN servers.
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Brand new 1Gbit fast VPN Server in the US


We have a brand new 1Gbit fast VPN server located in the United States for you guys. To be more precise the server is in Manassas and replaces the old Wilmington, US server. If you use CactusVPN software or host names no changes are required from your part – you can take advantage of the fast VPN server right away. In other case all it takes to get it set up are some simple IP address switches to the new server’s values. The information about our servers and other useful information can be found in Client Area, under Package details section. OpenVPN users should also download new OpenVPN config files.
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CactusVPN software for Windows Update 4.4.0

VPN Software Settings

CactusVPN has always had one of the best VPN software on the market and we are continuously improving it. Today we released the 4.4.0 version of our CactusVPN software for Windows. Now you can choose between TCP and UDP protocols when connecting to OpenVPN and you can select the port to be used on this connection (443, 555, 992 or 1194). This may be very helpful if the standard ports are blocked by your ISP or network Administrator. Also we have added an important security update – DNS leak protection. Under certain conditions the operating system will continue to use its default DNS servers instead of the anonymous DNS servers. You can now turn DNS leak protection ON to protect you from this threat.
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You can use Smart DNS on Xbox One

Smart DNS on XBOX One

Smart DNS on Xbox One is now here for all of you to use. This gives your console and service subscriptions even more value as you now have access to many services than you once did. We have the likes of Hulu, iPlayer, Amazon Video US and UK, 4oD, HBO GO, ESPN Player and many more. You can view the full list of unblocked sites (click the Xbox One tab).
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London 3 UK VPN server upgraded to 1 Gbps


It’s upgrade season here at CactusVPN. Our 1GB servers was such a success that we’ve decided to change all possible servers from 100 Mbps to 1Gbps. We have started with the London 3, UK VPN server. You can start using it right now choosing it from CactusVPN software or creating a manual connection. The old server will also work until the 30th of April.

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CactusVPN unblocks HBO NOW

Unblock HBO Now

There has been quite a big splash in the on demand streaming world today as TV behemoth HBO threw its hat into the ring, so now you can watch all of your most favourite shows from the network on HBO NOW, whenever you want and wherever you want. Though of course this service is only available to those living in the USA but we are happy to announce that we here at CactusVPN unblock HBO NOW on our Smart DNS service so our users can start to use HBO NOW straight away.
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CactusVPN unblocks TVCatchup via Smart DNS

Unblock TVCatchup

We are proud to announce we have been able to successfully unblock the online UK Freeview streaming site TVCatchup so you can now access with Smart DNS. This website is fantastic and is available on a wide array of devices from PC to mobile. So you have a way to watch TV at all times if you are one of those that likes to watch it on the go.
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CactusVPN unblocks sites on Amazon Fire TV

Unblock Amazon Fire TV

We are happy to announce that we have added support for Amazon Fire TV to our Smart DNS service. We have unlocked quite the list of services to use with your Fire TV; these include the likes of Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO GO, ESPN, E4 and many more. You can see the whole list on the unblocked websites page.
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