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New unblocked websites with Smart DNS

As always we are working on adding unblocked websites to our Smart DNS service for our customers so they can enjoy whatever media they want with minimal fuss. Today we can announce happily that we have 6 new websites added to our service unblocked on various devices.

We have four new websites available for Samsung Smart TVs. These are National Geographic; I think they are pretty well known for their great pieces on nature and the environment. Next up is good old Eurosport which is fantastic for the tennis fans out there (and various other sports). Thirdly is CNBC, well known for their reporting.

Now we have three brand new websites to our service entirely. First we start with the rather on the nose TennisChannelEverywhere. As you can imagine the website is solely devoted to the wonderful sport of Tennis. The website has videos of full matches, highlights and clips from a very wide array of matches and time periods. For the Tennis fans among us I have a feeling could spend many hours getting lost in the rabbit hole.

Next up keeping with the sports theme we have going on is Sport1.de. The website is obviously German, so it is aimed towards those of us here from Germany (or those that know the German language). Sport1 focusses on a wide array of sports mainly football due to the popularity of the sport in the country but motorsports like F1 also share the majority of the coverage. Also on off though are American sports like Basketball and NFL. There is basically a little something for everyone.

Lastly we have the Sky Store. Sky Store is basically another store front for buying and renting movies and TV shows. Sky Store offers both streaming and for those of us that still like to use DVDs there is an option for that too. The service is a good way to watch brand new films as soon as they come available so if you like to keep up to date with your cinema, Sky Store is a fantastic service.

All of these unblocked websites come courtesy of our Smart DNS service. Smart DNS works by rerouting your information through a server in the websites country of origin meaning you can access that website as if you were in the correct country.

Smart DNS is simple to set up too, just change your DNS values with the ones we give you and you are off.

If you haven’t tried Smart DNS yet we offer a week long free Smart DNS trial so you can test out our service. I think after you have a go with it you won’t be able to live without it, what do you have to lose, it’s free!

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