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CactusVPN will be now a log free VPN Service!

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Understandably so people may worry at the mention of a VPN provider keeping logs, no matter how inconsequential they may be. Even if we only kept connection logs and just for three days, we have listened and decided to be completely free of logs. No connection logs and most certainly no traffic logging. A completely log free VPN for every single one of you.

There has been a lot of news recently about logging and governments wanting access to things they have no right having access to and we feel that to step in the right direction abolishing all logging is the only way to go.

We feel this is a big point in our services history and we are sure that all of you existing or new users will appreciate this change.

If you would like to give our service a go you can get a 24 hour free trial of our now log free VPN. There are no restrictions to our free trials so you can get a proper feel of how exactly our VPN will work for you.

We hope you all continue to enjoy what we have to offer safe in the knowledge there will be absolutely nothing logged.

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Sergiu is a proud founder and CEO of CactusVPN. What started like a passion for internet security grew into a business that helps thousands of people across the globe to regain their freedom while using the Internet.