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You Can Now Unblock French Websites with CactusVPN

Unblock French Websites

We’re happy to announce that users of CactusVPN will now have the ability to unblock French websites using Smart DNS and stream new content. Our service is expanding, and we’re happy to provide you with access to a huge amount of French streaming sites, covering a wide range of genres.

Which French Channels and Services Are Available?

We have expanded our service to provide you with content from more streaming sites than ever before. When you use CactusVPN to unblock French websites, you’ll have access to the following services:


France 1

France 2

France 3

France 4

France 5

France ô

FranceTV sport


6play Crazy Kitchen

6play Styles

6play Stories



Gulli Replay




These are the best French language broadcasters and streaming services around. With CactusVPN, it takes seconds to unblock French websites and start watching some of the best TV and cinema in Europe.

What is on Offer When I Unblock French Websites?

French television is universally respected around the world. Their production companies are responsible for a string of hits, and French cinema has been a unique creative force since the Nouvelle Vague era of the Fifties. Today, French streaming sites are offering more content than ever before. Not only can you take your pick of great TV shows, both past and present. You can also access a huge selection of on-demand cinema, sports coverage, news, children’s programming, and content created for France’s overseas territories.

With access to more geo-restricted content than ever before, now is the time to invest in our quality VPN service.

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