Protect Your Privacy Online

Either we’re talking about personal emails, financial data, or just everyday browsing your digital activity became an important part of your life. Protect your privacy online and you defend much more than that: yourself.

Your Identity

Your very easy to find IP address reveals more than you think about you. Your name, your exact location, your digital profile are for the take for anyone who’s curious enough and willing to connect the dots. The best way to protect your identity is to keep your IP address hidden. CactusVPN can do that for you.

Prevent Internet
Usage Tracking

Every marketer or advertiser in the digital world wants to find out everything there is to know about your online activity so they can profile and better target you with advertising messages. Your right to privacy is nothing compared to their financial benefits. But, with our help, you can stop this invasion and defend yourself from being permanently scanned. Using a VPN service keeps your IP address hidden and your online activity encrypted, so no one can stalk the “digital you” anymore.

Online Surveillance

We believe that the right to online privacy is a basic human right. Unfortunately, more and more governments around the world began taking action against it. Don’t let your political views or personal beliefs be used against you by oppressive political regimes or any other hostile entities. Protect your privacy online from any prying eyes by using our VPN encryption.

Data Retention

Don’t let your government keep a permanent track on you, like you are an eternal crime suspect. Also, you are not just a number used in marketing strategies by private companies for financial benefits. Don’t allow them to register and store your online activity, for better targeting you with commercial messages. Defeat data retention with our VPN service.

Save on Airfare
and Hotel Booking

Get a fair price on airfare and hotel booking, even though in your geographic area the tickets are more expensive than in other places. A VPN allows you to escape this unfair situation in a matter of minutes by changing your IP location and search different regional prices, until you’ll find the best one.

CactusVPN will Protect Your Privacy Online

  • High speed 1 gbps VPN servers
  • Best Data Encryption
  • Easy to use VPN Apps
  • We don't keep any logs
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Professional 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed

Why it is Important to Protect Your Privacy Online?

Our online activity became, for all of us, a lot more than fun and games. It’s our digital home. The place where we keep our memories, we spend time talking with our families and friends, we share private thoughts or political and social beliefs, we work and then keep our money safe in bank accounts. So, if you are wondering why is important to protect your privacy online maybe you should ask yourself this: would you invite a complete stranger in your house to look around and take whatever he wants?

Who Could Spy You and Why?

There’s a long list of people who would love to get their hands on your private data: random hackers that may just corrupt or steal your files, your ISP that may use your traffic for a third party purposes or personal interest like slowing down your speed for specific sites and selling you more expensive offers, the sites you visit for targeting you with advertising messages, and of course Google, who memorizes all there is to know about you for reasons that many consider to be suspicious. Also, living under an oppressive regime puts you at risk for heavy surveillance.

How to Protect Your Privacy Online?

You could do a number of things to partially protect your privacy online like keeping your firewall enabled, your operating system updated, installing an antivirus and an anti-spyware software, being careful at the links you click or the programs you download, staying away from free Wi-Fi networks and so on. But to be really sure that you get a complete protection for your online privacy you should use a VPN service. It hides your IP and encrypts all data that comes and goes from your device, so nobody else but you can see it.

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