Amazon Fire TV VPN App

Connect to VPN and Smart DNS in seconds with our easy to use VPN App for Fire TV.
Absolutely no technical knowledge required.

Amazon Fire TV VPN App

Amazon Fire TV Smart DNS App features

region switcher

Some sites are available in several countries and the content of each version is different. While using Smart DNS, you can choose the region used for multi-regional websites.

Easy to
use Smart DNS

Just enter your Smart DNS key, choose the DNS server that is closest to your location and enable Smart DNS. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s nice looking!

Update IP

Choose how often your IP address will be automatically updated. That’s useful when you ISP often changes your IP address.

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VPN App for Fire TV Features

Easy to
connect to VPN

Just enter your username and password, choose the server and protocol and connect. Everybody can do this!

Best protection with
OpenVPN protocol

We use the OpenVPN protocol that offers the best encryption and DNS leak protection that makes your traffic safe and impossible to decrypt.

Sort VPN servers
by speed

Easily switch VPN servers or use the “Sort by speed” feature to sort all the servers based on their speed so you can choose the fastest one at any given moment.

configurable settings

We made it very easy to set up how the software will start and log in, how VPN will connect and what OpenVPN protocol and port you preffer.

Reconnect if
connection is dropped

Our app will automatically try to reconnect if the connection is dropped. This way you’ll be safe even with an unstable Internet connection.

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What are the benefits of using the Amazon Fire TV VPN app?

Using Amazon’s Fire TV has many benefits whether you use it for streaming videos, music or playing games directly on your TV. Much of the content is however geo-restricted, which means it can only be accessed from certain countries. Also, when it comes to security, there is not much to protect you from prying eyes.

By using a Smart DNS on your Fire TV device, you can basically unlock tons of premium content that was not available to you through the device by default. The VPN app can fool the streaming services you want to use, by changing the location you appear to connect to them from.

On top of this, by using a tunnel of encryption for your data to travel through from your Fire TV device to the websites or services you use, our Amazon Fire TV VPN app will ensure that your connection is always private and secure.

Why the Amazon Fire TV VPN app is better than the manual setup?

Setting up a Smart DNS manually can be a challenge on most devices, but setting it up manually on Fire TV is even more complicated than you’d expect.

That is why we decided to make things easier for you. We don’t want you to waste any time trying to figure out how to manually set the Smart DNS up on your Fire TV device. In order to start enjoying the shows you love directly on your TV sooner rather than later, we are offering you the chance to skip all the manual setup drama.

Our Amazon Fire TV VPN app app can simply be downloaded from the Amazon app store. All you need to do is download it, install it, log in and you’re done. Within a couple of minutes and with just a couple of clicks, you can forget about geo-restrictions and stream top notch content that would not be available in your country without a VPN!

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