Firefox VPN Extension

Enable proxy in seconds with our easy to use Firefox VPN Extension.
Absolutely no technical knowledge required.

Firefox VPN Extension

Firefox VPN Extension Features

Enable Proxy

Just enter your username and password, choose the proxy server location and it's enabled. Everybody can do this!

Fast Switch Between
Servers Locations

Just choose the server location and our extension automatically sets up a proxy in your browser, so you don’t need to worry about having to set anything up.

WebRTC Leak

Just tick one checkbox and our extension automatically disables WebRTC in your browser, so Firefox will not leak your real IP address when you are using our service.

Choose Preferred
Proxy Protocol

Based on what you are going to do, you can easily choose between HTTP/S and SOCKS5 for optimized speed and security.

Configurable Settings

We made it very easy to choose the port you preffer and to set up how the Firefox VPN extension will work.

Add to Firefox

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