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New Websites Unblocked by CactusVPN Smart DNS Service

New unblocked websites with Smart DNS

We have added many new websites in our list of unblocked websites by CactusVPN Smart DNS services. These ten websites belong to USA, UK and Switzerland. Some of these websites offer their contents in HD and as our Smart DNS service does not affect the overall internet speed, it shouldn’t be an issue to stream contents in high resolution.
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Watch NBA playoffs during the blackouts

Watch NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs is finally here; this is considered one of the most popular events and millions of people wait for it for the whole year and watch it live. However, things get a little frustrated during blackouts because waiting for an event throughout the year and then not able to watch it would be a huge disappointment.
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New websites unblocked with Smart DNS – March 2016

New websites unblocked

Once again we have some great websites added to our Smart DNS service for you guys. We have four unblocked websites for you this time around with a brand new website from a new country entering the fray. Whereas before we offered UK, US and Germany, we are now starting to unblock Swiss websites. At the moment we only have the one but we are working on adding more.
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8 new German websites unblocked with Smart DNS

German Websites Unblocked

This month we have a bumper load of German websites unblocked with our Smart DNS service. We have been working hard to add these and we have eight new websites unblock for you this time, if you are a fan of German TV or film, this is the place to come. Of course for German expats to this Smart DNS is invaluable at this point as they can now unblock websites from their home country now.
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Why you should unblock HBO Now and how it evolved as a service?

Unblock HBO Now

When HBO NOW was released to the public it was met with quite a big furore. As people are looking to stop paying the exorbitant prices of subscription television, this was a big boom. If you can unblock HBO NOW you could access the quality programming HBO had to offer without having to break the bank. Being able to pay monthly to enjoy exactly what people wanted and then cancel when they saw fit was a godsend and has since boomed.
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Unblock websites with Smart DNS: new sites added

Unblock Websites with Smart DNS

We have been working feverishly behind the scenes to unblock websites for you guys to take advantage of. This month we have a load of new websites unblocked for use with our Smart DNS service, a whole TWELVE, yes TWELVE, websites for you to peruse and use. First we will start off with websites that reside in Canada.
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How to block adverts on All 4

block adverts on All 4

All 4 (formerly 4oD) is a fantastic free on demand service. It is available in web based or application versions. Today we will talk about web based version. The only downside are the adverts which can be numerous. It used to be fairly easy to get around the ads but as with many websites nowadays, a simple ad block does not fix the problem, so here is how to block adverts on All 4.
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Living without TV in 2015 – Part 2

Smart DNS

Where to find some of the most popular movies and TV shows online

Now I can only really speak for myself when I think about what TV shows and movies are worth my time but I will try and address some of the more popular ones that are spoken about nowadays.
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Living without TV in 2015 – Part 1

Smart DNS

The general concept of life without TV

TV is pretty expensive nowadays, I can only speak from the UK point of view but the American case at the moment seems almost impenetrable, with so many services offering a different amount of content. You most certainly need many different subscriptions to be able to watch all of the most talked about TV programmes. I have since moving to Germany though not really had the option of the TV I am used to. I don’t speak much German yet so usually German TV is useless to me, so I am adjusting to living without TV. With the likes of VPN and Smart DNS there are ways to fix these problems.
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Two brand new websites added to our Smart DNS service


We have once again some more websites for you to unblock with the use of our Smart DNS service, one of them is from the US and the other is from Germany.
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Top 5 cult movies to unblock with Smart DNS

Top 5 Cult Movies

I thought it my duty to list the Top 5 cult movies so that they can be enjoyed by all. What is a cult movie, exactly? Well I would describe it as something with a diehard following that was usually largely ignored by the masses (until it gains its cult status that is) and turns out to be revolutionary.
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Another seven unblocked websites added to our Smart DNS service

Seven unblocked websites

It wasn’t too long ago I was writing about more additions to our Smart DNS service and we once again are bringing the goods with another seven services now unblocked when you use Smart DNS from CactusVPN.
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Best websites to unblock this summer

Best websites to unblock this summer

Summer is pretty much upon us here at this point, at least here we are regularly getting ridiculously hot sunny days. Sometimes when it is just this hot you want to stay inside with the family or friends and just sit in the dark and watch a tonne of movies or fly through a TV series. We have decided to compile a list of the best websites to unblock this summer in the hope that maybe we can help expose you to something you may enjoy.
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New websites unblocked for Smart DNS

New Unblocked Websites

It’s a fantastic day once again for our Smart DNS customers as it means you get more and more value for your money as we unblock websites for you guys. We have quite the list of websites we have been working on unblocking and we have a bumper list of nine websites for you guys to sink your teeth into.
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Unblock HBO NOW with Smart DNS

Unblock HBO Now

HBO NOW has made quite the impact by now after its launch last month; I think probably the majority of people use it as a Game of Thrones on demand service. I can understand that line of thinking but HBO actually has a lot of quality original programming on offer that you may not have seen before and you can unblock HBO NOW with Smart DNS so you can gain access to these shows.
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Unblock Game of Thrones with CactusVPN

Unblock Game of Thrones

I think everybody and their dog has heard about Game of Thrones by now, it certainly seems to be the highlight of the TV calendar for the next few months as the fifth season has just started. I for one am certainly excited and the other half can’t wait to see what will happen next either. I know we aren’t the only ones either. There is a bit of Game of Thrones fever it seems as people eagerly anticipate the massive premiere of next episode on Sunday and you can unblock Game of Thrones with CactusVPN. It seems to be guaranteed we’ll be getting more blood, gore and double crossing than we have ever seen before, which for Game of Thrones is no mean feat.
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Unblock Setanta Sports with CactusVPN

Unblock Setanta Sports

We are happy to announce that we now unblock Setanta Sports with our Smart DNS service.

As you may be able to guess Setanta Sports covers a wide range of sports though due to their Irish heritage they specialise in the likes of Gaelic Football, Curling and the like. They also broadcast a lot of Premier League football too which is also a plus due to the popularity of the competition around the world. Continue reading

Unblock Vikings with CactusVPN

Unblock Vikings

There isn’t much to discuss when describing the overall theme of Vikings as the clue is quite obviously in the name. The show airs on The History Channel but is also available on Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus and airs every Thursday and you can unblock Vikings with CactusVPN. It involves one of the most well-known mythological Norse heroes. Ragnar Lothbrok and charts this man’s rise from being a farmer to one of the most feared heroes in the land. Of course the Vikings quite liked their fighting so there is lots of blood and gore for those of you that are predisposed to that kind of thing but there is that scheming element too which can maybe entice those of you that aren’t exactly fans of burly men fighting.
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DNS Hijacking

Smart DNS

DNS hijacking can play a major role in ruining your chances of using our VPN or Smart DNS services and I wanted to write about why exactly ISP’s use it and what exactly it is.

First we have to understand what a DNS server does and it is a relatively easy explanation. A DNS server simply takes a domain name and matches it to the IP address that contains the website you are trying to access. This works very well as a DNS server brought you this article you are reading right now but as with most things if we introduce a middle man and we start to have trouble, this middle man is DNS hijacking.
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An expat’s experience with VPN and Smart DNS

VPN Services

There are around 2.3 million EU citizens living in the UK, this is countered by the fact that around 2 million Brits have made the move abroad to one of the EU countries. I myself am one of these, moving from England to Germany. It can be pretty tough integrating into a new country and it can be hard to not miss some things about your homeland, mostly the small things are what you notice most. In my case I found not having access to the BBC rather odd as it has always been my go to, whether on TV or BBC Sport on the internet. Normally when I turn on a TV at home it is straight to BBC one but not anymore and it can be jarring.
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Smart DNS on smartphone

Smartphone Smart DNS

All of us today have some sort of internet capable device on our person, whether it be a smartphone or a portable games console. One reason for the surge in popularity is the fact that our media is easily and readily accessible with these gadgets. This makes it doubly important that we you make sure you can access whatever you want, whenever you want and with geo-locking becoming increasingly common on media websites due to various legal reasons it is important you have a way to bypass these consumer unfriendly practices. In an ideal world the paying customer won’t have to jump through hoops to watch something they have paid for. Someone that lives in another country shouldn’t have to pay more for an inferior product due to big companies trying to negotiate for more zeros on a contract. Thankfully there is a solution for this nonsense problem.
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Speed issues when using Smart DNS

vpn slow down internet

Smart DNS is a really good option for watching media that isn’t really available to you. Smart DNS simply redirects your traffic through its servers and makes sure you can access the content you want. It is simple to set up and doesn’t affect your speed, which for streaming is very important and this really gives Smart DNS the edge over a VPN solution in this case.
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Smart DNS vs VPN for media streaming

Some sites that contain streaming content such as Hulu or Spotify have certain content that is inaccessible to certain regions. This content is under geo-restriction. This means that unless you live within in the specified area, you are not able to view or download this content.

You may have seen messages about content being restricted if you ever tried to watch content on YouTube or Hulu and you live outside of the United States.
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How to watch UK TV in Spain

Watch UK TV in Spain

The discontinuation of UK television in Spain and a few other countries in Europe was a big blow to the viewers there. English speaking audiences in these countries had freely enjoyed the services for a number of years. However, in February 2014 the executioner’s axe struck. UK TV implemented a spot beam, which restricted the broadcast to regions within the UK. Avid viewers elsewhere, including Spain, were left high and dry.

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Why is content Geo-blocked or Geo-gated in the First Place?

Imagine that a loved one has decided as a present to give to you the gift that keeps on giving. Yes we are talking about a digital media device. Perhaps it is a computer, a tablet, or maybe they want to pay for your internet access. The world of entertainment is at your fingertips. All of your favorite shows that you watch on television anywhere in the world, you can now watch anytime you want. However we know that it’s not quite that easy.
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Smart DNS vs Proxy

Because a large number of users are unable to gain access to popular sites widely available in other parts of the world, they have to ditch certain sites that are regionally blocked in different countries. So, you know (if you stay outside of UK or US) that tons of video content is not easy to access while being out of the region the blocked websites are originating from. Some users choose proxy servers, because there are so many on the Web and a big part of them are even free of charge. On the other hand, public use Smart DNS service, known as being more reliable one. Let’s find out why is Smart DNS more reliable and what makes it better than proxy!
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Unblock BBC with Smart DNS

There are so many websites that we cannot access. And this is just because we are not in the right region where these websites can be limitlessly accessed. Some of them are media websites that we can give up to by excluding them from our list, while some of them are still indispensable to us. We need our favorite media when it comes to travel for a week or two or when we move to other countries.
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Unblock Hulu with Smart DNS

Unblock Hulu

Are you a Hulu devourer? Are you really into it? Or, are you among those who never accessed or even needed Hulu? Even people who don’t care and don’t know about Hulu, sooner or later will come up with some kind of addiction to this website, once visited. Alright, let us tell you first what Hulu means and what it offers us in case if you don’t know and care. :)
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Smart DNS vs VPN services. Advantages and disadvantages.

Smart DNS vs VPN

Let’s admit that we feel extremely tempted and a bit confused when it comes to choose between two products that at first glance appear to us equally useful. This can happen to us when comparing two services which are extremely good: Smart DNS vs VPN.
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Smart DNS – a great service to unblock websites

Mary was off to a great year. She was off to a year’s internship in Paris, France. It was fabulous, she was finally going to live her dream in that exotic destination; the one she had dreamed of all her life. She had it all, an exotic destination, a great job, and a fabulous learning opportunity. Mary planned her trip down to the very last detail. She had everything ready; her laptop, books, enough cash, emergency numbers and everything… then she got to Paris, and found out that she hadn’t planned on one major factor, her T.V.
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