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CactusVPN iOS VPN App Updated

iOS VPN App Updated

For all those that kept a close watch on CactusVPN, the good news keeps coming! After the IKEv2 VPN support protocol introduction news, we made some very important changes to our VPN iOS app. You can now connect directly through the app!

Connect to VPN in seconds

It was a bit troublesome before this since you had to go right through the device’s settings to connect but now it’s much easier. All you have to do is to select the VPN server location you want to connect to and hit “connect” without the need for manual settings.

Easy Configurable Settings

The VPN iOS app new settings allow you to:

  • Sign in automatically at app start
  • Connect to VPN automatically right at the sign in
  • Hide the application after connection and run it in the background
  • Reconnect automatically if the VPN connection is temporarily interrupted.

DNS Leak Protection

Another amazing addition to the app is the DNS leak protection. DNS leaks are a major privacy threat since the local anonymous network assigned may give a false feeling of security while your personal data are being leaked.

How was it possible?

All this are possible thanks to the IKEv2 VPN protocol support recently introduced. This VPN protocol offers a state-of-the-art protection, runs on most devices and works very well in the background.

If you want to learn more about the IKEv2 VPN protocol and its benefits, our experts put together a great Learning Center article – What is IKEv2 and how does it work? – with all the important information about this VPN protocol and how it can be of use to you.

The IKEv2 VPN protocol is also paired with IPsec. IPsec stands for Internet Protocol Security and is a network protocol suits that encrypts packets of data that are sent and received over a network. This will in effect increase your online security, making your traffic safer and your online identity better protected. You can go on and have a great experience online without fear that your personal data may be leaking to third parties.

Bottom Line

Enjoy your experience with the new improvements made to the VPN iOS app and surf online fast, stable and secure. Forget about slow experiences or unsafe connections that let your personal data vulnerable.

Install the app, let it speak for itself and don’t forget to stay tuned for more great news from CactusVPN.

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Sergiu is a proud founder and CEO of CactusVPN. What started like a passion for internet security grew into a business that helps thousands of people across the globe to regain their freedom while using the Internet.