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New Cryptocurrencies accepted as payment method

New Cryptocurrencies

Our efforts to make things easier and safer for you on the mean world wide web translated lately in a series of new additions to the list of accepted payment methods.

We always struggle to find ways of making your experience with us better and since we already know that you care about your online privacy and safety, we decided it was time to add some new payment methods which expand the ways you can purchase our services.

What cryptocurrencies were added?

Following our customers’ feedback, we decided that only having Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency payment method was not enough, so we now added a series of Altcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies so you can choose the one you prefer when paying for our services.

Now you can pay for your VPN and Smart DNS with over 40 alternative cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular are:

  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • DigiByte
  • Siacoin
  • Bytecoin
  • Ripple

As you can see, the most important cryptocurrencies are now available as payment options on CactusVPN, so you can start feeling safe online even before purchasing your VPN service!

Why you should use cryptocurrencies

First off, because your privacy is important. We get that being anonymous online is one of the reasons you want a VPN in the first place. Using cryptocurrencies protects your identity from the very start. You can purchase your VPN service in complete privacy and your internet browsing will remain private for as long as you decide to use our services.

On top of this, no banks are involved in cryptocurrencies. Remember the huge economical collapse from 2008? That is what influenced the creation of the first cryptocurrency and the reasons are obvious. As long as no bank or government controls the currency, the chances of it failing or simply being manipulated to serve different interests are minimal.

Next up, all transactions are instant and extremely secure. As the name suggests, high levels of encryption are used to protect the identity of each cryptocurrency owner and every transaction is done over the internet in complete anonymity.

Paying with any cryptocurrencies on CactusVPN is something that we strongly recommend, since we are just like you, huge fans of privacy!

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Sergiu is a proud founder and CEO of CactusVPN. What started like a passion for internet security grew into a business that helps thousands of people across the globe to regain their freedom while using the Internet.