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We Added Smart DNS to Our Android VPN App

Android Smart DNS App

Do you want an easier access to Smart DNS? Well, great news everybody! Our Android VPN app has an important new upgrade. From now on you can use it to access Smart DNS from your Android phone also. And guess what?! You don’t have to connect manually anymore. With this app new feature all you have to do is sign in and enable Smart DNS. Do you want to see how smooth it works? Just give it a try! Run the app, choose the Smart DNS tab, enable Smart DNS and that’s it! You are good to go!
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Apple removes support for PPTP VPN on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

CactusVPN app

As part of preparing for the release of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Apple publicly announced back in July that they are removing PPTP support from Apple’s integrated VPN client owing to a number of security vulnerabilities in the VPN protocol. MacOS Sierra and iOS 10 users will forgo the option of PPTP VPN on iOS once they upgrade. This means users will be unable to create a manual connection with PPTP protocol.

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Opera VPN – more a Proxy than a VPN

In its latest developer edition, Opera Software recently introduced its browser VPN, or you can just call it a VPN depending on the source you download the web application from. You can activate the Opera VPN quite simply; all you have to do is open your browser’s configuration settings and check the box labeled ‘VPN’.

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CactusVPN accepts Bitcoin

CactusVPN Accepts Bitcoin

CactusVPN team happily announces that we have added Bitcoin as a payment method and now anyone can make payments using Bitcoin. Although we have been getting requests from users to add Bitcoin as a payment method for months yet we decided to add it now as Bitcoin is more stable than ever. Besides Bitcoin, we also supports many other major payments methods including PayPal, all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), as well as some other payment methods like Alipay, Webmoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi and Baleto Bancario.
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The Netflix War Is (Not Really) Over

Unblock Netflix

Update (23rd of July, 2018):

2 years ago, Netflix started seriously cracking down on VPN providers. We here at CactusVPN encountered our fair share of issues with Netflix’s blocks, but we are happy to say that – currently – our Smart DNS service is able to unblock Netflix for you. Continue reading

CactusVPN will be now a log free VPN Service!

CactusVPN website redesign promo

Understandably so people may worry at the mention of a VPN provider keeping logs, no matter how inconsequential they may be. Even if we only kept connection logs and just for three days, we have listened and decided to be completely free of logs. No connection logs and most certainly no traffic logging. A completely log free VPN for every single one of you.
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How to block adverts on All 4

block adverts on all 4

All 4 (formerly 4oD) is a fantastic free on demand service. It is available in web based or application versions. Today we will talk about web based version. The only downside are the adverts which can be numerous. It used to be fairly easy to get around the ads but as with many websites nowadays, a simple ad block does not fix the problem, so here is how to block adverts on All 4.

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New unblocked websites with Smart DNS

As always we are working on adding unblocked websites to our Smart DNS service for our customers so they can enjoy whatever media they want with minimal fuss. Today we can announce happily that we have 6 new websites added to our service unblocked on various devices.
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CactusVPN unblocks HBO NOW

Unblock HBO Now

There has been quite a big splash in the on demand streaming world today as TV behemoth HBO threw its hat into the ring, so now you can watch all of your most favourite shows from the network on HBO NOW, whenever you want and wherever you want. Though of course this service is only available to those living in the USA but we are happy to announce that we here at CactusVPN unblock HBO NOW on our Smart DNS service so our users can start to use HBO NOW straight away.
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CactusVPN unblocks sites on Amazon Fire TV

Unblock Amazon Fire TV

We are happy to announce that we have added support for Amazon Fire TV to our Smart DNS service. We have unlocked quite the list of services to use with your Fire TV; these include the likes of Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO GO, ESPN, E4 and many more. You can see the whole list on the unblocked websites page.
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CactusVPN upgraded all servers to Softether Perfect Forward Secrecy

SoftEther VPN Protocol

CactusVPN’s Softether servers now support Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). PFS encryption is better because encryption keys change every time you start a VPN session (ephemeral encryption). So even if an attacker was to ‘crack’ one VPN session (steal the encryption keys) that information would not help them decrypt any past or future VPN sessions. PFS is the strongest encryption practice available.
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New VPN servers in Netherlands and Romania

Our first Romanian VPN server was a success so we present you the second one – Bucharest2. It is as good as the Bucharest server. Additionally we’ve replaced three Netherlands server: Amsterdam, Amsterdam 3 and Amsterdam 4 with two brand new 1 Gbit servers also in Amsterdam. So, before this there were 5 servers in Netherlands plus one in Romania and now we have four servers in Netherlands and two in Romania.
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CactusVPN app for iOS

CactusVPN iOS app

World is very mobile nowadays. And your phone requires security not less than your computer. We were working on the iOS app for more than half a year already. There were a lot of problems to solve but we have finally released the CactusVPN app for iOS.
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Germany added to our Smart DNS map

Unblock German Websites

We at CactusVPN are constantly trying to improve the service we offer to our customers, so we are proud to announce we have started unblocking German websites with Smart DNS.
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Dynamic DNS (DDNS) to help your Smart DNS service

Smart DNS

Did you notice that your IP changes every few months, weeks or maybe even each time you connect to your home WiFi? That’s because your ISP gave you a dynamic IP address. In most cases it’s not a problem, but when you need to connect to your computer through remote desktop or FTP it can become a big pain in the ass. But the reason why you’re going to start hating your ISP is the fact that with dynamic IP it’s really hard to use Smart DNS technology. It’s not a big problem if you use our software for Windows or MacOS as we use automatic IP update on each connection and you can even set it to update every 5 minutes.
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Unblock more sites with Smart DNS technology

Unblocked Websites with Smart DNS

Our Smart DNS service continues to evolve with more and more websites being added all the time and today we are ready to add some to our service for all of our customers to use.
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“Bring a friend” promotion got even better

Free Services Promotion

If you are one of our customers, then you are a lucky guy! We don’t ask you to become a leprechaun but you could spread your luck among your friends. Tell them about your CactusVPN experience and we’ll reward both of you with one month of service for free. It will be very easy to convince them after our free trial.
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CactusVPN supports L2TP/IPSec VPN protocol on Chromecast

Secure Chromecast

Digital media players and Set-Top boxes like Apple TV or Chromecast from Google are a pretty fast growing market, lately. All major content or device producers had already launched a device that helps you to make your TV smarter and your entertainment activity more pleasant. There are tons of different devices you can buy on eBay or other websites, but it is irrefutable that Chromecast is among the best in the area.
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New VPN server in a new country – Romania

Romania VPN

CactusVPN has a very clear policy regarding VPN server locations – people need servers which work great, people don’t usually need 100 servers in 80 different locations. This is why we have at this moment 12 VPN servers, and each of them has installed 5 VPN protocols – OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP and newly added SoftEther VPN protocol. Some can say that 12 is a small number. But our advantage is that all our servers’ up-time are among the best in the business and you don’t have to change 3 servers each time you want to have a good connection.
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CactusVPN unblocks sites from Poland

CactusVPN unblocks sites from Poland

I am recently back from London. And one thing I’ve found is that Polish is the second spoken language there. God, Polish people are a lot abroad Poland. And not only in UK. And what they miss the most while traveling or working in other countries? Right! They miss hearing people which speak in Polish and shows in their mother tongue. Unfortunately, local copyright owners started to follow the policy of their US and UK colleagues and blocked content for the possessors of IPs from outside Poland. Therefore native Poles who are temporary or on a permanent basis abroad don’t have access to a lot of content.
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CactusVPN unblocks Fox, TVPlayer and Viki.com with Smart DNS

Fox Viki TVPlayer

CactusVPN was a pioneer in implementing the Smart DNS technology. We have unblocked site by site and now our list of unblocked websites is one of the largest. If you have already used this technology you know that it is the best solution for media streaming as it does not influence your provider’s speed, so the content is just unblocked and it goes directly to your computer. If you had not the chance to test it you can do it right now with our free Smart DNS trial.
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SoftEther VPN protocol on all servers

SoftEther VPN Protocol

CactusVPN has added support of SoftEther VPN technology on all our VPN servers. With the introduction of SoftEther, the technologists at CactusVPN continue to push the limits to provide its clients the widest and most comprehensive options in secure VPN communications. Continue reading

SoftEther – a new VPN protocol available at CactusVPN

SoftEther VPN Protocol

All of you are familiar with the 4 VPN protocols – PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP. Most of VPN providers usually offers only two of them and only at the best VPN providers you can find all four of them. Of course, CactusVPN had them all from the very beginning and permanently tuned them to give you the best VPN experience.

Well, today we have great news. We present SoftEther – a brand new VPN Protocol! Continue reading

How you can bypass Transparent DNS proxy

Smart DNS

I think you noticed lately more and more control and unwanted care from Internet Service Providers. Some of them started to use Transparent DNS proxy technology. It gives some advantages to ISP and make easier for them to change some particular settings for all their clients. But among that the technology has one major “side effect” that is a big problem for a lot of people. And the problem is that Transparent DNS proxy makes the Smart DNS technology useless. This happens because the provider intercepts all DNS lookup requests and forces you to use their DNS addresses even if you’ve set a different pair of DNS values.
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How to watch the BBC outside of the UK?

Have you ever wanted to watch BBC outside of the UK? If you are like most people who want to watch one of the only unbiased networks in the world, then the answer is going to be ‘yes’. The main problem is that the BBC has yet to expand its regular services to the rest of the world. Users from outside who attempt to watch any of its content will be confronted with the message ‘Service not available in your area.” There is a way to watch the BBC from outside the UK, though. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) can solve the problem of not being allowed access.

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