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Dynamic DNS (DDNS) to help your Smart DNS service

Smart DNS

Did you notice that your IP changes every few months, weeks or maybe even each time you connect to your home WiFi? That’s because your ISP gave you a dynamic IP address. In most cases it’s not a problem, but when you need to connect to your computer through remote desktop or FTP it can become a big pain in the ass. But the reason why you’re going to start hating your ISP is the fact that with dynamic IP it’s really hard to use Smart DNS technology. It’s not a big problem if you use our software for Windows or MacOS as we use automatic IP update on each connection and you can even set it to update every 5 minutes.

Now most media is streamed through all kind of consoles, TV boxes and media streamers, so we came up with a solution: Dynamic DNS.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a method of automatically updating a name server in the DNS in real time, with the active DNS configuration of its configured host-names, addresses or other information.
It is used to resolve domain names to an IP address that may change frequently if you have a dynamic IP address.

All you need is a router and the Dynamic DNS service configured on your router. So, if you have both of them you don’t need to update your IP address manually anymore. You can find instruction on our FAQ section and if that is not enough ask us to help you by opening a ticket.

Smart DNS is the best solution for unblocking media websites so if you never tried it you can use our free trial right now.

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