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Germany added to our Smart DNS map

Unblock German Websites

We at CactusVPN are constantly trying to improve the service we offer to our customers, so we are proud to announce we have started unblocking German websites with Smart DNS.

There is quite a substantial list that we have added for your enjoyment:

  1. maxdome.de
  2. zattoo.com
  3. rtl-now.rtl.de
  4. alleskino.de
  5. arte.tv
  6. zdf.de
  7. ard.de
  8. nightclub.de

Probably the highest profile website on this list is Maxdome. Maxdome is essentially the German equivalent of Netflix (even though Netflix is now available in Germany, only recently has it been accessible). Dubs are pretty much the norm in Germany and because of various reasons a lot of films will never become available unless they have a German dub, even subtitles aren’t all that popular in Germany especially to the mass market so Maxdome offers the majority of their library in German, mind you the majority of films are usually German made anyway but they do have some English offerings though the pickings are slim. As always though we are always open to suggestions on what websites we should work on unblocking next, you can send us a suggestion here and we will try our hardest to unblock it for you.

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