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CactusVPN upgraded all servers to Softether Perfect Forward Secrecy

SoftEther VPN Protocol

CactusVPN’s Softether servers now support Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). PFS encryption is better because encryption keys change every time you start a VPN session (ephemeral encryption). So even if an attacker was to ‘crack’ one VPN session (steal the encryption keys) that information would not help them decrypt any past or future VPN sessions. PFS is the strongest encryption practice available.

OpenVPN (and Tor) have used PFS for a while now but OpenVPN can often be slower than other (faster) protocols like SoftEther, SSTP or L2TP/IPsec. If you wanted PFS your only choice was OpenVPN. Not anymore! Now SoftEther will provide PFS by default on all our CactusVPN servers. CactusVPN customers should keep their SoftEther client updated to ensure that PFS is enabled. Like OpenVPN, SoftEther is a FREE and OPEN SOURCE VPN client. SoftEther is the fastest VPN client available.

CactusVPN continues to be a leader in VPN technology and is now one of the the first, if only, VPN provider offering TWO VPN protocols with Perfect Forward Secrecy.

So Stay Safe! Stay Secure! Stay Ephemeral! Just Say CactusVPN!

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Sergiu is a proud founder and CEO of CactusVPN. What started like a passion for internet security grew into a business that helps thousands of people across the globe to regain their freedom while using the Internet.