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CactusVPN unblocks sites from Poland

CactusVPN unblocks sites from Poland

I am recently back from London. And one thing I’ve found is that Polish is the second spoken language there. God, Polish people are a lot abroad Poland. And not only in UK. And what they miss the most while traveling or working in other countries? Right! They miss hearing people which speak in Polish and shows in their mother tongue. Unfortunately, local copyright owners started to follow the policy of their US and UK colleagues and blocked content for the possessors of IPs from outside Poland. Therefore native Poles who are temporary or on a permanent basis abroad don’t have access to a lot of content.

Here, at CactusVPN, we think content should be more free and we try to give our contribution to make the world a better place. Therefore we starting to unblock sites from Poland. Surprisingly, there is a lot of good content there and there are several quite good sites. We’ve unblocked as much as we could find, but if you know another site that is blocked abroad Poland please let us know and we’ll try to unblock it.

So, here is the list of sites we have unblocked:

  1. IPLEX
  2. TVP.pl
  3. Player.pl
  4. VOD.pl
  5. Kinoplex.pl
  6. HBOGO.pl

And we don’t stop here, we also work to unblock other Polish sites.

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