• CactusVPN Review

    CactusVPN is a much better VPN than the vast majority of services on the market. It is good for unblocking censored or geo-restricted websites and services. Torrenting via P2P is permitted and is secure thanks to its no logs policy. OpenVPN encryption is great but could be stronger. To be fair, however, it is adequate for most people's needs. Its server network isn't massive, but it does have a nice choice of server locations around the globe.

  • CactusVPN Review

    CactusVPN is an excellent option for users looking for an easy way to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship. Their Smart DNS is reliable, and it works well with sites like Netflix, Hulu, and iPlayer. On the privacy and security front, the VPN delivers reliable performance as well. The provider’s fast speeds and features like the App Killer, and P2P support make CactusVPN an ideal all-around VPN.

  • CactusVPN Review

    A lesser-known VPN but a good choice for online surfing. The provider charges significantly less than most other services. In some cases, its prices are only half of what some of the top VPNs are charging. The service offers strong privacy and security features, but it also doesn’t keep logs, which is always important for everyone who wants to make sure that their actions will truly be their own.

  • CactusVPN Review – A Stellar Service – 4 stars

    We have to admit, that we didn’t have much expectations when we thought of reviewing CactusVPN, but were we surprised. CactusVPN is one of the most visually appealing VPNs we have encountered. The makers behind it definitely have an eye for detailing. No stone was left unturned, whether it was when building the website, any of its VPN features, demonstrating their ability to perform, the VPN client apps, or any other aspect of the service.

  • A VPN service that offers a wide choice of plans

    This VPN's list of servers is a short one, but nonetheless it's good value for money, and no slouch on the performance front either. Moldova-based CactusVPN has 'only' been around since 2011, but tailored products and keen pricing has won the product plenty of attention.

  • CactusVPN Review

    In terms of subscription prices, CactusVPN is beyond reproach. As a matter of fact, CactusVPN is one of the most affordable VPN services I ever encountered. I’m also glad upon learning that CactusVPN is offering a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

  • Fast, simple, low cost, and reliable service with some limitations

    CactusVPN is a VPN provider that offers fast, secure and anonymous internet connections through 19 servers in 7 different countries. CactusVPN is a great service for beginners, it is easy to set up, is very fast, and has a great low-cost service. The encryption is reliable, and everything is easy to understand.

  • CactusVPN review: Solid privacy and good US/UK speeds

    CactusVPN is a good service. It has great speeds in the U.S. and UK, making its lower-tiered plans an excellent buy if all you need is one of those countries. The company also has a solid privacy policy, and a good desktop program. CactusVPN offers enough country locations for the money, though over time I’d like to see the company expand its number of servers.

  • CactusVPN Review

    CactusVPN is a little-known VPN that’s quietly making improvements to its service in an attempt to compete with the big names in the industry. Not only does it perform consistently well across its global server network, it also comes with a solid set of privacy features and a zero-logs policy to boot.

  • CactusVPN Review

    This service has good privacy capabilities and a decent pricing policy. The company also offers Smart DNS, which is a nice alternative to VPN in terms of connection speed and unblocking streaming platforms. They also have a friendly customer support team and a variety of payment options, including an anonymous one.

  • Interviu with Sergiu Candja, CactusVPN CEO

    Data and security breaches are becoming increasingly prevalent. Sergiu Candja, CEO of CactusVPN, explains the different ways their products can protect us from such breeches without impacting connectivity performance, as well as some other advantages such as improving SEO performance and the ability to bypass blocks to access VOIP and streaming services in other countries.

  • CactusVPN Review (Japanese)

    Unlike other major providers in the VPN market, CactusVPN is ideal for users with little or no cybersecurity experience. A small number of servers means that they are regularly tested and managed. And because CactusVPN is smaller than other VPN providers, the risk of infiltration is minimal. Their small number of servers and maximum effort in security make this provider secure compared to other VPN providers.

  • CactusVPN Review

    Unlike other top-rated big players in the VPN industry, CactusVPN is perfect for people who have little-to-no experience in the field of cybersecurity. With minimal servers, rest assured that the servers are looked at more often and are tested on a regular basis. There also are minimal risks in being infiltrated because it’s not as big as other VPN providers. It is, therefore, safer than other VPN providers because of their low-server count and maximum promotion of security.

  • CactusVPN Review - UPDATED Nov. 2017

    CactusVPN is a first-class VPN service provider founded in Moldova in 2011. It started as a small company, owned by a group of friends, and grew enormously over the years. Nowadays, it operates servers all over the world, providing their customers top-notch VPN service for safe and anonymous Internet browsing. Read this detailed CactusVPN review to find out more about this company and its services.

  • CactusVPN Review

    This is certainly a contender. Like a champion boxer with only a few slight weaknesses showing, CactusVPN packs a punch in terms of service and value. It's highly functional, has advanced settings and they're cool with P2P.

  • CactusVPN Review

    With 20 servers in 9 locations, CactusVPN might not boast the largest network, but the cross-platform software is dead-simple, the security is watertight, the speeds are very decent, and the prices are inviting. If budget is tight and value is a priority, you may want to give it a chance.

  • Recension CactusVPN: Bra stöd för torrenting och streaming

    Företaget gör för mycket rätt för att inte kunna rekommenderas. Servrarna är kvicka, loggavtalet är vattentätt, torrenting tillåts och snabbt som attan går det. Även om serverparken är något i det minsta laget är den åtminstone välskött, och den SmartDNS-tjänst som ingår fungerar för övrigt utmärkt. I korthet – CactusVPN är ett bra val.

  • Review: CactusVPN (2017) – Simpel en straightforward!

    With CactusVPN you will gain a solid VPN service.There is a large selection of abonnements for very competitive prices. The speed tests we conducted showed favourable results; CactusVPN scores points in this regard. Combined with the P2P compatibility we conclude that CactusVPN is a very interesting choice for those looking for a VPN service with a clear, accessible and easy interface!

  • CactusVPN Smart DNS Reviews

    If you prefer a bit of extra protection over slower loading times, then CactusVPN’s main VPN service with its smart DNS solution is a stellar combo. Otherwise, the DNS side of things fares well. Few countries are accessible, but those that can be provide an extensive list of channels (except Spain). Therefore, even though the uses are a bit limited, CactusVPN Smart DNS is still a viable option.

  • CactusVPN Review

    Their good customer support, zero logs, and the wide array of protocols they offer is no doubt an amazing range of strong features. CactusVPN uses 1 Gbps servers that are never used above 50% capacity. They also provide good customer support if you’re in the same timezone. Netflix and torrenting isn’t an issue if you sign up for their full package.

  • CactusVPN Review

    CactusVPN is a provider based in Moldova that aims to offer anonymity and flexibility for its customers. Even though it only appeared in the market in 2012, the company counts with services that are in the same level of those offered by some well-established names in the industry. CactusVPN is still a relatively new option but it has already gained a lot of attention thanks to its competitive prices. However, affordability is not the only reason that makes CactusVPN worth considering. The fact that they do not keep usage logs and that they offer Smart DNS are other aspects that will appeal many users.

  • Cactus VPN Review 2018- Should You Buy the Brand or Not

    CactusVPN is Moldova based online privacy service that has grabbed the attention of users from all around the globe. This is because the provider follows the notion of online freedom in true letter and spirit. Therefore, the users are able to enjoy the notion of online anonymity from anywhere.

  • CactusVPN Review

    CactusVPN is a new and very small VPN provider based out of Moldova. CactusVPN offers low prices, good security, fast speeds and enough plans to suit most entrepreneurs and small businesses. They offer excellent customer service and enough features to suit the needs of most that choose their services. They promise to keep no data-usage logs and offer fair prices with the most protocol options of all VPN service providers we have tested to date. Let’s see how they did overall.

  • CactusVPN Review

    I thought that CactusVPN offered some nice features, though it lacked the server locations that I felt would make it a practical choice for me (and probably most VPN users). I especially liked the Smart DNS feature, the Apps. Killer function and the fact that the service was pretty speedy.

  • CactusVPN Review

    CactusVPN is a fast track service with good results and has a whole bag of satisfied customers who appreciate the range of services provided and the excellent work of the service providers as well. It’s an excellent VPN if you’re looking for secure and efficient online browsing without spending a fortune on it. We’d really recommend it.

  • CactusVPN Review – Best Secure VPN Service for Android, Windows, Mac & iOS

    In this CactusVPN review, I like to say that CactusVPN is, according to me, one of the best VPN service providers in industry. Firstly, because CactusVPN perfectly ensures military grade encrypted privacy of user’s identity and other important associated information, while surfing online, by hiding local IP and geo-location from unauthorized inspection of any third party. Secondly, CactusVPN is one of the best No logs vpn service providers; meaning they neither store user’s connection-logs (user’s local IP address, time-stamps during connecting or disconnecting attempt) nor activity-logs whatsoever.

  • CactusVPN Review

    It is tricky to pin CactusVPN down because ostensibly it does do everything a quality VPN should do. CactusVPN has plenty going for it as well. Speeds are good and the service is reliable as well. There is also a consistency of service across all servers too.

  • CactusVPN Review And Speed Test

    CactusVPN is a small but mighty VPN service with a lot to offer. They provide customers will a simple client that is easy to understand with a range of useful options. They offer some powerful protocols, including OpenVPN, SSTP and Softether. Their customer support is quick and helpful and they provide you with a free trial without the need of a credit card.

  • CactusVPN Review And Speed Test

    If you are not too picky about which servers to use then this is definitely the most secure VPN software for you. CactusVPN provides effective protection at an affordable rate and gives you the freedom to choose from various content sources that are usually restricted in other countries.

  • CactusVPN Review and Rating 2017

    CactusVPN is a Fantastic Choice if Speed, P2P – Torrenting and Stability Are Your Top Priorities in Shopping for a VPN. While there are not a lot of servers to choose from with CactusVPN, the speed, bandwidth, and stability are unparalleled.

  • CactusVPN Review And Speed Test

    If you’re in need of a new VPN today, you’re probably aware that you have a wide selection of providers to choose from. Some of them are big and popular, others are small and new. Still, they shouldn’t be judged by the number of their clients and their popularity. You should judge and choose based on what a VPN can offer, and for what price.

  • CactusVPN Review

    CactusVPN is a good option if you need a VPN for file sharing, accessing websites blocked in your country – either by censorship or because of geo-limitations – and has a good, no-nonsense client that makes setup rather easy. Speeds are good to great, especially the server in the Netherlands gave us some of the best results we over got, and the other locations worked great for us, too.

  • CactusVPN Review – How CactusVPN scores ?

    A relatively new entry into the virtual private network providers league, the Moldova based CactusVPN has been talked about a lot lately. So I’ve divided to give it a shot myself. The results are akin to what I’ve heard of it – mostly positive. In this CactusVPN review, you’d learn about the VPN service provider from my first hand experience with it.

    A relatively new entry into the virtual private network providers league, the Moldova based CactusVPN has been talked about a lot lately. So I’ve divided to give it a shot myself. The results are akin to what I’ve heard of it – mostly positive. In this CactusVPN review, you’d learn about the VPN service provider from my first hand experience with it.

  • CactusVPN SmartDNS Review

    CactusVPN offers a great VPN service , so it comes as no surprise that their SmartDNS service is also very well designed and implemented. While there are some minor downsides and a few improvements could be made on the whole we give them a big thumbs up.

  • CactusVPN Review

    CactusVPN is an ‘offshore’ VPN service with servers in the US, UK, Netherlands and Romania. You can opt for servers in just a single country or add another for a 50% discount. Or you can opt for the full package of all three server locations plus Smart DNS. New Smart DNS option. No manual setup. Just enter your Smart DNS key, choose the DNS server that is closer to your location and enable Smart DNS.

  • CactusVPN Review

    I’ll start the review of CactusVPN with a little company background. CactusVPN operates an online privacy service based in Moldova. They help members protect their privacy and unblock geo restrictions for sites in the United States and United Kingdom. CactusVPN offers members the choice between VPN access and Smart DNS service.

  • CactusVPN Review

    In most cases CactusVPN will be described as an average server, but they still don’t store your login information and provide great levels of safety and security. There are some issues to be resolved regarding anonymity because of the lack of dedicated IP addresses and port forwarding.

  • CactusVPN Review: Fast and Cheap VPN with Smart DNS

    CactusVPN is a VPN service provider that I recently came across and decided to take a look at their services. They have a fair amount of servers which I think they will be expanding. As with most new VPN providers, they have two main modules. The VPN and the Smart DNS.

  • CactusVPN & Smart DNS Review Plus Speedtests

    Firstly, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) has completely changed and has made it extremely simple to use the VPN service making it a far less scary application to use for people who may be new to using a VPN service. CactusVPN do support P2P usage, but only when connected to their NL (Netherlands) servers and continue to not keep any user logs. They have also added a Romanian server which also allows P2P usage.

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