• Brian F
    CactusVPN is a great service. I have a second home in Ontario but live in the US. I’ve tried other DNS services w/o much luck. Cactus is easy to use and set up and if you have a question their customer service is first rate. Highly recommended!
  • Anonymous
    I have been referred by one of my friend to use the Cactus VPN services in Middle East as most of the sites are blocked here. I was spending too much in order to make outbound calls thru the services here as services like Whattsapp call,Skype etc are blocked here. I contacted The Cactus customer service team and they offered me a trial version to test how I can enjoy the services here without any block. I should especially highlight one thing here that the Cacts team is offering excellent customer service to its customers whether it is new or existing as you will always get a right response and they always attaches a guide how to configure things simply if you are not an expert. Thanks a lot for the team and I will recommend this to all my friends in Middle East. A big thanks to Mr Victor in assisting me through out all the steps and with all my queries.
  • Shahrizan A
    It's very easy to use. Support was great whenever I needed it. I've recommended cactus to people. Stopped because I don't require a DNS service for the near future. Might sign up again if needed. Thanks.
  • Jon J
    I only needed a VPN for a certain length of time but I would have no hesitation in signing up to CactusVPN if again I need a VPN.
  • Anonymous
    Service was very nice
  • william r
    very nice product not one problem thru out the year.
  • Del B
    Great service, would be a paying customer still but I have free VPN from another source now so no longer a requirement.
  • Josh H
    As far as VPN services go, Cactus was pretty good. However, I needed it for gaming, and unfortunately, I just don't think any VPN is capable of holding a steady enough connection for that. That being said, it would go longer between disconnects than other VPNs I've tried.
  • Anonymous
    Awesome speed, was nearly hitting my max bandwidth using the VPN!
  • Anonymous
    Great service.
  • Ann B
    I have been with Cactus for a couple of years now . The system is very good and constantly keeps abreast of the changing climate of VPN servers . On the rare occasions that anything goes wrong the customer service is excellent , they respond quickly and are extremely efficient at resolving any issues . Highly recommended .
  • Dan O
    I will always use CactusVPN! I tried some other VPN companies and they slowed down my internet speed, I was receiving 200 mbps and when turning on competitor VPNs, went to less than 1 mbps! Tried a DNS blocker and worked, but it was very difficult to install on Firestick. Found CactusVPN SmartDNS, installed and worked like a charm without slowing my internet speed! I also was pleasantly surprised it was in the Amazon playstore, so the install on the Firestick was so easy. Logging in with a pin code can't get any easier also, not having to remember a password beyond the website password.
  • Martin A
    I'm with Cactus about 3 years.. And here is the thing, every year when my renewal comes in, I go and check around if there are better deals, faster connections, better technology.. Just few days ago I tried all the TOP 3 or 4 name VPN services, and came back to Cactus.. it must be joke.. their software is not capable, speeds are less than half of what I get from Cactus. Support? I rarely need support but you get what you need in matter of minutes. I'm confident that I'm using best VPN service out there, I can recommend Cactus and only cactus .. period.
  • Charley R
  • Anonymous
    Great job.
  • Jodi W
    Our son was playing hockey in Russia . His games were not played in the United States. Cactus VPN made it possible to watch the games and follow his team. Thank you
  • Anonymous
    I'm still using it.
  • F S
    CactusVPN worked out of the box and I never had problem with their service.
  • Anonymous
    great service! ill be subscribing again soon
  • Andr� v
    Fine service provider. Worth every penny.
  • Anonymous
    CactusVPN, is great, easy to use and activate when I need it. Reliable service and easy to set up.
  • Ricardo K
    Great service, but I dont need it anymore.
  • Francesco P
    It was working well
  • Derek B
    the service was good
  • David B
    A HUGE thank you to Victor C. who fixed my issue within 40 minutes! My Smart DNS wasn't working with Bleacher Report Live but now it works like a dream. Exceptional customer service!
  • Anonymous
    LOVE the ease of this service! I will be back :)
  • Anonymous
    Great VPN! Easy to use, but incredibly secure. Would recommend.
  • Anonymous
    Tried it for 24 hours, thought it was great so took it up for 3 months. Does everything I want it to do as a UK expat looking for UK TV services on the European mainland. Support so far has been nothing short of excellent, with a quick response and more info than necessary. I even scrapped my old VPN provider to join Cactus as the support was so much better and the service more reliable.
  • Anonymous
    Really good service, enjoyed the trial. Got my things done and all unfortunately I do not require permanent VPN services.
  • Anonymous
    Cactus VPN works excellent when I am in Sudan. I will use it again when I will need it.
  • Dinesh T
    Good service
  • Androulla F
    worked very well for the intended purpose back in the UK and don't need it anymore
  • Dale A
    This service gave me exactly what I needed with zero issues.
  • Anonymous
    Great VPN and can get around LightSpeed
  • Philip D
    Great service it helps me to connect my work guest Wifi.
  • Anonymous
    It's an excellent service, I just haven't used it for months.
  • Jos� M
  • Martti L
    Everything has worked fine. Including Support
  • Roger C
    This is a message to all you tech people at Cactus. I want to thank you for the hard work you do. My questions and queries are all answered in a short time, and your willingness to guide a non savvy computer person ( I am 66 yrs old ) is second to none. THANK YOU CACTUS Keep up the good work. A satisfied customer Roger
  • Anonymous
    Great service. Always work perfectly :)
  • Thomas M
    Excellent service and support.
  • Anonymous
    nice service enjoying !!!
  • Anonymous
    It was very good services to watch world cup matches :)
  • Anonymous
    happy with your service and i will probably be back once i need it again
  • jeremy v
    great service and never had issues
  • Jeff T
    Great Services, never had a problem!
  • Zatlers N
    Stable working; easy installation. 5stars
  • Zakariah P
    Worked great! No complaints.
  • Anonymous
    Cactus VPN Smart DNS service has been great and extremely easy to install and use. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone.
  • Erin T
    Cactus VPN has been very reliable and responsive, at a reasonable price. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone.