How do I set up CactusVPN Software?

You can find all the information you need on the Windows Setup Tutorial page and on the Mac Setup Tutorial page.

How to uninstall CactusVPN connections?

If you've connected manually just delete the CactusVPN connection under "Network Connections" in the "Control Panel".

If you've installed our CactusVPN Software just uninstall it using the icon from the folder it's installed in.

Why my antivirus marks CactusVPN Software as suspicious?

Some antiviruses might find our software suspicious. This is usually happening on the first days after an update because some antiviruses build their databases using the number of installs of specific software. Let’s say our software is installed on less than 20 computers with a specific antivirus. In this case, this antivirus can mark our software as suspicious. It will be marked back as trusted when it will be installed on more computers. So don’t worry, your PC is safe!

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