Japan VPN

Start using our Japan VPN server today to get rid of annoying geo-blocks and firewalls, protect your data from hackers, and enjoy a much more private Internet.
Japan VPN

With so many countries to choose from, which one of you should consider connecting to a Japanese VPN server?

1. People Who Are in Japan

Whether you’re stationed in Japan, were born there, or are currently visiting the country, here’s why it’s a good idea to use a Japanese VPN server when you go online:

Stop Any Kind of Bandwidth Throttling

Not familiar with it?

Simply put, it’s when your ISP decides you’re using “too much data” on certain online activities – like downloading files, streaming content, or online gaming. To “fix” that, they slow down your speeds.

Many ISPs do this, and they actually have this rule in their ToS. And they can easily throttle your bandwidth because they can see what you do on the web (or at least get a pretty good idea by inspecting your data packets).

Well, with a Japan VPN server, that’s no longer a problem. It encrypts all your traffic, making it completely unreadable. So, your ISP will have no idea what you’re spending their data on.

Avoid All DoS/DDoS Attacks

DoS/DDoS attacks are cyber attacks that force you offline by flooding your network with requests and traffic. They might sound like complex hacking techniques, but they’re actually pretty simple to use – not to mention cheap to get too.

So pretty much anyone can run their own DoS/DDoS attacks if they want to. And they can do it for petty reasons like getting back at other gamers. Or they might have more serious targets in mind – like a Japanese airport’s website or Final FantasyF XIV data centers in the country.

But if you connect to a Japan VPN server, you don’t need to worry about that. It hides your network by masking your real IP address. Plus, reliable VPN servers come with anti-DDoS protection.

Start Protecting Your Data Online

Every time you go online, you put yourself at risk. Whether you use public WiFi or your home network, your personal data isn’t safe from hackers.


Well, public WiFi barely uses encryption, so cybercriminals can easily monitor everything you do online.

Protect Identity

As for private networks, the problem is that the encryption they use (WPA2) has serious vulnerabilities which hackers can exploit.

And hackers have their sights on Japan – especially since both businesses and consumers are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

But if you use a Japan VPN server every time you go online, you’ll be safe and sound. It makes all your traffic unreadable (even on unencrypted networks), so hackers can’t spy on it anymore.

Stop Privacy Violations

Wait, your online privacy is at risk in Japan?

Yep – ISPs can actually see everything you do on the Internet: what websites you visit, what files you download, and what you type on unencrypted websites.

And they can sell that info to advertisers if they want to. That happens in the open in the US, but it can happen during shady backroom deals in places like Japan too.

Also, the government has a pretty itchy trigger finger when it comes to mass surveillance. Not to mention they even made a deal with the NSA that resulted in expanded global surveillance.

Sounds creepy, but there’s good news – if you connect to a Japanese VPN server, you’ll keep your privacy intact since it encrypts your data, and also hides your IP address.

Enjoy Smoother VPN Speeds

Want to just use a VPN to browse the web securely, without having to worry about your privacy and data being at risk?

Well, if you have no interest in unblocking geo-blocked content from other countries, you can use a Japanese VPN server to get faster and more stable speeds.

After all, it’ll take less time for data packets to travel between your device and the server than it would if you were using a server in Singapore or the US, for example. If you can use a VPN server that’s in the same city as you, even better.

Get Rid of Firewall Restrictions at School or Work

Tired of not being able to access your favorite websites at school or work because the network admin blocks them with firewalls?

A Japan VPN server can help you deal with that.

Since it hides your IP address, it lets you bypass any firewall you have to deal with. Don’t forget – whenever you connect to a network, it assigns a new IP address to your device. And if the network uses a firewall, its inbound/outbound traffic rules will be assigned to your new address too.

And that’s not all – a VPN will also anonymize all your traffic, making sure network admins can’t see you’re bypassing the firewall.

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2. People Who Are Outside Japan

Whether you’re an expat who moved to a different country, a local who’s abroad for a trip or work, or someone who just loves Japanese culture, there are plenty good reasons to use a Japan VPN server:

Enjoy Your Favorite Japanese Content

Not all Japanese websites work outside the country. Some of them can’t be accessed from abroad, while others limit the amount of content you can read, watch, or interact with.

Plus, if you’re outside Japan, you won’t have access to the country’s Netflix library – which seems to be the best in the world for now.

Why does that happen?

Simple – because websites can see your real IP address, which reveals your geo-location. If it’s not whitelisted, the platforms will use geo-restrictions to block your access.

But with a Japanese VPN server, you get a brand new Japanese IP address. So, all websites will think you actually live there, and let you through.

Bypass Filters for Freelance Jobs

Japan has tons of freelancing platforms – Lancers, Crowdtech, and Crowdworks are just some examples. On top of that, clients also seek Japanese freelancers on websites like UpWork, Freelancer, and Truelancer.

Great opportunities for anyone who speaks Japanese, really. Well – unless you happen to live outside Japan.

Using a VPN at Work


Because some platforms let clients use filters that don’t let you apply to their gigs if you’re from a different country.

A huge shame – maybe you would be the perfect candidate, but you just happen to live somewhere else.

Well, since a Japan VPN server can make it seem like you live in the country, it can help you bypass all filters.

Get Better Connections to Japanese Gaming Servers

Online gaming is tons of fun – at least until you can’t play on the same servers as your friends because they only work in Japan. Or when high ping and lag ruin your killstreaks and result in random disconnects.

Or, even more annoying, when an admin that’s jealous of your skills decides to block you for “cheating.”

Here’s the good news, though – with a Japanese VPN server, you can significantly reduce lag and ping because it takes less time for data to travel between the VPN server and the gaming server.

Also, by giving you a Japanese IP address, the VPN helps you get access to region-locked Japanese servers, and it will also let you bypass IP bans with ease.

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