Spain VPN

Put an end to online censorship, secure your data on any network, and keep your browsing private with a reliable Spain VPN service.
Spain VPN

A VPN significantly improves your online experience – no doubt about that. But who exactly should use a Spain VPN server?

People Who Don’t Live in Spain

Whether you live in a neighbouring country or on a different continent, here’s why you should use a Spain VPN server:

Unblock Any Spanish Content You Want

Having trouble accessing a Spanish website? Getting a message telling you it’s only available in the country?

No problem – with a Spanish VPN service, you can hide your IP address, and replace it with a Spanish IP address.

That way, any website you connect to will think you’re from Spain. So, you’ll get instant access to any content you want without having to deal with geo-blocks.

Trick Job Boards Into Thinking You’re from Spain

If you’re a freelancer looking to work with Spanish clients, it’s a good idea to use a Spain VPN server.

That way, all online job boards will think you actually “live” in Spain.

Because of that, you won’t have to deal with annoying filters that might prevent you from applying to great gigs in the country just because you live abroad.

Improve Your Gaming Experience

Annoyed you can’t play on the same gaming server with your friends because it’s in Spain, and it’s blocked in your region?

Good news – a Spanish VPN server can help you unblock it.

Not only that, but it also helps you reduce ping times and lag.

After all, your traffic travels directly from the VPN server to the gaming server – much faster than bouncing through different countries until it reaches the server in question.

Safely Download Torrents

If you live in France and Portugal, downloading torrents might not be legally safe for you. You might actually get fined if you’re unlucky.

And while Spain has blocked some torrenting websites, torrenting itself isn’t illegal as long as you don’t use it to make a profit.

Using a VPN server in Spain will hide your IP address. So, copyright trolls and lawyers can’t see it anymore in the torrent clients, meaning they can’t track down your ISP.

Also, your Portuguese or French ISP won’t be able to monitor your torrenting traffic since the VPN encrypts it. Don’t forget – if they catch you in the act, they might terminate your service if it’s against their ToS!

Best of all – a Spanish VPN server will also offer you more stable speeds than a server in The Netherlands or Romania, for example.

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People Who Are in Spain

Whether you’re a Spanish citizen, a tourist, or just an expat who recently moved there, here’s why you should start using a Spain VPN server today:

Stay Safe on WiFi Networks

Free public WiFi is easy to get in Spain. In most major cities, you can pretty much get web access on the go.

But that convenience comes at a huge cost – and it’s not a cost you want to pay.

Basically, free WiFi means no encryption, so your web traffic is readable. Because of that, any run-of-the-mill hacker could monitor it, and steal sensitive info.

How to Protect Yourself on Public WiFi

Even worse, you’re at risk if you use secured networks too. Neither WPA2 or WPA3 are 100% safe for now.

And if hackers have no problem hitting big Spanish companies, there’s nothing stopping them from doing the same to average online users.

Well, not really “nothing” – a Spain VPN service can help. It will encrypt all your traffic, making it completely unreadable to anyone.

Stop Bandwidth Throttling

Ever noticed your online speeds suddenly going down during specific times of the day or week?

If yes, your ISP is likely throttling your bandwidth – basically, intentionally lowering your speeds to save money on network equipment, and pressure you into paying more money for bigger data plans.

Your ISP can do that because they can inspect data packets to see what kinds of online services you use. Then, they just throttle your bandwidth for them.

But if you use a Spanish VPN server, they can’t do that. The VPN encrypts your traffic, so your ISP can’t see what you’re really doing on the web.

Keep DoS/DDoS Attacks at Bay

Spain is no stranger to DoS/DDoS attacks. Even the Bank of Spain got hit pretty bad back in 2018.

If you don’t know what those are, they’re essentially cyber attacks that force you offline.

And here’s the worst part – you, the average online user, can become a victim too. Pretty much anyone with a grudge against you can pay as little as $10 per hour to hit you with DoS/DDoS attacks.

Don’t stress, though – if you stay connected to a Spanish VPN server, nobody can locate your network to flood it with unwanted traffic and requests.

Get Smoother VPN Speeds

Depending on various factors, a VPN can slow down your online speeds. Normally by a bit, but sometimes it can be more noticeable.

Well, if you don’t need to use a VPN to unblock foreign content, and only want to secure your privacy, you can use a Spanish VPN server to get much better speeds.

vpn security risks

Since the server is in your own country, the small distance between it and you means it takes less time for data packets to travel between the VPN client on your device and the server.

Bonus points if the server is actually in the city you live in.

Stop Worrying About Online Censorship

Wait – Internet censorship? In Spain?

It’s more likely than you think.

La Guardia Civil actually blocked up to 23 torrenting websites back in 2018. What’s more, the Spanish government actually censored pro-Catalan web domains.

Even if some of the bans are no longer in effect, that doesn’t make things right.

The government can still block your access to various websites whenever they feel like it.

But with a VPN, that’s no longer a problem. Since it hides your real IP address, you can quickly bypass government firewalls.

Keep Your Privacy Intact

You’re not safe from the NSA just because you’re in Spain. The country’s own intelligence agencies actually collaborated with them, allowing the NSA to spy on Spanish citizens.

And that’s not all – ISPs also violate your privacy by tracking your browsing history.

And they can sell that data to advertisers. Technically, they only do it openly in the US, and – normally – EU laws should prevent that from happening in Spain.

But shady backroom deals happen all the time, and it’s not like the media or the government is going to talk about it as long as they get their cut.

The good news is that a Spain VPN can properly protect your privacy. It encrypts all your traffic, so your ISP and government surveillance won’t get to monitor your web traffic anymore.

Also, the VPN hides your IP address, masking even more personal info (like your geo-location).

Bypass Firewalls

Your workplace or school might use firewalls to stop you from accessing certain websites – like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

All in the name of making sure you don’t “slack off” when you’re working or studying.

No need to worry, though – you can quickly bypass any firewall you want with a Spain VPN service. Since it replaces your IP address (the one the workplace/school network assigned to you) with a new address, the firewall’s website blocks no longer apply to you.

And there’s more – the VPN also encrypts your traffic. So network admins won’t be able to see that you’re circumventing the firewall.

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