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VPNs offer you dozens of benefits, but which ones of you should specifically connect to a Brazil VPN server?

Those of You Who Are Outside Brazil

Whether you just love the Brazilian language and culture, or are a native who moved away or is traveling the work and is homesick, here’s why you should use a VPN server in the country:

Get Access to Brazilian Freelance Gigs

Want to work with clients from Brazil but are bummed out freelance websites won’t let you?

That’s definitely annoying. And yes, it can happen – platforms like UpWork, Truelancer, and BuyWorkers let clients use filters to make sure only people from specific regions apply to the job.

Fair enough for them, but what if you actually manage to impress them so much they want to work with you even if you’re from a different country?

Well, you can get around those filters pretty easily to give it your best shot! Just connect to a Brazil VPN server, and it’ll replace your IP address with its own address. From then on, all freelancing platforms will think you’re actually from Brazil.

Unblock Any Brazilian Content You Want

Brazilian entertainment is pretty amazing, but it isn’t available worldwide unfortunately. Some websites geo-restrict their content to Brazil alone. Also, you won’t be able to watch your favorite local Netflix shows and movies since you’ll get redirected from the Brazilian library to the library of the country you’re currently in.

Websites enforce those restrictions through geo-blocks. They likely do it because they need to respect copyright agreements, and they don’t want to buy licensing rights worldwide.

Luckily, you can solve that problem by getting a Brazilian IP address. Just connect to a VPN server in the country, and any website you’ll connect to from then on will think you have a Brazilian geo-location.

Improve Your Gaming Experience

Annoyed you can’t play together with your online friends because the servers are only available in Brazil?

Don’t worry – you can easily bypass those restrictions with a VPN for Brazil. Once you connect to the server, you’ll get a Brazilian IP address, and will be able to game on any server you want.

Plus, you’ll also get lower ping and lag since the VPN routes your traffic directly to the gaming server.

CactusVPN – Highly Secure & Fast VPN for Brazil

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  • We don’t keep any logs at all
  • System-level and application-level kill switches and DNS leak protection
  • Use obfsproxy to hide your VPN traffic
  • Fully encrypt your DNS queries using DNS-over-HTTPS

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Those of You Who Live in Brazil

Here are the main reasons we think it’s a very good idea to always run a VPN connection when you go online:

Get Rid of Bandwidth Throttling for Good

If you don’t know what that is, it’s when your ISP decides you use “too much data” to do stuff online – like download files, stream movies, or talk with friends through VoIP apps. To discourage you from doing that, they lower your speeds.

Bandwidth throttling used to be a huge issue in Brazil before. Luckily, it seems that the Consumer Protection Commission didn’t agree with it, and drafted a bill to prevent ISPs from doing it.

However, that bill only applies to fixed line broadband connection. That basically means ISPs could still throttle your bandwidth when you use mobile data.

Not if you use a VPN for Brazil, though. Do that, and the service will encrypt all your traffic, making it nearly impossible for ISPs to spy on it to see what you’re doing online.

Stay Safe Online 24/7

What do you have to worry about when you go online anyway? You just ignore shady messages and don’t click on links or ads that are obviously malicious, right?

Not really – the Internet is quite the minefield in a place like Brazil. Actually, according to data, it seems that hackers targeted over 60% of Internet users in the country. What’s more, Rio has tons of problems with fake WiFi hotspots which cybercriminals set up to steal valuable data from unaware users.

Basically, it seems that every time you go online it’s like flipping a coin. Heads – everything goes well. Tails – some random hacker gets away with your credit card info.

But if you use a VPN for Brazil when you go online, you don’t need to worry about that. It will encrypt all your traffic, making it completely indecipherable. So hackers won’t be able to spy on it with packet sniffers – even if you use a fake hotspot!

Brazil Flag

Secure Your Privacy the Right Way

Some time has passed since the NSA scandal – specifically when people in Brazil found out how the NSA was spying on them.

Things have improved a bit, luckily, but you still don’t get to enjoy top-notch privacy. After all, your ISP can see your browsing history, and they can sell that data to advertisers behind your back.

Also, advertisers can track your IP address, and use it to spam you with tons of annoying ads.

Well, if you use a VPN, it will encrypt all your traffic and hide your IP address. So, nobody will be able to keep tabs on what you do online anymore.

Get More Stable VPN Speeds

Love VPNs but tired of how they lower your speeds whenever you go online?

Yeah, that’s annoying, and it happens for a lot of reasons. And while you can improve the speeds by using different protocols or shutting down applications that eat up your system’s CPU resources, the easiest thing you can do is just connect to a VPN server that’s closer to you.

In this case, it would be a Brazil VPN server since it’s in the same country as you. Because of that, it will take less time for data packets to travel between the server and your device.

Really, it’s the perfect choice if you don’t need to unblock foreign content, and just want to secure your privacy and data.

Unblock Websites at Work or School

Learning institutions and workplaces like to regulate what students/employees can do online. In a way, it’s understandable. But it’s not fair that you can’t relax on breaks on platforms like Twitter and YouTube, for example.

Here’s how these restrictions work – network admins use firewalls to enforce inbound and outbound traffic rules to your IP address (the one the network assigns to you when you connect to it).

Well, to get around them, just connect to a Brazil VPN server. It will replace your IP address with a new one, letting you bypass the firewall. Plus, it will also encrypt your traffic, making sure the admins can’t see what you’re doing.

Say Bye-Bye to DoS/DDoS Attacks

These kinds of cyber attacks involve huge amounts of traffic and connection requests flooding your network with one purpose – to over-stress it until it goes offline. So basically they shut off your web access.

Nowadays, most cybercriminals use DDoS attacks because they’re the most efficient. And here’s the bad news – even your average script kiddie can perform them. These kinds of attacks are available for rent online, after all – for as little as $5 or $10/hour.

How likely are you to be hit by such an attack? Very. In fact, according to data, Brazil actually suffered around 30 DDoS attacks per hour back in 2017. And people can DDoS you over something as simple as you being “disrespectful” to them in online games.

If you use a VPN for Brazil, you’ll be safe, though. The server hides your IP address, so nobody can use it to locate your network to flood it.

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