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Since VPNs offer so many benefits, who stands to gain the most by using an Italian VPN server in particular?

People Who Live in Italy

Here are the perks you get if you start using a VPN server in your country right now:

No More Bandwidth Throttling

If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s when your ISP intentionally caps your bandwidth. That’s basically fancy talk for slowing down your speeds.

Why would they do that? Because they need to prevent network congestion. And bandwidth throttling is a much cheaper way of doing that than buying newer servers with more bandwidth. Also, this can be a pressure tactic they use to force users to buy more expensive data plans or subscriptions.

Not all ISPs do this, of course, but if you start seeing regular slowdowns every few days at specific hours, you should start asking questions. Keep in mind – your ISP has an easy time seeing what you do online (yes, even if you use HTTPS websites), so they can easily throttle your traffic.

But if you use a VPN for Italy, you’ll make things much more difficult for them. Here’s why:

  • The service encrypts your traffic, making it nearly impossible for ISPs to spy on it. 
  • Your ISP will only see the IP address of the VPN server you’re using. They’ll have no idea what websites you’re browsing.

Evade DDoS Attacks

A DDoS attack is when someone tries to force you offline by flooding your network with tons of unwanted requests and traffic. They can locate your network by using your IP address – which is usually pretty easy to find.

While DDoS attacks are complex, they’re simple to run nowadays. Pretty much anyone can buy them on the deep web for as little as $10 per hour. 

And since hackers already had no problem successfully DDoS-ing the country’s social security website and the telecommunication and financial industry, targeting you would be a walk in the park.

“It won’t happen to me” we can hear you say.

And while that might be true most of the time, keep in mind wannabe hackers are already DDoS-ing people for something as stupid as being disrespectful to them in online games.

Secure Your Data

Every time you use WiFi in Italy, there’s a chance a hacker is listening in on your online communications. Believe it or not, most WiFi networks actually offer very poor security, and cybercriminals can easily exploit it to spy on your traffic.

And it’s not like hackers don’t love messing with the data of people in Italy – whether it’s hacking banks or one of the country’s most popular surveillance companies. Not to mention they can always set up a fake hotspot to trick your device into connecting to it.

So yeah, things are pretty risky when you go online. 

But not if you use an Italian VPN server. It will encrypt your traffic, making it unreadable to any hacker. And that’s true even if you accidentally connect to a fake WiFi network.

Keep Your Privacy Intact

ISPs rarely have good intentions when it comes to your privacy. And the fact that Italian ISPs can store your data for up to six years isn’t looking too good.

What if they sell that info to advertisers for a huge profit? Normally, they’re not allowed to, but who’s to say what goes on behind closed doors. It’s not like the government will stop them if they get a piece of the pie too.

And that’s not the only way your privacy is violated. What about advertisers who use your IP address to track your online movements and spam you with creepy ads?

That’s why you need an Italy VPN service. It encrypts your traffic, preventing your ISP from spying on your online browsing. Also, it hides your IP address, so advertisers can’t monitor your digital footprints anymore.

Get Better VPN Speeds

Did you know that VPNs can actually lower your speeds a bit? 

It’s annoying, but it does happen. And, usually, the main thing that influences the speed loss is how far you are from the VPN server. 

After all, if the server is on the other side of the globe, it’ll take significantly more time for data packets to travel between the VPN client on your device and the VPN server.

But if you use a server in your country, the speed loss is barely noticeable. If it happens to be in the same city as you, even better.

Bypass Any Firewall

Most schools and workplaces use firewalls to stop students/employees from connecting to websites that could “distract” them – like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

They also do that to stop students/employees from using up too much bandwidth on those platforms.

Either way, it’s not very fair. It’s not like you’re gonna binge Netflix all day at school or work. Maybe you just want to relax during your lunch break with an episode from your favorite series, which is perfectly acceptable.

Well, here’s the good news: a VPN for Italy lets you bypass any firewall. It replaces your IP address with a new one that doesn’t have any firewall restrictions linked to it, so you’ll unblock any website you want. 

Also, the VPN encrypts your traffic, preventing network admins from seeing what you’re doing during your breaks.

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People Who Are Outside Italy

Here’s exactly why all of you might want to use an Italian VPN server:

Unblock Italian Sites

Whether we’re talking about the Italian Netflix library, Premium Play, or RaiPlay, geo-blocks will always get in your way if you’re not physically located in Italy. Content providers use them to comply with copyright regulations and to avoid paying exorbitant fees to broadcast their shows and movies worldwide.

While the reasoning makes sense, it’s hardly fair for you. Maybe you’re an expat living in a different country or someone who loves the Italian language and culture, and wants to binge their entertainment.

Don’t worry, though – a VPN for Italy can solve this problem. It hides your geo-location, allowing you to instantly bypass all geo-restrictions.

Game on Italian Servers

Have some awesome online friends who are in Italy? Upset you can’t game together with them because they play on servers that are region-locked to Italy?

No problem – just use an Italian VPN server, and you’re all set. It gives you a new Italian IP address that will let you bypass all annoying region locks.

Also, it will offer you a better experience since you get less lag and lower ping times. Why? Because the VPN server routes your traffic directly to the gaming server instead of bouncing it around.

Get Italian Freelance Gigs

Want to land freelance gigs with Italian clients but the site you’re using won’t let you?

It’s likely because the client set a filter that only allows people from Italy to apply. Which makes sense, but let’s face it – it keeps potentially profitable business relationships from flourishing simply because qualified freelancers can’t get their foot in the door since they’re in a different country.

Well, here’s the good news – if you use a VPN for Italy, you can bypass those filters in an instant.

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