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Use our VPN for Malaysia, and you’ll enjoy the Internet as it was meant to be enjoyed: private, surveillance-free, and completely unrestricted.
VPN for Malaysia

If you use a VPN, you get tons of perks. But who of you should connect to a Malaysia VPN server in particular, and what would you stand to gain?

Anyone Who Is in Malaysia

Whether you live there, are vacationing in the country, or temporarily moved there for work or to study, here’s why you should use a VPN server in that country:

Secure Your Data Like a Pro

Did you know that whenever you go online, a hacker could potentially eavesdrop on your online communications? Yep, most WiFi networks barely offer any security. And the ones that do are still vulnerable to cyber attacks

Not to mention that hackers could also set up a fake WiFi network, and trick your device into connecting to it. If they’re successful, they can monitor all your traffic.

Don’t think this would happen to you? Well, get this – according to research, Malaysia is very vulnerable to cyber attacks in general. Cybercriminals successfully targeted both Malysian websites and around 84% of small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Really, they’d have no problem spying on your traffic to steal stuff like credit card numbers and passwords.

But if you use a VPN, that’s not a problem. It encrypts all your traffic, so nobody can monitor what you’re doing online.

No More Bandwidth Throttling

Don’t know what that is? Basically, it’s when your ISP intentionally lowers your speed to prevent network congestion or pressure you into buying more expensive data plans.

They can easily do that because they can analyze your data packets. Even if you browse HTTPS websites, they can still use info like timing, size, and destinations to guess what services you’re using. Plus, they also see the IP address you connect to, and its associated domain name.

If you use a VPN for Malaysia, though, they can’t do that anymore. Here’s why:

  • It encrypts your traffic, making it impossible for ISPs to analyze it.
  • It hides the IP address you connect to. Your ISP will only see the IP address of the VPN server. Nothing else.

Say Hello to a New Level of Privacy

For all its pros, Malaysia still has a serious problem when it comes to privacy. In fact, it’s the fifth-worst country for personal data protection.

Even if you ignore that, there are still other privacy concerns you need to deal with:

  • ISPs monitoring what you do online (what websites you visit, what you type on unencrypted websites, what you download from HTTP sites, etc.).
  • Advertisers tracking your browsing habits, and spamming you with creepy ads.

Pretty bad, right?

Well, if you use a VPN, those problems go away. Not only does it encrypt all your traffic to keep prying eyes away, but it also hides your IP address. So nobody can use it to monitor your digital footprints and find out personal stuff about you (what city you live in, who your ISP is, what your ZIP code is).

Sneak Around Any Firewall You Want

Bummed out you can’t spend your lunch break at school watching your favorite YouTubers, or that you can’t listen to relaxing YouTube music compilations while you work?

It’s annoying, we know. And it’s all because of vague regulations that force network admins to block certain websites on the network because they might distract employees/students.

Luckily, you can easily bypass all firewalls with a VPN for Malaysia. Since it assigns a new IP address to you, the school/company’s firewall rules no longer apply.

Secure Your Network Against DDoS-ing

A DDoS attack is when someone tries to flood your network with requests and unwanted traffic until they force you offline. They happen pretty often nowadays, and hackers even manage to DDoS political parties’ websites.

In fact, pretty much anyone can DDoS websites or networks nowadays. You can actually buy these kinds of attacks online for as little as $10/hour. That means that any wannabe hacker who is upset you had a better score than them in an online game can take you offline.

Any way you can prevent DDoS-ing? Well, you can ask your ISP to change your IP address, or you can buy expensive DDoS protection for your network.

Or you could do the easy thing and use a VPN. Since it hides your IP address, hackers can’t find your network anymore to DDoS it.

Enjoy Better VPN Speeds

As cool as VPNs are, they tend to have a problem with online speeds – they slow them down a bit. Many factors contribute to that slowdown, but the one that has the most influence on your VPN speeds is the distance between you and the VPN server.

After all, if you use a server that’s in the other part of the world, it will take way longer for data packets to travel between the client on your device and the server. Hence the slow speeds.

But if you use a VPN server that’s in the same country as you, speeds get better and more stable. So if you don’t need to unblock any foreign content, just connect to a Malaysia VPN server.

Yep, these services are perfectly legal there. You have nothing to worry about since there are currently no laws prohibiting the use of VPNs.

Of course, using a VPN to do anything illegal is still against the law. We’re not saying you’re gonna get yourself involved in scams, child pornography, hacking, or stalking. But it is something we need to mention to fully answer the question.

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Anyone Who Is Outside of Malaysia

If don’t live in Malaysia or are just currently out of the country, there are plenty of good reasons to use a VPN for Malaysia:

Download Torrents in Peace

Malaysia actually has a pretty lax stance on torrenting. While there are laws related to it, nobody really enforces them.

So, using a VPN server in Malaysia is perfect for anyone who is in a country that doesn’t really allow it – like Singapore or Japan. The VPN will encrypt your traffic, so your ISP won’t know what you’re doing. Also, it will hide your IP address, effectively stopping copyright trolls from seeing it on torrent clients.

What’s more, if you’re in a nearby country, using a Malaysia VPN server is much better for your speeds than using one in Europe.

DISCLAIMER: CactusVPN does in no way encourage illegal copyright infringement. But we do understand a lot of people have no option but to resort to torrenting to get access to the content and files they need.

Unblock Malaysian Entertainment

Not all Malaysian websites work outside the country. Content providers often need to geo-block them to comply with copyright regulations and avoid huge licensing fees.

In many cases, if you connect to a geo-blocked platform, it will restrict your access, or it won’t let you watch the content you want.

But if you use a VPN for Malaysia, you get a local IP address. When you connect to Malaysian websites, they’ll think you’re actually in the country. So, they won’t stop you from watching what you want anymore.

Game on Malaysian Servers

Online gaming is tons of fun, but not if you can’t play together with your online friends because the Malaysian server they play on is region-locked.

Well, if you use a Malaysia VPN server to hide your real IP address, you can bypass those restrictions instantly. What’s more, you can also reduce lag, ping times, and evade IP bans.

Trick Freelance Websites

Want to work with Malaysian clients but freelancing platforms won’t let you because said clients used filters?

It’s a nasty situation. After all, you might just have the skills a client is looking for. But just because you’re an expat or someone from a different country (who actually speaks the language well), the website’s filters won’t let you apply.

A VPN server in Malaysia is just what you need then. It hides your geo-location, and makes it seem like you live in Malaysia, So, you’ll be able to get your foot in the door to prove you’re the right man or woman for the job.

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