uTorrent VPN

As easy as it is to download files via torrents, as tricky it can be from a legal standpoint. Especially if you are in the USA, downloading torrents can become a serious legal issue and you risk some pretty serious repercussions. Using a uTorrent VPN can be a very good idea regardless of whether you live in an area where torrenting is considered a serious offense or not. When it comes to your online safety, no measure should be dismissed.
uTorrent VPN

What is uTorrent?

uTorrent is an adware Bittorrent client owned and developed by BitTorrent Inc. It is a software developed for peer-to-peer file sharing used for downloading or sharing large files. It is basically a client or an interface which allows you to download files by using the BitTorrent communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing. uTorrent is the most widely used BitTorrent client if we don’t take into account the Chinese market.

Should I use a VPN for uTorrent?

Using a VPN while surfing online is something you should consider doing regardless of whether you are downloading torrents or not. When downloading torrents you are obviously even more exposed. Anonymous torrent downloading should be a priority for you, and using uTorrent with VPN is the way to go! So to answer the question, YES, you should definitely use a uTorrent VPN. With an ever growing fight between the entertainment industry legal teams and torrents users, using utorrent with VPN is definitely a necessity.

We do not encourage the use of our services for the purpose of illegally downloading copyrighted content, and we wouldn’t want to be seen as a means of copyright circumvention!

How does a VPN make uTorrent safe and anonymous?

The second you connect to a VPN, your internet connection becomes protected. Your real IP address is no longer shared with any internet services you use and all the data that gets transferred to and from your PC over the internet travels through a tunnel of encryption.

When it comes to how to use uTorrent safely, the first thing you should worry about is your true IP address. That is the main way the authorities or DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) representatives can identify you as being a downloader of protected content via torrents. By using a uTorrent VPN, your traffic through the torrent client will appear as coming from a different IP address than your own.

On top of this, your Internet traffic will remain anonymous and safe from prying eyes. Authorities, intelligence agencies or hackers will be unable to see which files you are downloading and from where.

uTorrent VPN vs Proxy

While the differences may not seem like a lot at first sight, a more in depth view will show that when choosing between a uTorrent VPN and a Proxy, there is quite a lot to take into consideration.

First of all, let’s take each option and check all the features:


  • The encryption offered by the VPN extends to your entire connection
  • Connects you to the internet through an anonymous IP address
  • Will allow you to choose from a variety of locations
  • Comes with a separate app and more options
  • The costs of having a VPN are slightly higher
  • Is usually a bit slower than a proxy due to the higher level of encryption


  • Connects you to the internet through an anonymous IP address
  • It is cheaper than a VPN
  • Slightly faster than a VPN

While both have their own pros and cons, our experts’ recommendations are pretty straight forward. You should use a VPN for uTorrent.

Does CactusVPN allow P2P/BitTorrent?

Even though we do not encourage the use of our services for the purpose of illegally downloading copyrighted content, and we wouldn’t want to be seen as a means of copyright circumvention, we do allow the download of torrents from our servers in Netherlands, Romania, Germany and Switzerland. While many other VPN providers out there are against allowing their users to download torrents while using their services, CactusVPN does not restrict its users. Just make sure to choose the best location from the options available, based on speed and current legislation. Anonymous uTorrent is a couple of clicks away!

How to use uTorrent with CactusVPN?

If you’re wondering how to setup VPN for uTorrent, it couldn’t be easier.

  1. Get a CactusVPN account
  2. Install the CactusVPN App
  3. Select a server from Netherlands, Romania, Germany or Switzerland and connect to VPN
  4. Open uTorrent and start downloading

First of all, you should purchase a VPN plan according to your needs.

Once you have that, install the VPN app that suits your needs. We made efforts to provide our clients with the best experience, and that resulted in a huge variety of devices on which our VPN app can be installed and used. Check out our tutorials and find out how to install the app for the operating system of your choice.

All you have to do now that the app is installed, is to log in with your personal details which can be found in the Client Area, choose the virtual location you would like to surf the web from and connect to the VPN.

As soon as the connection is established, you can safely turn uTorrent on and just start downloading.

About CactusVPN Apps Killer and Kill Switch features

Experience has taught us that the key to true online anonymity is being constantly cautious and knowing that more often than not it’s better to be offline than unprotected online. That is why we developed 2 special features in our VPN apps for Windows and macOS, which will become a big part of the answer to the question “How to use uTorrent safely”.

CactusVPN Apps Killer

Even though we struggle to provide you with a stable connection to our VPN, we need to be realistic and take into account the possibility of actually getting disconnected every once in a while. When that happens, even if it’s just for a couple of seconds, you risk making your IP address public over the network if you are using uTorrent for example.

For such cases, our Apps Killer feature was developed, so that you can select which apps should be “killed” as soon as your connection to the VPN is lost. By selecting uTorrent for example, this will guarantee that uTorrent will be closed the second your connection to the VPN is interrupted. Also, the Apps Killer offers the possibility of having uTorrent automatically restarted once the VPN connection is re-established.

This way, your true identity will never be public within uTorrent, not even for a second.

Internet Kill Switch

This feature will block your internet connection altogether if your connection to the VPN is lost. This will ensure that you are protected online all the time, both within the apps you use and the websites you browse. By activating this feature, you are basically letting the VPN app block your internet access if a connection to the VPN cannot be established, allowing you therefore to ONLY use the internet while being protected.

Both these features are extremely important when it comes to anonymous utorrent use.

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