CactusVPN Software for Windows Updates

CactusVPN 5

  1. Graphic user interface redesign.
  2. Code improvements.
  3. Functional bug fixes.

CactusVPN 4.7.1

  1. Fixed the “DNS leak protection switcher” bug.

CactusVPN 4.7.0

  1. Disable IPv6 on VPN connect;
  2. Fixed “crashing on Windows XP” bug;
  3. Fixed the “app killer not killing Chrome browser” bug;
  4. Smart DNS improvements;
  5. Design improvements.

CactusVPN 4.6.0

  1. “Save Logs” button added to the status bar;
  2. Redesigned the “Info” tab and renamed it to “Support”;
  3. Added the possibility to submit a support ticket;
  4. Added the “Smart DNS Status” link to Support.

CactusVPN 4.5.1

  1. SSTP bug on Windows 8.1 fixed.
  2. IPv6 bug fixed.

CactusVPN 4.5.0

  1. Sorting VPN servers by ping feature added;
  2. Sorting Smart DNS servers by ping feature added;
  3. Upgraded OpenVPN Lib (2.3.9) and TAP Driver (9.9/9.21);
  4. Redesigned the Smart DNS main screen;
  5. Improved the notification feature;
  6. Improved the connection and re-connection feature;
  7. Improved the installation and the update processes;
  8. Minor design optimizations;
  9. Minor bugs fixed.

CactusVPN 4.4.2

  1. Switching “Website region” bug fixed.

CactusVPN 4.4.1

  1. Improved Enable/Disable Smart DNS button behavior;
  2. Bug Fix: Application Killer wrong behavior;
  3. Bug Fixed: Resume VPN Connection after Sleep or Hibernate mode;
  4. Other minor bugs fixed.

CactusVPN 4.4.0

  1. Option to choose between TCP or UDP protocols for your OpenVPN connection;
  2. Option to choose between 443, 555, 992 or 1194 ports for your OpenVPN connection;
  3. DNS leak protection feature added;
  4. Software checks if Proxy is enabled;
  5. Smart DNS settings screen was improved;
  6. Other minor improvements;
  7. Minor design optimization;
  8. Minor bugs fixed.

CactusVPN 4.3.0

  1. Update process improved
  2. Added “Reconnect if connection drops” feature for Windows 8.1 users
  3. User interface improvements
  4. Minor bugs fixed

CactusVPN 4.2.0

  1. Added SSTP protocol to almost all servers.
  2. Improved “Websites region” behavior.
  3. Added news notifications.
  4. Added invoices notifications.
  5. Minor design optimizations.

CactusVPN 4.1.0

  1. Implemented MUI.
  2. Set localhost as IPv6 DNS if IPv6 is enabled.
  3. Optimization for cases when 2 NIC are connected.
  4. Minor bug fixes.

CactusVPN 4.0.1

  1. Added Smart DNS services.
  2. Redesigned the sign in screen. VPN and Smart DNS have separate sign in tabs.
  3. Added the new CactusVPN logo and applied the new colors.
  4. Update bug fixed.
  5. “Reconnection Attempts” and “Redial TimeOut” were removed.
  6. Added “Connect VPN on Sign in” feature that creates a connection with last successful settings.
  7. Minor optimizations.
  8. Minor bug fixes.

CactusVPN 3.0.2

  1. Bug fixed: “Run on Windows start up” was not working in Windiws 8 x64.
  2. Bug fixed: Message “.Net 3.5 missing” is displayed on some computers.
  3. Minor optimizations.

CactusVPN 3.0.1

  1. Bug fixed: “Run on Windows start up” was not working in Windows 8.
  2. Bug fixed: Update was not working in version CactusVPN Software 3.0.0.
  3. Minor optimizations.

CactusVPN Software 3.0.0

  1. Graphical user interface redesign.
  2. User interface optimizations.
  3. Remove spaces, tabs and other heterogeneous symbols in username and password (even on copy/paste).
  4. Optimization: Added the possibility to sign in by using the “Enter” button from the keyboard.
  5. Optimization: While connected, “Save logs” button becomes inactive.
  6. Fixed bug: While connected, some controls were not disabled.
  7. Fixed bug: MessageForm flickering issue was solved.
  8. Update procedure optimized and update bugs fixed.
  9. Fixed bug: After remote update, the password contain a huge number of stars.
  10. Other minor bugs fixed and minor optimizations.

CactusVPN Software 2.0.3

  1. Log out button must become inactive while a connection is in progress or if the connection is active.
  2. Fixed bug: Application Management: the list application Running status is always “No”.
  3. Fixed bug: Application Management: on CactusVPN app restart, all applications from list are shutdown.
  4. Other minor bugs fixed and optimizations.

CactusVPN Software 2.0.2

  1. New feature: SSTP protocol Added.
  2. New feature: CactusVPN software remember in offline last used connection (server and protocol) and activate it after sign in, if the loaded package allows the respective server and protocol.
  3. Some connection log optimizations.
  4. Optimization: The application works on all stations with any of .Net 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0 framework installed.
  5. Bug fixed: Some Servers appear twice in the list of servers.
  6. Bug fixed: SSTP appears in the list of protocols even if the server does not contain SSTP connection type.
  7. Bug fixed: The application does not work on some station with .Net 4.0 only installed.
  8. Bug fixed: Debug Level is always active. It must be active only if the OpenVPN protocol is selected.
  9. Other minor bugs fixed and minor optimizations.

CactusVPN Software 2.0.1

  1. New feature: App killer – Close all applications selected by User, on disconnect by error or on link lost (this option works in any case excepting the situation when the connection is closed by the User).
  2. New feature: Implement the option to re-launch applications when a connection is re-established.
  3. Bug fixed: In Win7, after Windows+D minimization, is not possible to maximize by double clicking on Starter.
  4. Installer update: Uninstall previous version before installing a new one.
  5. Other minor optimizations.