CactusVPN Coupons and Discounts

All the CactusVPN coupons, deals and discounts available at the moment. Save money by ordeing VPN and Smar DNS services at the lowest possible price.
For New Customers
  • 51% OFF
    Order now any plan and get up to 51% off
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  • 35% OFF
    Pay in advance for 12 months and get 35% off
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  • 14% OFF
    Pay in advance for 3 months and get 14% off
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  • 24 Hours
    Free VPN
    Try our VPN services for 24 hours for free
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  • 7 Days
    Free Smart DNS
    Try our Smart DNS services for 7 days for free
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For Existing Customers
  • 50% OFF
    If you already have an active subscription, buy a second CactusVPN subscription with a 50% discount. Learn more
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  • 30 Days Free
    Refer a friend and we'll reward each of you with a free month. Both of you have to have an active premium service.
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