Channel 4 VPN: How to watch Channel 4 Abroad

Bummed out you can’t watch your favorite shows because you can’t get Channel 4 abroad? No problem - we’ll show you how to use a Channel 4 VPN to watch it outsite UK in 3 easy steps.
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Channel 4 VPN

Watch Channel 4 Outside UK with a Channel 4 VPN in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Sign up for CactusVPN.

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Step 2

Download the CactusVPN app.

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Step 3

Enable Smart DNS.

That’s it – head to Channel 4
and have fun!

On what devices can I
watch Channel 4 with CactusVPN?

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Amazon
    Fire TV

  • Fire TV

  • Apple TV

  • Roku

  • PlayStation

  • XBOX

  • Now TV

  • Samsung
    Smart TV

  • LG TV

  • Linux

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Frequently asked questions

That’s gonna be a no. Channel 4 uses geo-restrictions to keep you from accessing its content if you’re not in the UK. If you try to do that, you’ll just get a quick error message.

Why does it pop up? Because the Channel 4 has to geo-block its content. They mostly do it because they need to comply with rights agreements

A Smart DNS is an online service that gives you quick access to geo-blocked websites like Channel 4. Here’s how it can help you start watching Channel 4 abroad right now:

  • First, it hides your real DNS address, which can actually leak your geo-location.
  • Next, it intercepts the connection requests you send to Channel 4. Once it does that, it replaces any data that leaks your geo-location with new information that points to a location in the UK.
  • Lastly, it routes your traffic through different proxy servers in the UK.

If neither of those previous options sound appealing, you can always try your luck with a proxy server. It acts as a middleman between you and Channel 4. Basically, it intercepts your connection requests, and forwards them to the site on your behalf.

While doing that, the proxy also hides your IP address like a VPN. Obviously, you’ll need to use a proxy server in the UK to watch Channel 4 outside UK.

VPNs are online services that hide your geo-location by giving you a new IP address. Don’t forget – your IP address tells websites what geographical region you are from. So, hiding it is a smart way to bypass geo-restrictions. 

In this case, all you’d need to do is use a VPN server in the UK. Once you connect to Channel 4, you shouldn’t get any errors anymore since the site will think you are physically located in the UK.