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Unblock BBC with Smart DNS

Unblock BBC

There are so many websites that we cannot access. And this is just because we are not in the right region where these websites can be limitlessly accessed. Some of them are media websites that we can give up to by excluding them from our list, while some of them are still indispensable to us. We need our favorite media when it comes to travel for a week or two or when we move to other countries.

These blocked websites are something that we used to because there where the freshest and latest news come from, there where our favorite show is streamed from or there where we or our children learn something from. Being the hottest and major media websites in the world, a lot of people want to have the access to them.

Unfortunately they are blocked to users outside the UK, to those with other IP addresses than UK ones. One of these websites is, which is the brand name and home for the BBC’s UK online service. Let’s say you might need that large network of websites with on-demand video and radio services including BBC News and BBC Sport, the BBC iPlayer, the pre-school site CBeebies, and learning services such as Bitesize.

But, every time you’re trying to access any of those sites from outside the UK, you get the warning that the page is not available in your region. Well, we should tell you that we’ve got good news for you! Who said that if the website is blocked, then done! It is what it is and we can no longer access it!? Oh no!

There is a solution that gives you the possibility to access any of sites. And it’s not only for those who temporarily travel, but also for all those who live outside the UK, in the area where is restricted. The solution is Smart DNS service.

The Smart DNS technology is an innovative method that allows you to watch your favorite UK media websites without worrying about your region based restrictions. It’s aim is to unblock the websites that hide their content to users from other regions, so you could anytime access sites that have country specific regulations, for instance.

The service will help you with unblocking regional restricted websites. In this case it will easily unblock BBC from anywhere you could be. This service is useful for those who want to watch their favorite media when outside of the area where website are originated. So, if you are far away from UK and want to watch your favorite BBC channel, then Smart DNS service would be the easy way to unblock it.

There are not so many ways to unblock restricted media websites. And no doubt, those who know about it, have also experienced low speed and buffering problems when trying to unblock and access through other ways. With Smart DNS you would never face that! One of the biggest advantage Smart DNS comes up with is that it let’s you use your Internet Providers’ original speed without having any streaming issues. And even better! You always have an option, as Smart DNS is really easy to configure and works perfectly on the following platforms: Windows, Mac, Apple TV, iO, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Roku etc.

So, that’s pretty much how you could “squeeze” that BIG and REAL chance to unblock in your search, so you won’t need to look around anymore. Smart DNS is the service that will let you watch BBC channels as long as you want!

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