How to set up Smart DNS on Windows

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Smart DNS on Windows

Setting up Smart DNS on Windows is relatively simple, as always as Window is the most popular OS around, Smart DNS works flawlessly on it. Setting up Smart DNS takes no more than 5 minutes at most and that’s if you are really slow.

Simple steps needed to set up Smart DNS on Windows

There are two different ways in which to use Smart DNS on Windows. One is natively through Windows. This is easy to do but if you really aren’t too sure about computers we offer our own software that can do it all for you. If you decide to use our program all you have to do is download it, install it and then just enter your Smart DNS Key in the Smart DNS tab. Just follow this tutorial.

For native Windows you just have to navigate to your network connection in the Network and Sharing Center. After that all you have to do is edit the properties and change the DNS addresses (if there are any) to the ones we have given you in your client area. After you have done that all you have to do is restart and Smart DNS should now be working. Just follow our tutorials by choosing your Windows version.

It is worth noting that IPv6 is not supported for Smart DNS you will have to disable it.

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