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How to watch the BBC outside of the UK?

Have you ever wanted to watch BBC outside of the UK? If you are like most people who want to watch one of the only unbiased networks in the world, then the answer is going to be ‘yes’. The main problem is that the BBC has yet to expand its regular services to the rest of the world. Users from outside who attempt to watch any of its content will be confronted with the message ‘Service not available in your area.” There is a way to watch the BBC from outside the UK, though. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) can solve the problem of not being allowed access.

Just What is the VPN Service?

The VPN is a private network that takes advantage of the public network, which is normally the Internet, to connect people to content that they normally wouldn’t be able to access from where they are in the world. It uses virtual connections that have been placed throughout the Internet to connect one private network, the BBC in this case, to another. As well as allowing content to be viewed from outside certain areas, they also allow additional security since information is encrypted and therefore content can’t be read by anybody who attempts to intercept it.

What’s the Principle of the Process?

The principle behind the process is deception. IP addresses are able to inform networks around the world exactly where a user who is trying to access it currently is. When it comes to the BBC, the network will investigate the user when they attempt to view any content on the BBC website or through the iPlayer. If it spots that a user from outside of the UK is attempting to enter it then it will automatically block it. And, sadly, that’s the end of you watching some of the best shows in the world. Only the BBC knows exactly why they would restrict themselves so heavily, but that’s that and there’s no arguing with it. Instead, a VPN will confuse it by acting as the middleman. Use a VPN situated in the UK and you can attempt to watch Doctor Who from Tahiti, and it will believe that you are actually residing in the UK at that moment in time.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Order UK VPN service and pay for it;
  2. Set up VPN following our simple VPN tutorials;
  3. Connect and start watching BBC!

Is it a Viable Option, Though?

It’s definitely a viable option because you are not doing anything illegal. An article for the LA Times was reporting on Americans who wanted to view the Olympics directly through the BBC and they spoke to an American VPN service provider. This provider stated that there was absolutely no specific law against accessing foreign TV by use of a VPN. That means you shouldn’t have to worry about a BBC employee breaking down the door in the dead of night! Just remember that, as of now, there are no laws, and until there are laws you are free to continue getting around bans on foreign access.

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