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CactusVPN unblocks HBO NOW

There has been quite a big splash in the on demand streaming world today as TV behemoth HBO threw its hat into the ring, so now you can watch all of your most favourite shows from the network on HBO NOW, whenever you want and wherever you want. Though of course this service is only available to those living in the USA but we are happy to announce that we here at CactusVPN unblock HBO NOW on our Smart DNS service so our users can start to use HBO NOW straight away.

How to unblock HBO Now

There is a free 30-day HBO trial and also our 7-days free Smart DNS trial. Both available right now! Combine these two trials and anyone worldwide using an iOS device can easily try HBO NOW for free!

It is worth mentioning though that at present the service is only available on Apple devices so that means Apple TV, iPhone and iPad are the only things capable at the moment of using the service. I am sure that HBO is looking to further expand compatibility as the service matures.

Why bother with HBO NOW? Well as I am sure HBO had planned the fifth season of Game of Thrones is due to start in just four days’ time, I am sure this will bring in a boon of new subscribers just eager to watch the brand new instalment of the monster sized franchise that is Game of Thrones. Of course HBO has much more to offer as well with the likes of Curb your Enthusiasm and Boardwalk Empire making up some more of the quality line-up available at HBO.

Make sure not to miss anything from HBO with Smart DNS from CactusVPN.

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