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How to validate your IP automatically using a DD-WRT router

Some ISPs do not give their clients a static IP. Therefore your IP might change from time to time. It’s not a problem if you use our software as it has an “Automatic IP update” feature. This might become very annoying when you have to validate your IP manually each time you want to use Smart DNS in case of a manual connection. Though we have found a solution even if you use manual setup and you have a DD-WRT router.

To validate the IP automatically, follow these instructions step-by-step:

  1. Open your DD-WRT router settings.
  2. Go to Administration -> Management, and scroll down till you see the section “CRON”.
  3. Add the following rule:
    */[x_min] * * * * root wget [VALIDATE_IP_LINK]

    Important! Replace “[VALIDATE_IP_LINK]” with your Validate IP Link. To find it, sign in to the client area on our website, go to “Packages”, click on your package and find the box “Validate IP Link”. Replace [x_min] with the periodicity of the validate in minutes. For example: 5 – for 5 minutes; 120 – for 2 hours

    An example how your rule must look like:
    */5 * * * * root wget
    This will validate your IP every 5 minutes.

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