The key benefits of using a proxy server

What are proxy servers?

Proxy servers are machines that act as intermediaries to guide the internet traffic from a computer through a remote server which in the end accesses the user’s desired online destination. They filter or authenticate the content the client seeks to access, before granting the request. Any info you send or receive goes through a proxy server first.

There are 3 types:

  1. Forward (sends requests from an intranet client to internet server),
  2. Reverse (forwards requests from external clients to internal servers) and
  3. Open proxy server (accessible by any internet user).

How does a proxy server work?

Now that we know that a proxy server is basically a service which takes a request and performs it on behalf of a user or another device, in order to better understand the benefits of proxy server, it’s important to understand how it works.

Let’s try to think of an internet user sending a HTTP request from a computer. If the user decides to make this action directly, without the proxy, the request will be received by the destination website which as a response, will return the web page information.

By using a proxy server, this whole process gets slightly changed. Once the HTTP request is made, instead for it to get directly to the destination website, it will first reach the proxy server, who will then communicate to the destination server on the user’s behalf, returning the destination server’s response. This is actually one of the main advantages of proxy server, the fact that it protects the identity of the user.

Benefits of using a Proxy server

Secure and Private Browsing

A proxy server conceals the internal clients from the external network. As the proxy server is in the vanguard, your identity is hidden. This means you are somewhat protected from spam and hacker attacks. Most proxy servers do not use cookies; this means that there is no way your info is stored anywhere in their databanks.

But despite the huge number of proxy server advantages, you should know that they are not always the most secure way of surfing the web. If you are looking for a more secure connection, you need a VPN service.


Another one of the benefits of proxy server is the cache feature. This feature reduces your bandwidth use. When proxy servers cache data, work is speeded up. For example, let’s suppose User A has opened site xyz, and it takes 12 seconds for it to load. When User B tries to access the same site, the server will give him the cached page which means it will take hardly 5-6 seconds for the site to load, and it will not use any bandwidth. Overall the delivery of web content is far more efficient. That means that in many cases, another one of the benefits of a proxy server is that it will basically reduce the time you need for a site to be loaded.


This is very useful for large businesses, where several users are trying to access the Internet through one proxy server. The advantage of a proxy server is that the administrator can easily set firewalls and block sites (adult , social networking, gaming sites and other time wasters) for all users. Filtering content is one of the most common benefits of proxy servers.

Geo-Location Testing

Most websites use geo-location technology to ensure that users are directed to content that is most relevant to them. This is done by determining the user’s location and directing them to the relevant page. To implement this kind of technology on a website, you would first need to test it thoroughly. If you want to conduct geo-location testing, you can make use of proxy servers spread throughout the world.

Another one of the benefits of using a proxy server is that you can basically access any website as if you were a visitor from the country where the server proxy is located. Bear in mind however that especially as a developer, it is a lot safer to go with a paid and dependable service rather than free proxy services.

Access geo-blocked websites

Proxy servers also help you access some sites that are geo-blocked. This will give you the chance to unlock certain features that are not available to people in your location or stream content that has been blocked in your country for copyright issues. All you need to do to get around the blocks is to set your browser to use CactusVPN proxy.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is a huge number of reasons why you should use a proxy server. The number of benefits of proxy is huge, but you should probably consider using a VPN too. A VPN will add encryption to the whole mix, making things a lot safer for your online. Bear in mind that you will have a proxy included with every VPN plan from CactusVPN.

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