Firefox – Proxy Setup

How to setup CactusVPN proxy in order to work with Firefox.

  1. In Firefox browser go to “Options” (1).

    Firefox Proxy Setup: Step 1

  2. Choose “Advanced” (2) and then “Network” tab (3). And then click on “Settings” (4) button from the “Connection” area.

    Firefox Proxy Setup: Step 2

  3. You can configure proxy in two ways: Manual Proxy Configuration or using our Auto Proxy feature.

    Manual Proxy: With manual proxy your IP will change for all sites and services you access from your browser.
    Auto Proxy: With Auto Proxy your IP will change just for a list of websites so you can access and use them. For all other websites your IP will not change and you will have your own IP address.

    Choose below the way you prefer:

    Choose “Manual Proxy Configuration”.
    Fill in the HTTP Proxy (5) (or use IP address instead of hostname) and (6) the Port (3129 or 8080 or 81). You have to check the email you have received when you have created the CactusVPN account. You will find there the available servers.
    Press “OK” (7) on this window and on the next one.

    Firefox Proxy Setup: Step 3

    Choose “Automatic proxy configuration URL” (5). In the text field (6) paste this address: and click the “OK” button (7).

    Firefox Proxy Setup: Step 3-2

  4. When you want to visit first site an username (8) and a password (9) will be required. Enter the username and password you own from CactusVPN.

    Firefox Proxy Setup: Step 4

That’s all. Now you can browse safely and anonymous.

Posted on January 31st, 2012 in Setup