How to Watch ABC in Canada Really Simple

Tired of not being able to enjoy the latest hit series on ABC just because you’re from Canada? No problem - here’s how to watch ABC in Canada with ease.
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How to Watch ABC in Canada

Watch ABC in Canada in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

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Step 2

Download the CactusVPN app.

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Step 3

Enable Smart DNS.

That’s it – head to ABC
and have fun!

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    • Apple TV

    • Roku

    • XBOX

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Frequently asked questions

Sadly, no. The service only works in the US for now.

If you actually try to watch content on the platform outside the country, you’ll have to pick a TV provider, most of which are in the US. But even if you already have a TV provider from the US, you still won’t be able to stream ABC in Canada because you’ll get Error Code: 403-1-1028.

ABC Geo-Restriction Message

How does the platform manage to restrict your access? Pretty simple – they use geo-restrictions which allow them to blacklist countries, stopping Internet users from those places from successfully connecting to the website.

As for why they do it, there’s no exact reason. It’s probably due to copyright and licensing regulations, though.

Smart DNS services are pretty popular when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted content. They are online tools that hide your geo-location by using a mix of DNS servers and proxy servers.

Here’s how the unblocking process works:

  • The Smart DNS replaces your real DNS address with one of its own. It does that because your DNS address can leak data about your geo-location.
  • The service also intercepts your connections to ABC’s website, and replaces any data in them that might reveal your geo-location with new information that points to a whitelisted geographical area (in this case, the US).
  • Lastly, a Smart DNS will route your traffic through different proxy servers around the world.

It all sounds pretty complicated, but the process isn’t noticeable for you. It all happens very fast, and it won’t get in the way of your entertainment.

Just like a VPN, a proxy server can also hide your IP address. Basically, it intercepts all your connection requests to ABC’s website, and forwards them to the platform on your behalf. When it intercepts the requests, the server replaces your real IP address with its own address.

A proxy will do something different than a VPN, though. It can actually save web pages on its local cache. If you request them, it won’t have to forward your requests to the web since it can retrieve them from the local cache. Because of that, you might get pretty fast load times.

If you’re not familiar with VPNs, they are online services that hide your IP address and encrypt your Internet traffic.

By masking your IP address, a VPN will help you bypass geo-blocks since they won’t be able to tell what your real geo-location is. Don’t forget – your IP address reveals a lot of info about you – including what country you are from.

But that’s not all. Since VPNs encrypt your traffic, they help you binge all the ABC content you want without having to worry about your ISP throttling your bandwidth (basically, intentionally lowering your speeds).

And using a VPN is very simple. Just run the VPN client, and connect to a server in the US. You’ll be able to watch ABC live in Canada in seconds that way.