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List of UK only websites

Being abroad and still having access to all information sources you visit home in the UK, is a wonderful thing. We all know by now there are a large amount of services only accessible from within the country. That’s why when you try to access your favourite website, the one you visit regularly, and you see the message popping up that makes you aware that the page you are trying to access is not available in your region, that means it is one of the UK only websites. And it can be a pain if you are an expat.

This means that the website is denied to users outside the UK so it’s a UK only website. If these websites are not unlocked, it means that you will miss your TV Shows, your favourite local radio stations, or you will not be able to enjoy media or explore new interesting things from the country. You don’t want to miss any of above.

Why do you need access to UK only websites?

The fact that at a time you are not in UK, can’t limit you from doing things that you like and can’t confine you the most important things that you have been doing for years. Including possibility to easily access your information sources and be able to see the content of the websites in the UK from anywhere you are. Unblocking websites only available in UK is something indispensable while being out of the range especially when you want to satisfy your browsing needs. Being in the world of Internet and missing something important that is going on in UK.

No matter what you prefer to do, even if you simply want to explore the UK websites, you need free access and the possibility to watch content from UK from all over the world. You need to unblock UK only websites right from where you are.

Examples of Websites only Available in UK

For example you don’t want to miss BBC which is the largest Public Television in the world and, which is home for the BBC’s UK online service and a huge network of websites: live service such as iPlayer or learning services such as Cbeebies which is a pre-school website.

Here is another website that you will have to unblock in order to watch its restricted content. A great model,, which is an integrated producer broadcaster and the largest commercial television network in the UK operating a big family of channels. These are only two of many examples of sites blocked to users outside the UK. These are websites that don’t show their content to other than UK IP users. We are in need to unblock whenever we want to access them.

UK Only Websites

Websites only Available in UK

We thought that this information could be useful for internet users and want to find out more about restricted sites and unblocking them. In connection to what has been said above, we’ll present you a list containing UK only sites you’ll be able to unblock with CactusVPN:

How to Access UK Only Websites?

Smart DNS

Thankfully there is Smart DNS which is made expressly for this purpose. It gives you access to all the UK has to offer over the internet, with no internet speed loss. It is simple to set up as well. With CactusVPN you’ll be able to unblock more than 250 geo-restricted websites from different regions including more than 35 sites from UK.


Another way to unblock UK sites is VPN, which is a virtual private network that extend a private network across the internet providing you a safe and confidential browsing all over the world without any limitations. It is a simple and smart way to unblock your freedom of access from any place in the world.

Here at CactusVPN we offer you the chance to test for free how you can unblock US sites. Just use our 7-days Free Smart DNS trial or our 24-hours Free VPN Trial.

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